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Your happiness makes us happy! Share your experiences with your favorite Weleda products and help bring smiles to our faces and others. We’d love to hear from you! You can use the fields below to share now or you can email us any time at

Calendula Toothpaste

I have finally found a toothpaste that I can use. Diagnosed with an irritating and annoying condition called Oral lichen planus, minted toothpastes and oral rinses were excrutiatingly painful to use. After about three years of searching, I found in a local pharmacy some Weleda toothpastes and the mint free calenula toothpaste. Decided to try it, and I will never try anything else again. It cleans my teeth beautifully, and soothes my irritated gums and inner cheeks. I intend to try something else in your line for a dermatitis problem.
Great product.
—Lil D

Children's Tooth Gel

Just a quick note to say that my toddler loves Weleda children's toothpaste. This is the first thing we ever bought from your company and we are very satisfied with it. It cleans well, and it's safe. Great product!



Children's Tooth Gel

I am so glad to have found our product for my 16-month old. She is very allergic to corn, and your products do not use any corn by-products. She is very happy to be able to brush her teeth like everyone else in the house using toothpaste instead of just water! Thanks
—Mindy F

Ratanhia Toothpaste

At my age [64] gum issues are more possible. However each time I go to the dentist for 6mo. teeth cleaning, he and the hygenist are amazed how healthy my gums are. I owe it all to Weleda salt/myrhh toothpaste! My teeth, gums & mouth feel so tingly and alive after brushing.Thank you for your devotion to such pure, healthy and evironmentally sustainable products. We all are blessed by your work!
—cheryl h


The longer it takes to write this letter, the stronger my case becomes. I have just purchased a new tube of your Weleda toothpaste (Pink with Ratanhia). In reading the enclosed materials, I was again reminded that I’ve wanted to share my experience of the past six years. Formerly the customer service manager for a leading natural skin care company, I came in contact with many people. On the phone one day with a customer, I was informed about the possibly bad side effects of sodium laurel sulphate on the inside of one’s mouth. I already knew some negative things about this ingredient but had never made the “oral” connection. Having been plagued with canker sores nearly every month of my entire life, this really hit home. Those tiny, white, pin-head-sized dots that show up on the inside pockets of the cheeks are extremely painful, as many people know. It was pointed out to me that SLS causes such a severe chemical imbalance inside the mouth that the result for some people is those nasty little blights. I thought it was always a hygiene issue! Immediately, I went out and purchased your Plant Tooth Gel to give it a run. Why did I choose your brand? Well, Weleda! It was the only one I could find. Every other brand out there, including Tom’s, which calls its toothpastes “natural,” had sodium laurel sulphate in some form or other. After six months free of sores, I was a follower. After one year, I was touting the find to friends, my dentist and hygienist. I even went so far as to test your other flavors, all with the same satisfying results. I am completely convinced it’s the absence of SLS. Six years hence, I will tell you that I have NOT HAD ONE canker sore. Not one! I’ve been meaning to write this letter for a long time. Like a fine wine, this case has only matured. Most importantly, thank you for stepping outside the box to create something great!


Patty Rose