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Eva Maria Walle
Assistant Manager
Weleda Biodynamic®  Medicinal Plant Gardens

Eva Maria WalleMy passions are simple: working, creating and managing Weleda's Biodynamic®  Medicinal Plant Garden in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany — the largest in Europe.

Born in Hamburg, Germany, I grew up with a love for agriculture, which I studied in the University.  While a student, I already knew that organic and Biodynamic® cultivation of medicinal plants was my calling.

I had the immense luck to work with Weleda for my bachelor's thesis. I cultivated a wild medicinal plant called Imperatoria, transporting it from the Alps to the loamy soil of Southern Germany. I'm happy to report that the plant now grows in the garden. And my relationship with Weleda has thrived, too.

After receiving my master's degree, I began my job at Weleda's 50-acre medicinal garden, with its close to 200 different plant species. Today I am the manager, and I love my work.

As an advisor on Weleda's worldwide projects for medicinal, aromatic and herbal plant cultivation, I get the chance to travel to fascinating countries and explain our values — such as the way that organic and Biodynamic® agriculture shows respect for nature and cooperates with nature when protecting, fertilizing and harvesting plants.

At my job, each year—even each day—is so different. I also enjoy the physical work. There's nothing better than going into the field on a fresh spring morning and harvesting Primula veris (cowslip).

I grew up with Weleda products. I especially love the body oils. Their warming and softening qualities, along with their appealing scents, create a sense of rejuvenation and well being at the end of a long day — whether working in Weleda's garden or hiking and biking the beautiful hilly countryside of Schwäbisch Gmünd where I live.