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Best Baby Tips
5/1/2013 4:00:00 AM

In the latest issue of the Weleda Magazine, we asked some of our favorite moms to share the best baby care advice they ever received. Inspired by their choices, we've pulled some of our favorite tips together for a Best Baby Tips page. Now we want to hear from you! Starting May 1 we invite you to share all of your best tips for moms and families. From pregnancy to toddlers and beyond, enter your favorite go-to tip in the comments below and you’ll be entered to win one of three Weleda gift baskets ($300 MSRP). The contest runs from May 1 until September 30, 2013. The winners will be randomly selected, so the more tips you share the better chance you have to win! See full contest rules below. Happy health, Weleda Family and good luck!


We are happy to announce the three winners of our Baby Tips & Tricks Contest!


“Hug and kiss your kids as much as you can […] there's nothing like those baby kisses!”


"My favorite tip is before baby is born switch out doorbells [..] you can move the ringer to anywhere you are away from baby- easy to do- and keeps the bedrooms quiet[...]."


"My best tip or advice is to try and enjoy every minute that you possibly can, even when you are tired, frustrated or overwhelmed it will make everything seem a little bit better […]."


These winners were randomly chosen out of all the entries we received.

We wish we could give everyone who entered a prize as all of the tips were absolutely wonderful!

Thank you to everyone who participated, we wish you and your families happiness and health. 

We will contact the winners via their provided email. 

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By: alehnick
Posted: 10/23/201310:20:51 AM
Thank you so much! I'll wait for the email. Can't wait to try all the products!
By: aprilly
Posted: 9/30/20133:42:22 PM
You don't need so much "stuff" for a newborn ... They outgrow most of it within weeks!
By: idarose
Posted: 9/30/20133:31:44 PM
By: tomgirlbc
Posted: 9/30/20138:10:06 AM
My best tip is when traveling pack lots of finger foods to keep baby/toddler happy
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/29/20137:59:52 PM
We all start out with the best laid plans for our little ones. It's so much more work than we ever imagined, though, so don't be disappointed with yourself if you give in to something you thought you'd never do. I tried to feed both my kids organic baby foods, but sometimes there was a food I wanted to give them that I couldn't find in an organic variety, so I would go ahead and buy it. It doesn't make me a bad parent.
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/27/20137:26:27 PM
Don't use full size Q-tips in your babies ears. If you must get water out of an ear, you can use special baby Q-tips that are larger at the bottom so you can't put them too far into the baby's ear. Really, you shouldn't be using the regular ones to clean out your own ears as they can push wax or water further into the ear canal, so be extra careful with baby's delicate ears.
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/26/20134:38:37 PM
Treat new baby products the same way you treat first foods for baby. Try them only one product at a time. If your baby's skin has a reaction to a product, you'll know which one it is if you are taking it slow. My son had awful problems with some types of sunscreen and his skin would get bumpy all over, which I never would have figured out if I was using a lot of other products.
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/25/20138:16:56 PM
Babies don't really need to be disciplined. They may need some mild correction if they have habits like biting (which is primarily done to get attention). Time out or yelling are not useful with wee ones.
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/24/20136:02:43 PM
We have had two babies with eczema. The recommendation from our pediatrician's office was to let them soak every day in the bath for 10 minutes then cover them with lotion immediately out of the bath before their skin got too dry. This has kept their eczema at bay (but I know it's not the solution for every one) and it makes them happy to have a little bit of a lotion massage before bed time.
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/23/20137:00:48 PM
Choose easy access clothing for quick diaper changes. This is especially important for middle of the night changes. My preferences were footed sleepers with snaps down the legs and sleep sacks that zip down from top to bottom.
By: lindawwww
Posted: 9/23/201310:41:21 AM
When your baby is ready to eat solid food cut into small pieces, let them pick up the pieces themselves rather than you feeding it to them.
By: Eb89
Posted: 9/20/20136:13:05 PM
Take lots of pictures so you can compare as they get older!!
