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Your happiness makes us happy! Share your experiences with your favorite Weleda products and help bring smiles to our faces and others. We’d love to hear from you! You can use the fields below to share now or you can email us any time at

Arnica Massage Oil

I use the Arnica Massage Oil on myself and on my disabled mother. She experiences relief from pain and stiffness with this oil. I always make sure I have 2 bottles on hand so as to never run out. It smells gorgeous, and when warmed up in your hands helps to heal sore muscles. I use many of Weleda products and adore all of them!
—Debra J B

Sea Buckthorn Body Oil

I special ordered the Sea Buckthorn Oil via Vitamin Shoppe, and have been using it since November 2009, and it has really helped heal my dry skin. It has been advised to use oils after showering since that is when the pores are still open and the skin is damp, so I use it every morning after showering. The results are quite ashtonishing. If I don't use this product, however, my skin becomes really dry for the entire day.

—Richard A

Body Oil Starter Kit

I purchased the travel sized Body Oil sampler to see if I liked them, as I had not used Weleda before. At the time I had developed a case of severe Hives, or what was diagnosed as Hives, because the doctors were uncertain as to what the deep, painful welts on my skin were and offered no treatment except anti-histamines. Because even the softest clothing chafed, I started experimenting with any lotions or creams I could find that would soothe the burn and itch. In desperation, I tried all the Weleda Body Oils, because I know they contain natural ingredients. The moment I applied the Birch Cellulite Oil, I knew I had it! It was instantly cooling and the pain stopped for hours. The very next day- I noticed the skin on my thighs was visibly smoother too! I have nevet been bothered by Hives again since! Weleda is magical.
—Leilani H

Arnica Massage Oil

I had a total knee replacement early in April 2009 and started using Weleda Arnica Massage Oil on my leg right after the surgery. On my first post op visit to get my staples out, the nurse remarked that she had never seen skin so free of bruising or an scar so smooth. I have continued to use Arnica Oil several times a day including taking it to my physical therapy appointments. They used it as a massage oil prior to my therapy exercises.

Now, after close to six weeks post op, my scar is smooth, very supple, and fading nicely. I adore this stuff. I rave about it to my friends and family. It has no negatives. It smells great, absorbs qiuckly, and works to reduce pain and bruising.

Anyone who has ever had a total knee replacement, knows how awfully painful it is, and how hard it is to get back to normal function. Weleda Weleda Arnica Massage Oil really HELPS make it easier. I am ahead of my recovery schedule and I believe this oil has helped me get there.

Thank you very much for a quality product.

—Deborah S

Wild Rose Body Oil

I recently indulged and purchased a bottle of Wild Rose Body Oil. I absolutely love the fragrance, and my dry skin was immediately soothed after application... The oil absorbed completely and my skin stayed hydrated and smooth all day! Why give roses, when this is even better, as it is a treat for both skin and smell!
—Ginger C