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8/3/2009 12:23:13 PM
Teeth Brushing for Tots
We get a lot of questions about our Children’s Tooth Gel. When to use it? Is it safe? We think you should start as soon as the teeth show up, but it’s a good idea to get infants used to the idea of teeth brushing before you begin. You can do this by first wrapping a piece of wet gauze around your finger and using it on their gums. Then you can move on to a little finger brush with a dot of Children’s Tooth Gel. The parents who call are always happy to hear that our Children’s Tooth Gel is safe to swallow. And kids love the taste. Becket, pictured, the son of our sales manager Gannon, is 14-months-old and, as his mom puts it,...
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7/29/2009 9:46:35 AM
Flight Plan: Tips for Traveling with Children
My wife and I are used to long-distance travel with young children. With grandparents in different parts of the world, we have flown across the Atlantic countless times with one or two very young children. Before each flight, we are terrified of eight or more hours of nonstop screaming and the consequent looks from our fellow passengers. Accordingly, we prepare all kinds of diversions to keep the children occupied (and the other passengers peacefully asleep). I thought it might be helpful for other parents to share a few tips from our experience. Boarding: Families with small children are usually allowed to board before everyone else. The idea is to...
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7/25/2009 6:06:48 PM
The Itty-Bitty Insect Hotel
This month I would like to show you around our hotel — our insect hotel, that is! Our miniature hotel provides a suitable habitat for the insects we keep, which are so very important for cultivating our gardens. Keeping insects is a natural method of plant protection that is particularly effective in closed buildings such as greenhouses. They control the bad insects in various ways and pollinate the plants. The “hotel” demonstrates how easy it is to create situations that support insects. I enjoy observing how the different yet valuable little critters bring food and housing materials into each of the hotel’s little rooms. My colleague Heike,...
7/8/2009 10:25:53 AM
Calendula’s Time to Shine
July is the month of calendula (Calendula officinalis), when we marvel at the fields of orange flowers. In fact, if I could, I'd declare it the official year of calendula! As you can tell, I like this plant very much, and it's Weleda’s largest crop. We use it in our Baby Care line and in our Calendula Toothpaste. In three or four days, we'll harvest the flourishing flowers, then we'll harvest the herba, the entire upper part of the plant. This is the only harvest we do by machine Another beautiful medicinal plant that comes to flower in July is monkshood, or monk’s hood (Aconitum napellus). Although highly toxic, it is beneficial taken in appropriate...
6/4/2009 2:29:20 PM
The Itch is Back
When Ben was a toddler he had eczema on the inside of his elbows and thighs. It was a struggle to ease the itching and keep the skin hydrated enough not to crack and bleed when he scratched all the time. My fears were that we would have to use hydrocortisone which is not good for the skin when used long term. I am lucky to work at Weleda because I could experiment with different natural products to see which worked best. The best results were from using Weleda Calendula Oil after an oatmeal bath. I would then slather Skin Food on the extra dry spots. We’d have to put Skin Food on again if he started itching. We did this at every diaper...
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6/4/2009 11:57:47 AM
Ready for Enlightenment?
June is the month with the most daylight. The longest day of the year is June 24, the day of John the Baptist, the light-bringer in the Bible. One of the most popular medicinal plants, St. John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum)—used in Weleda medicines, has a special connection to light and sun. Its flowers’ yellow color, the receiving attitude of its branches, the arrangement of its leaves so none is in shadow, and the way the cells hold the oil, visible in the petals and leaves as little points — the whole plant is like stored sunlight. With these characteristics, the plant can bring light to people who suffer from dark moods and depressions. In the...