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Because Moms Know best: Try these natural baby tips, tricks and nurturing products to take the best care of you and your little one.

Baby Travel

Time is your friend - Make sure to plan plenty of time into your travel. Life has a way of bringing you hiccups when you least want or need them. The extra time will take away some of the stress should anything happen.

Snacks - Make sure to pack plenty of snacks, not just for your baby, but for yourself as well. Hungry and grumpy is never a fun way to travel.

The world is your classroom - Even young babies soak everything up like a sponge, so make your trip a learning experience. Read a book about your destination or how you plan to get there, and show your baby pictures of the family or friends he or she will see when you arrive to get them excited.

During Pregnancy

Your time - A daily, gentle tummy massage with nourishing Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil will help maintain your skin’s elasticity and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Do this morning and night and enjoy this time for yourself and moment to bond with your baby.

Keep moving - Go for a walk or a swim and drink plenty of liquids. This will get your heart pumping, improve your circulation and flush out toxins.

Go easy on yourself - When you feel overwhelmed or tired, take a few moments to relax. Soak in the bath or read a book. Get plenty of rest. Your body is nourishing a growing baby, so be good to yourself and remember that you are strong, capable and oh-so beautiful. Never forget that.

Bath Time

Heat up the bathroom before bath time - Babies lose body heat quickly and the warm atmosphere will be comforting.

No need to scrub - Scrubbing is too harsh on sensitive baby skin. Unless your little one is especially dirty, try a little Calendula Cream Bath in the water and bathe gently.

Harness the power of touch - After the bath, soothe and bond with your baby with a gentle Calendula Oil or Calendula Lotion baby massage. See how in our Baby Massage Video.

Baby's Bottom

Think cloth - Cloth diapers, while not for everyone all the time, breathe better than non-cloth diapers, are made with fewer chemicals and cut down on landfill waste.

Make diaper rash disappear - Apply Weleda’s Parent Tested, Parent Approved Calendula Diaper Care to baby’s bottom at the first sign of irritation. It soothes and heals diaper rash with effective, safe natural ingredients.

Wipe well - For a more eco-friendly baby wipe with fewer irritating chemicals, try a washable damp cloth or towel to wipe baby’s bottom. You can even apply Calendula Oil on the towel to help gently clean an especially dirty baby bottom.

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