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Simone Cardinale
Manager, The Customer Center, Weleda Naturals

Simone CardinaleI was born in 1973, in Mutlangen, Germany, less than one mile away from Weleda Naturals, where I am manager of The Customer Center. This is not my first job at Weleda though. I have worked here for 19 years, first as a product manager and then as a key account manager. I was happy to change positions and move over to the The Customer Center, because it means that my career has come full circle: First I created our wonderful products, then I sold them, and now I work directly with our customers. It’s great!

Weleda Naturals comprises our 135-acre Biodynamic® gardens, the largest in Europe, as well as greenhouses, ponds, production facilities, a visitor and event center, and an organic restaurant. It’s located in the small village of Wetzgau, in the hills of southern Germany. Weleda AG headquarters is about six miles away, and the closest big city with an airport is Stuttgart—just in case you want to come and pay us a visit!

My colleagues and I love being able to interact with all of our diverse customers and share with them the amazing characteristics and beauty of our gardens. Because the plants and flowers we grow here are, after all, the foundation and starting point for our healthy skin care products and medicines.