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Shaving Cream

I've been looking for a non-irritating, affordable shaving cream for more than fifteen years. Quite by accident, I've finally found one in Weleda's Shaving Cream.

Using the same equipment and routine, changing only the shaving cream, my face is completely free of all irritation after shaving. I'm thoroughly amazed and grateful.
—Robert P


For all men: the products are amazing and shaving feels better than before. The Men's line is working very well and also the smell is woody and warm.

I was suffering 'naturally' from very dry skin and so I am very thankful to WELEDA because I can finally move about and not feel the tension or itch on my entire body.

I highly recommend giving WELEDA a try, especially if you have sensitive skin and/or are trying to step away from the products that are full with 94% of untested chemicals