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4/7/2010 7:37:03 AM
Jim in Germany: Committing to Sustainability
Since I started working at Weleda, I’ve known that the company holds to strict environmental principles. Now that I have been working in the office in Germany, I’ve learned about a few initiatives that the company is undertaking here to further our commitment to sustainability. One such initiative is the company bike policy. Weleda Germany (Weleda AG) has bicycles that employees can check out and use to ride into town for lunch or to the second office location (about 1.5 miles away) or just to get some fresh air during the day.  I look forward to riding and visiting my colleagues down the road this spring. A new initiative that is starting to take...
4/2/2010 10:38:09 AM
Best of Social Media - March
Many thanks to everyone who has joined us on Facebook and Twitter! We appreciate your support and all of your comments. Keep 'em coming! Here are some of our favorites Tweets and wall posts from March. Is yours here?   @turkeyvelez Skin dreams are made of Weleda products. Just ordered a bulk of it on sale, enough to last me and my honey for about a year. @peas4luck Have to tell you again how in love I am w/ Skin Food! Absolutely totally addicted. Amazing stuff! Love, love, love! @MamaAsh77 Your Calendula line for baby is wonderful for cradle cap. I got rid of Charlie’s by using the oil then combing it through the hair.   @ricebeanvintage...
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