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Carrie Ruehlman
Communications Associate
Weleda North America

Carrie RuehlmanI felt right at home at Weleda from day one. Before joining the team five years ago, I was an editor at a beauty magazine where I tried what seemed like every product under the sun. From chemical hair relaxers to the latest waterproof mascara, I dabbled in it all. Over time, I started receiving an increasing number of products touting their “paraben- and petroleum-free” formulas. What in the world is a paraben, I wondered? And why is there gasoline in my moisturizer!?

I started to do my own reading and research. I learned that many of the chemical ingredients used in our products are potentially toxic, and I was shocked to discover that the EU has banned more than 1,100 chemicals from beauty products, while the U.S. has banned just 10. I also had no idea that the FDA does not test chemicals for safety. No matter your view on these ingredients, if other options exist that are safe, natural and also effective, why not use them? That’s where Weleda comes in. The wonderful thing about our products is that the power behind them—their magic—comes from nature, not from a lab. And nature, as it’s been said, is more powerful than any human.

When I became pregnant a few years ago for the first time, I tried my darnedest to avoid exposure to chemicals in products and the environment as best I could, and I continue to do so now that my daughter is a toddler. Now I’m a full-time working mom, trying just like everybody else to find that elusive “balance” between work, family and time for myself. When I first wrote my profile for this blog, I was newly married, living in Manhattan and going for jogs in Central Park every afternoon. Now, it’s a stroll around the neighborhood in our suburb after dinner that is my perfect end to a busy day. Funny how things change….

…and how they stay the same. I still enjoy passing the time at natural health food stores, shopping for organic goodies, browsing the healthy living magazines and, of course, checking out the rows of natural skincare. I like to support local foods and farmers by shopping every Sunday at our nearby Farmer’s Market. I also enjoy traveling and discovering different cultures. But no matter where I go, I always take a good book, Weleda Calendula Diaper Rash Cream and a jar of Wild Rose Smoothing Facial Capsules along with me.

My role as Communications Manager at Weleda is a very fulfilling one. I love talking to fellow parents around the U.S. and Canada, hearing their stores and sharing my love for Weleda products and for our Baby Care. I look forward to sharing many more experiences and stories here on this blog!