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/20/201310:49:08 AM
Some babies do NOT like tummy time, but it is important that they get it to build their strength and move on to other developmental milestones. For babies that don't like it, try laying on the floor with baby on your chest (sort of tummy to tummy). They will sometimes handle tummy time with a better attitude if they see your face rather than a toy or blankie beneath them.
By: Eb89
Posted: 9/19/20134:10:31 PM
Don't sweat the small stuff. The laundry and dishes can wait
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/19/20133:54:48 PM
There is some debate on whether baby foods should be completely unseasoned or not. I think every baby is different. Once you are past the first foods stage, you can try some simple seasonings in their food such as a touch of cinnamon in some sweet potatoes. If they don't like it after a few tries, then don't continue to give it to them.
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/18/20137:41:24 PM
Start a savings account for your baby when they are born. Most banks can make automatic transfers these days, so set an amount you can afford to deposit each month. Even as little as $25 will amass to several thousand dollars by the time your kids are old enough to drive or start college. When they receive money for special occasions, you can deposit it in their account, too. Every little bit helps in the later years if you are living on a budget.
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/18/20137:37:24 PM
Don't use the microwave to warm baby food or bottles. It can create hot spots. Use a warm water bath, bottle warmer, or serve food at room temperature
By: vibrantflame
Posted: 9/18/201312:45:24 PM
The best advice I have is to make sure to give yourself some "me" time. If you are running yourself ragged doing everything for your family and your children, you will wear yourself out physically and emotionally (sometimes mentally too) and that is hard on everyone, especially the children. It's hard to believe but spending some time on yourself can make you a better parent!
By: bartleby
Posted: 9/18/201312:06:54 PM
My best tip or advice is to try and enjoy every minute that you possibly can, even when you are tired, frustrated or overwhelmed it will make everything seem a little bit better and really if not what really is the point of having children.
By: Marcus75
Posted: 9/18/201312:05:42 PM
Make your own baby food with fresh veggies. It's full of healthy enzymes which the processed ones don't have.
By: kimieg
Posted: 9/18/201311:27:37 AM
I have discovered that using organic coconut oil on my son's skin (bottom especially) has done wonders without all of the harsh chemicals!
By: VanMom
Posted: 9/18/201310:55:44 AM
Best advice I ever got: "When your child grows up, they won't remember how clean (or messy) the house was. But they'll remember how much you held them and played with them."
By: Eb89
Posted: 9/18/20139:40:17 AM
Don't worry if something seems unordinary, don't google every time baby has a symptom because you will drive yourself crazy! Cuddle as much as possible!
By: yeye
Posted: 9/18/20138:17:29 AM
pictures is a great way to keep memory's.. they grow so fast =]
By: Reikigirl
Posted: 9/18/20136:53:07 AM
Use my own intuition...
By: dawnmd95
Posted: 9/18/20136:48:01 AM
If your baby is overtired, a long slow backrub in their bed will put them to sleep.
By: nsmomma1973
Posted: 9/18/20135:11:05 AM
Simple and small things are what counts with children.Spending time with family and watching a movie together or even play a simple game.They truly want that.And remember that.
By: Pa
Posted: 9/17/20137:52:30 PM
I good tip I can give would be for those mothers who have a baby with colic is to give them a few drops of fennel seed tea. It worked for my baby. It relieves gas! Natural and safe, simmer about 2 tablespoons of the fennel seeds and 1 cup of water. Moms and drink it aswell if you breastfeed it works both ways!!
By: aliciaannn
Posted: 9/17/20133:48:40 PM
never put any stuffed animals and extra blankets in crib with baby, ive seen this happen way to much
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/16/20137:30:34 PM
Don't use the microwave to warm baby food or bottles. It can create hot spots. Use a warm water bath, bottle warmer, or serve food at room temperature
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/14/20138:45:20 PM
To help an older sibling adjust to a new baby, you can buy a gift from the baby to the sibling to be given on the day of the baby's birth. My son and I bought a giant stuffed dog for his sister and he brought it to the hospital the day she was born then we presented him with a dinosaur hand puppet that she got for him. He wasn't totally buying that she could get him something before she was born, but he still appreciated it.
