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Cory Scanlon
Communications Intern
Weleda North America

Cory ScanlonI have only been with Weleda a short time, but so far it’s been great. The atmosphere is open, bright and relaxed; just how an all-natural skincare company should be.

About three years ago, my mom bought a book about living naturally. It said that if you cannot pronounce the ingredients in a product, you shouldn’t put it on your skin. That made complete sense to me. Little by little, as I did my research, I started switching to natural beauty products. To my surprise, they worked better than products filled with chemicals ingredients. Plus, you feel good knowing your being kind to yourself, animals and the environment.

I spent the last three years living in Alaska. There are more free-spirits and natural beauty lovers there than anywhere else I have ever been. It made it easy for me to find the safest, most effective products on the market. Recently, I moved to New Jersey, which is not very far from Weleda’s headquarters. Since I have been using Weleda products for a couple of years—the Lavender Relaxing Body Oil and Rosemary Hair Oil are my favorite products—an internship here seemed like a perfect opportunity to learn from the company and share my love for natural beauty with people like you.