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Petra Augenstein
Chief Pharmacist

Marko KucherGrowing up in Germany, my initial exposure to Weleda products occurred rather early in life, and I’m now the Chief Pharmacist for Weleda North America. It probably comes as no surprise, then, that a more complementary approach to treating illness appealed to me from an early age. Working for Weleda seemed like a natural fit, and I have been with the company for nine years now. I find it quite rewarding to support a patient's natural healing forces with our homeopathic remedies rather than simply suppress symptoms, which represents the more conventional approach.

The raw materials we use in our compounding pharmacy in Palisades, NY, are a source of great pride for me and for Weleda. These tinctures come from Weleda's very own gardens; incidentally, Weleda Germany has one of the largest biodynamic gardens in all of Europe. I believe that the better the raw material, the better the remedy. Plus, pesticides are not conducive to anyone's health, and in the long run, their use is not sustainable.

Like several of my colleagues here at Weleda, I live in beautiful Nyack, NY. It’s a small village, and it’s possible to walk to the center of town, so it’s not a typical suburban setting where people are forced to use their cars to go anywhere. A small carbon footprint is something dear to my heart, so I drive around in my hybrid, and often use my bicycle to commute to the office. Mind you, I am a fair-weather rider. In January, you will not see me among the cycling “pros” who frequent Route 9W.