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/11/201311:13:55 AM
Carry a wet bag, plastic grocery bag, or large Ziploc bag in your diaper bag (or carry a few of them). You never know when you need to contain a wet or icky mess.
By: southernbelle
Posted: 9/11/201312:44:57 AM
Baby wearing is such a great way to keep baby happy & let them see what you are up to by being on the same level. My LO loves to shop with me!
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 9/9/201310:47:14 PM
Baby nails are sharp! Remember to clip them before playdates : )
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 9/9/201310:46:25 PM
Cooking while caring for an infant can be quite challenging. Making large batches of meals like soup or lasagna once a week and freezing them can cut down on preparation time later in the week. Making a little extra dinner that can be used for leftovers at lunchtime the next day can be helpful too.
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 9/9/201310:40:34 PM
It can be difficult for nursing mamas to get enough protein throughout the day. Mixing protein powder with milk (or milk alternative) is an easy way to get more ~ especially when you are caring for your baby by yourself and don't have enough time to make a meal. Keep your body fueled!
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 9/9/201310:03:06 PM
To help your baby sleep you can give them a massage with Weleda's Calendula Oil after a nice bath. A couple of drops of lavender essential oil with coconut oil is great too!
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 9/9/20139:59:35 PM
Find a Mommy (or Daddy) group! Meeting with other parents will help normalize the experience of having a new baby. It is great for your baby to meet other babies too. It could be a playgroup, PEPS,, swim lessons...
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 9/9/20139:48:23 PM
Babies outgrow their clothes so quickly! Finding a children's consignment store can help keep clothing expenses low. You can buy gently used clothes with ones you bring to the store. Often times you can find new clothes at a fraction of their original cost.
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 9/9/20139:28:54 PM
Use organic coconut oil to treat and prevent diaper rashes. It is gentle, soothing, moisturizing, and has anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties. I add a couple drops of lavender essential oil and a teaspoon of Weleda Baby Calendula Oil with a tablespoon of organic coconut oil and apply it on my baby's skin after diaper changes when a rash is beginning to appear.
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 9/9/20139:28:49 PM
Use organic coconut oil to treat and prevent diaper rashes. It is gentle, soothing, moisturizing, and has anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties. I add a couple drops of lavender essential oil and a teaspoon of Weleda Baby Calendula Oil with a tablespoon of organic coconut oil and apply it on my baby's skin after diaper changes when a rash is beginning to appear.
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 9/9/20139:16:10 PM
When a new baby is coming it may be difficult for older siblings to adjust. To help them feel included in the process they can make a journal of letters to their new sister or brother. It can start when they first find out they will find out their sibling is coming and continue for as long as they want. The journal will be a precious keepsake for the new baby when they get older as well.
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 9/9/20138:41:37 PM
I found a long, wide, beautiful scarf while I was pregnant. After my daughter was born I decided to use it as a cover up for nursing. I highly recommend using one instead of bulky plastic cover ups. It is so nice to have it right with you all the time (& takes up very little space) since baby feeding schedules can be unpredictable and is also nice to look at. Now my baby associates the scarf with nursing and being secure and it will calm her down when I can't hold her (like in the stroller, car, or daddy's arms). It can be used for shade in the sun, a blanket when she's cold, and can tie it together to make a sling when my arms are tired of carrying her. Possibilities are endless...
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 9/9/20138:41:35 PM
I found a long, wide, beautiful scarf while I was pregnant. After my daughter was born I decided to use it as a cover up for nursing. I highly recommend using one instead of bulky plastic cover ups. It is so nice to have it right with you all the time (& takes up very little space) since baby feeding schedules can be unpredictable and is also nice to look at. Now my baby associates the scarf with nursing and being secure and it will calm her down when I can't hold her (like in the stroller, car, or daddy's arms). It can be used for shade in the sun, a blanket when she's cold, and can tie it together to make a sling when my arms are tired of carrying her. Possibilities are endless...
