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Your happiness makes us happy! Share your experiences with your favorite Weleda products and help bring smiles to our faces and others. We’d love to hear from you! You can use the fields below to share now or you can email us any time at

Renewing Day Cream

Oh my god. I absolutely love your company. I was only madly in love until I read about the company values, culture, cultivation procedures, specifics on ingredients, and their I am OBSESSED with Weleda. I am proud and feel privileged to be able to use your skincare. I first found your Wild Rose Moisture Cream while at a Walgreens during a sale. My skin was sandpaper dry from harsh acne treatments, and I was truly desperate. None of the many creams I had tried deeply penetrated and removed the dryness, until I found is BEAUTIFULLY and TRULY hydrating, pentrating all layers of my skin and restoring its suppleness, flexibility and protecting. My skin feels intensely hydrated all day now. I now use this in conjunction with any acne treatment I use and it doesn't even matter if it has 10% benzyl peroxide, my skin will not dry out!! So...the treatments have worked since I can continue using them now that dryness is no longer an issue. I truly believe this cream can restore moisture to any face--don't care what the issue is. After trying this nothing feels hydrating, only plastic-y and like it just sits on top.
—jubilee f

Cold Cream

I would like to say how pleased I am with Weleda products. I use all of your products and have for 2 years. Most people guess my age as mid to late 20's and I am almost 40! Thanks to Weleda!! My favorite is Skin Food (of course), but if you follow it up with Everon Facial Balm, it makes one of the best wrinkle erasers I have ever tried. Skin stays nurished and completely hydrated. It's the best for those stubborn crow's feet. Thank you so much and much gratitude.

—Laura P

EVERON® Lip Balm

I love Weleda's Everon Lip Balm! You can check out my full product review at
—Mishka m

Sensitive Skin Facial Oil

Every year around september I go to Montana to visit my family. That time of year it is starting to dry out & get cold, down to 20 degrees at night. And every year I prepare myself for the inevitable dry flaky irritated skin that Montana weather always gives me. I live in Southern California, so I'm used to hot weather. On my last trip to Kalispell Montana, it was especially cold. About a month before leaving I finally decided to try Weleda facial care produts, since I have sensitive skin I chose the Almond skin care line. I use the Almond soothing facial lotion & a drop of the almond oil every day & night. I knew I loved it the first time I tried it. Well, I can honestly say that this was the first time EVER that I did not have dry, flaky, irritatated skin while in Northern Montana!! What amazes me even more is that this product can go from our hot weather in Southern California without over moisturizing to dry cold weather in Northern Montana literally over night & still maintain perfect balance and effectiveness. I only had to increase to 2 drops of almond oil with my daily routine & my skin stayed beautiful!! The funny thing is that my expensive eye cream, which is not Weleda, was not so effective. After 2 days I ended up using my Almond lotion around my eyes instead, and that worked great!! I can honestly say I will be switchhing over to a Weleda eyecream ASAP! Thanks Weleda!!
—Jennifer Y

Cold Cream

When winter arrives to this cold city (Toronto, Canada) I am always in search of a rich face cream to get me through the cold dry months ahead. This year, I think I have found THE cream for this very purpose. Weleda's "Cold Cream" is the cream to face cold weather when you have dry skin. I put some on every morning and feel fortified from the cold and then put it on again before bed to replenish the skin. Thank you, it is a great product.
—rosalind H