By: carole312
Posted: 9/9/20131:41:20 PM
This is a strange one. I learned this tip from my daughter's great-grandmother. When my daughter was a tiny baby she struggled with constipation. We were visiting her great grandmother one day and she taught me a trick. She rubbed Crisco shortening on my daughter's stomach and her constipation subsided and she was able to poop! ! It was like magic.
By: Zen Mama
Posted: 9/9/201312:20:33 PM
I used coconut oil as a moisturizer and to tame her fuzzy baby hair in the earlier years.
By: FawnGeorge
Posted: 9/9/201311:09:31 AM
Put vitaman E on Rash. Take many pictures. My parents hardly took any pictures of me, so I thought I was adopted.
By: atrinka
Posted: 9/9/201311:05:24 AM
make your own baby food. Use fresh fruit like bananas. They will love it!
By: suzanc
Posted: 9/9/201310:49:07 AM
It's okay to make small mistakes or even big ones from time to time. Just love your kids and learn from your mistakes.
By: suzanc
Posted: 9/9/201310:48:14 AM
It's okay to make small mistakes or even big ones from time to time. Just love your kids and learn from your mistakes.
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/8/20135:41:00 PM
Make sure you know the proper dosing for medications for your child. Usually children are dosed by weight rather than age. But check with your pediatrician on your regular visits to see what dose you should be at.
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/2/20138:23:40 PM
Get in the bath with your baby. You can cover them with more water when you are in there holding them - otherwise they sometimes don't care for bath time because it gets too cold for them. Plus, they have more fun with you in there as they get older.
By: janetm
Posted: 9/2/201311:35:51 AM
Hold your baby as much as possible. Love and cuddles are so important.
By: alehnick
Posted: 9/1/20137:13:03 PM
Get in the bath with your baby. You can cover them with more water when you are in there holding them - otherwise they sometimes don't care for bath time because it gets too cold for them. Plus, they have more fun with you in there as they get older.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/31/20131:09:26 PM
You'll notice that weights on disposable diaper packages overlap. As a general rule, thinner babies tend to be able to stay in them towards the higher weight range. Pudgier babies usually have to go up to the next size well before it.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/30/20134:12:12 PM
Get to know the "mom friendly" places around town. Some stores have breastfeeding rooms. Some have really great changing areas for baby. Some have really horrible ones - or none at all. When you are driving, it helps to know where you can pull in for a diaper change or feeding.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/29/20135:43:40 PM
If you primarly breastfeed but also use bottles, no need to buy nipples for other "stages". Your breasts don't change to allow for slower or faster flow based on your child's age, so there's no need to change your bottles for this.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/28/20135:42:59 PM
Register your baby gear so you can get updates if products have recalls on them. You can also find some websites that you can check all of your products on.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/26/20132:16:05 PM
Newborns will often sleep quite a bit at first tricking new parents into thinking they've given birth to the best baby in the world. After a couple weeks, they typically have their first noticeable growth spurt and wake constantly with an insatiable appetite. The good news is this is totally normal. The bad news is you'll be living on fumes. It's a good time to get some help with taking care of the baby or the home.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/25/20137:51:04 PM
Most disposable diapers and some cloth diapers have elastic gussets inside the leg openings. It's important to be sure that the elastic is where the thigh meets the pelvis and centered along the back. The gusset helps hold in number two and if you have it folded in or off center, you can end up with a big mess on yours hands (or leg as it happened to me).
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/24/20137:32:41 PM
Have snacks and drinks packed at all times. Most places you go don't mind if you are bringing snacks or drinks for little ones - even the movies or other events that typically don't allow you to bring outside food and drink. The most important place is restaurants. If there is not bread or something brought to the table right away, a hungry baby doesn't really understand that you have to wait for the food to come and 15 minutes at the table with a fussy little one can spoil all the fun.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/23/20137:04:35 PM
If your baby has chubby little rolls of skin, make sure you wash and dry them thoroughly. You may even want to put a little powder if it's on their legs or arms. The neck is also a place to check because food and milk frequently get in there. At our house, we call that the "underneck"
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/22/20137:10:59 PM
From my husband - try to remember that the sleepless nights are only temporary. Things will even out and you'll get more and more sleep each night as your new baby gets into a routine.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/21/20133:07:15 PM
Be careful of hook and loop closures on some baby items. Although it's a pretty safe fastener, it's really loud. You don't want to wake a sleeping baby separating the hooks from the loops.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/20/20134:34:09 PM
I love a unique name for a child as evidenced by my own children's names. Sometimes a name goes a little too far, though. The easiest test of whether you are going too far with naming the tiny person you are bringing into the world is whether or not you would have enjoyed growing up and going through school (and life) with the same name. Kids can be cruel to each other and there's no sense providing them with the ammo.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/19/20136:48:48 PM
Don't be afraid to call your doctor's office when something doesn't seem right. It's better to go see the doctor for nothing than to ignore a serious problem. We took our son in because he would only poop every few days and we were concerned. Turns out that was completely okay because he was a breastfed baby and they utilize so much of the breast milk that they don't have much as waste. But we didn't know that until we went to the doctor.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/18/20132:11:08 PM
Nail scissors for babies seem to be slightly easier to navigate for trimming nails than clippers are. Or if you can get your hands on one, use a battery powered rotary file that's made for babies (like ZoLi).
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/17/20138:11:26 PM
Get in the habit of washing your hands a lot. Every time you change a diaper, before you handle your baby, before you prep food for them.... Simply washing your hands is the best way to stop the spread of illness.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/15/20137:57:04 PM
Sharpies and painters tape make great labeling equipment. You can use a Sharpie right on a bottle, sippy, or spoon, but it will wash off. The painters tape doesn't leave adhesive residue on your stuff and comes right off when you need it to. It will also stay on through the rigors of freezing, traveling, and washing (up to a point).
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/14/20136:41:45 PM
The first few days of baby's life, he'll poop some horrible dark colored stuff called meconium. It tends to stick to baby's bottom and can be a bit difficult to remove. If you put some petroleum jelly or an oil based diaper cream (like the kind for cloth diapers) on their bottom after changing them, it will stick to them less. Also, our hospital had us using gauze squares with warm water rather than baby wipes. I think the texture helped to get that stuff off easier, too.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/13/20138:27:30 PM
Don't invest a lot in a nursery unless you plan to have more than one child within a couple years of one another. They quickly outgrow their "baby" room and graduate to having a toddler/preschooler room and all that baby stuff has no use anymore.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/12/20133:46:15 PM
If you're not already an organized person, you need to get that way if once you have a baby. It only takes one time of leaving the house without say... enough diapers... to make you realize the importance of creating a check list or diaper bag inventory process.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/11/20133:06:19 PM
I belonged to a mom's group that frequently had members having second (or third, etc.) babies. The rest of us would sign up to provide a meal for the family for the first several weeks home. If you don't have a group like this, you can make freezer meals for the weeks after baby is first home.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/10/201310:06:20 PM
No parent is perfect. It's okay to make mistakes. If you realize you've done so, try to remember not to do it the next time you're in the same situation.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/9/20134:02:39 PM
Child proof before your baby learns to crawl. Get down on their level (yes, get on the floor on your hands and knees) to see what dangers may lurk there.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/7/20137:39:46 PM
When your baby is very small, it's easier to get out and go to restaurants, shopping, or movies. The older they get, the less they'll sleep through these events.
By: phxmamawaz
Posted: 8/6/201312:45:10 AM
Make use of your husband's old pit stained white cotton undershirts. Tear them into squares. Make yourself a few dozen. They won't fray if ripped instead of cut. Keep them in a basket or drawer under your changing pad. After using a wet baby wipe (with a splash of naturally astringent witch hazel) pat the baby's privates and bottom with the clean, soft and dry cotton cloth you made. There is nothing softer than an undershirt that has been washed a hundred times. This enables you to quickly dry them and slap a new diaper on without having to wait to air them out. My son is 7 month's old and has never had diaper rash. After drying them, simply toss in the hamper and wash and re use.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/5/20136:59:38 PM
Those jokes about running the vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, or going for a ride in the car to get a fussy baby to sleep aren't really jokes. Some babies are soothed by the noise or rhythm and will fall right to sleep. But it will only buy you a little bit of time. The moment you stop, they often wake up.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/3/20138:59:15 PM
You can get help installing your car seat properly. There are many locations including some first responders and baby stores. They can also help you understand the child safety seat laws for your state.
By: alehnick
Posted: 8/1/20137:48:49 PM
Try wearing your baby even for a little while each day. It helps free up your hands so you can do things around the house or shop, etc. It usually keeps your baby happy, too. Also, Dad can wear baby and have some bonding time.
By: Dorothy K
Posted: 8/1/201312:13:03 PM
Laugh - a lot. There will be days when you wonder what the hospital's return policy is, but laughter will get you through a lot when you're weary and frustrated.
By: Dorothy K
Posted: 8/1/201312:12:41 PM
Laugh - a lot. There will be days when you wonder what the hospital's return policy is, but laughter will get you through a lot when you're weary and frustrated.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/31/20131:15:48 PM
If your baby has cradle cap, warm a little olive oil, almond oil, baby oil (you get the idea - any kind of baby safe oil) and gently massage it into the scalp. After you let it sit for a bit, you can use a baby comb and try to comb the softened ick off their scalp.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/30/20136:45:00 PM
Take a small size stain remover in your diaper bag. You never know what you'll end up with on your clothes or baby's when you're out and about.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/28/20131:23:54 PM
When the weather permits, fleece is great material for sleeping babies outfits. It does not saturate with liquid like other fabrics and in fact allows wetness to evaporate through it. This is helpful if you have a baby who is a heavy wetter.
By: Almond_Joi
Posted: 7/28/20137:34:14 AM
If you plan on having more than one baby, register for neutral colored items instead of gender specific this way you can reuse things for the next baby regardless of gender.
By: Almond_Joi
Posted: 7/28/20137:26:46 AM
Kids say the darnest things! Keep a notebook of all their funny quotes.... give it to them when they graduate high school!
By: Almond_Joi
Posted: 7/28/20137:25:52 AM
Take tons of photos, but organize them well. Consider making a yearbook with the photos this way you can treasure them forever, instead of archiving them on a computer somewhere.
By: Almond_Joi
Posted: 7/28/20137:24:02 AM
Don't obsess over the small stuff, take a step back and see the bigger picture. Your babies will be grown before you know it. Enjoy the time you have.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/26/20138:13:02 AM
Hanging a mobile or providing a baby-safe mirror at the changing area will help keep a wiggly baby occupied during diaper changes.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/25/20139:27:54 AM
Don't be afraid to ask visitors to wash their hands before handling your baby. My daughter was sick with a cold when she was weeks old because her big brother brought his daycare germs home to her.
By: comellaas
Posted: 7/25/20137:52:40 AM
Make sure you take care of yourself! It'll help you be a better mama.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/24/20132:31:28 PM
Buy bath toys that can be completely washed and don't have holes in them that can trap water. Holes that trap water can create mold and mildew in your bath toys.
By: Lmarston
Posted: 7/23/20139:36:00 PM
Relax and hold your baby, taking it all in. What seems like an endless time will be over before you can believe it! Savor as many moments as you can while your child is a baby and a toddler. These years go by way too fast!
By: Lmarston
Posted: 7/23/20139:30:35 PM
Go as natural as possible to give your baby the best health possible (unbleached diapers, shampoo and other personal care products for baby that do not contain toxic chemicals, organic baby food (homemade is simple to do too), organic or fair trade clothes, blankets, etc.).
By: Lmarston
Posted: 7/23/20139:29:33 PM
Go as natural as possible to give your baby the best health possible (unbleached diapers, shampoo and other personal care products for baby that do not contain toxic chemicals, organic baby food (homemade is simple to do too), organic or fair trade clothes, blankets, etc.).
By: sandyyy
Posted: 7/23/20139:14:16 PM
My favorite tip is before baby is born switch out doorbells they have doorbells for under 15 at wm that you switch out and you can move the ringer to anywhere you are away from baby- easy to do- and keeps the bedrooms quiet-- and you can shut off altogether. Now if you need another tip learn to tell inlaws and family you are the parent- you will stick to your ways
By: eastman928
Posted: 7/23/20138:59:45 PM
Wear your baby! You can get so much done while keeping the baby happy and close to you!
By: 09jojo09
Posted: 7/23/20138:51:36 PM
My best trick is use Welada Calendula Cream every time you change your baby it not only helps with diaper rash it prevents it by creating a barrier between the skin and the wetness!
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/23/20138:43:21 PM
Even if you plan to feed your baby breast milk, it's a good idea to pump and store some so you can have a break every now and then. It's a great bonding experience for Dad/partner, too.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/22/20137:43:12 PM
Do your research about the products you use on yourself and your baby. There are plenty of good websites out there now that can help you decipher all the ingredients you see on the baby shampoo, lotion, detergent, and other bottles you acquire for your little one. You might be surprised about how dangerous some of the ingredients are.
By: comellaas
Posted: 7/21/20139:39:58 AM
There are so many parenting methods out there... Just know that your love and providing a safe environment is one of the best things for a child.
By: comellaas
Posted: 7/20/201311:55:50 AM
Get out and explore the earth together.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/19/20137:57:32 PM
Introduce the potty early. Let them see you on the potty and have a little potty to sit on. The more comfortable and familiar they are with the potty, the easier it can be to transition them out of diapers.
By: dora91607
Posted: 7/19/20133:16:53 PM
Follow common sense and your intuition, Making some small mistakes will inspire you to do research and find out what works for you and your LO.
By: comellaas
Posted: 7/19/201311:08:27 AM
Rashes... Use coconut oil for a natural anti bacteria diaper cream
By: comellaas
Posted: 7/19/201311:06:50 AM
Rashes... Use coconut oil for a natural anti bacteria diaper cream
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/18/20137:16:52 PM
Set up a sleep routine. Kids like routine and it's never too early to start. We have bath time, story time, then it's bed time. My kids have been read to since day one.
By: rleer
Posted: 7/18/20132:39:27 PM
Read to your baby. Even though they are too young to read, its still important.
By: EmilyB
Posted: 7/18/20132:00:56 PM
My tip: Baby wipes are your best friend - they do so much more then just clean butts. You can never have too many, and they make great gifts for new moms too! Consider buying stock in them as well ;-)
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/17/20136:58:09 PM
A good way to get a tiny baby nose un-stuffed is to sit in the bathroom with the shower on pretty hot and the door closed for a few minutes. The steam helps get baby's nose running again.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/16/201312:48:07 PM
My kids had a sensitivity to ingredients in many of the common sunscreens. If you have a child with sensitive skin (and they are old enough to have sunscreen applied), look at the labels and buy sunscreens with titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide as the active ingredients.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/15/20137:30:30 PM
If your baby needs to get a vaccine or other injection, take an ice pack along with you to your doctor's visit.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/14/20134:18:18 PM
At your shower (if you have one), have guests address an envelope to themselves. When it's time to prepare your thank you cards, you have one less step involved.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/13/20139:34:06 PM
Check with your insurance company to see if they will help pay for a breast pump. Many of them do these days and without their assistance, pumps can be pretty expensive.
By: lilmssunshine4
Posted: 7/13/20133:39:16 PM
When someone else is watching your baby, keep a blanket or a shirt next to them that has your scent . The mother's scent will help baby feel more comfortable and calm with the babysitter.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/12/20131:23:29 PM
Babies don't need to have a blanket on them to keep warm. Dress them warmly instead. Blankets in their crib/bed can suffocate them.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/11/20138:03:01 AM
Invest a few dollars in straw cleaning brushes. They are a money saver when your child is drinking from a cup. There are lots of little crevices on the fancier cups that you just can't reach with a bottle brush.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/10/20132:12:30 PM
Your baby gear items do not need to match. Just because you have one brand and pattern for your car seat does not mean you also have to get a high chair from the same brand and pattern. It's quite unlikely that you'll be using both in the same place. Plus, the baby doesn't care. Go for easy clean up and stain hiding :-)
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/9/201312:19:27 PM
Make sure you know the developmental milestones your child should be hitting. If your child has a developmental delay, early intervention can work wonders.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/8/20132:03:52 PM
Learn to swaddle your baby properly. Many babies will quiet right away when swaddled. Seek out a seasoned professional - a nurse, a midwife, your mother - and have them teach you to swaddle your baby.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/7/201310:45:15 AM
When your baby first starts eating solid foods, try them out yourself to make sure they dissolve the way they say they will. I was quite surprised to find an organic brand of O shaped cereal for babies that didn't dissolve well. I reverted to plain old Cheerios because they dissolved well.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/6/20131:54:19 PM
Make a birth plan. Go over it with your partner and your birthing practitioners. Assign someone to be responsible for making sure your plans are adhered to if possible. You can find great birth plan templates by searching the Internet.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/4/201310:40:49 AM
When your baby is teething, you can use frozen pieces of fruit in a mesh feeder bag to help soothe their sore gums.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/2/20139:33:40 AM
Although baby shoes are adorable, they are pretty useless. Don't invest a lot of money in buying baby shoes. Socks are important to keep their tootsies warm, but leave the shoes behind.
By: alehnick
Posted: 7/1/20134:27:15 PM
Keep a change of clothes for yourself in your diaper bag. Leaks and spit up happen and it can be embarrassing (and smelly) if you are away from home.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/30/20135:21:36 PM
Every parent is different - including DADS. Don't stress if Dad doesn't do things the way you do. Allow him to be a parent the way he wants to.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/29/20138:30:25 AM
There's no such thing as holding a baby too much. Sometimes it's exactly what they need to be soothed. Plus, you can only do it for a little while. Before you know it, they will be pushing you away to go play.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/28/20137:27:32 AM
Get down at your baby's level for play time.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/27/20137:22:42 AM
You don't have to wash a baby's clothing in special "baby" detergent. There are many other options that won't be too harsh for baby's skin. Plus, you can use them for the whole family.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/26/20137:29:15 AM
When you're on the go, a toothbrush holder makes a great carrying case for straws. Babies and kids sometimes have an easier time drinking from a cup with a straw.
By: acasteen
Posted: 6/25/20139:47:22 PM
I have always used a sleep sack or a wearable blanket. Not only does it keep them warm and prevent them from kicking off covers or having too much bedding which is unsafe but it also keeps their little legs from going through the bars of the crib and getting stuck, since recently we are told that crib bumpers are now a smothering hazard and no no for babies.
By: acasteen
Posted: 6/25/20139:39:50 PM
I keep wipes, diapers and a portable changing pad in the back of my car. I have a hatch back so when I need to do a diaper change on the go I have everything I need. All I have to do is pop open the back of the car, plop the baby down and change her quickly. Plus its at a pretty good height for standing and changing a diaper away from home. In case you have #2 I always have small biodegradable bags to put the soiled diapers in no matter if you have to save it and throw away later or take home to wash if its cloth or put it in the trash nearby (this is more polite).
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/25/20139:14:25 AM
Even babies can get in on art projects. Use pureed baby food, yogurt, or pudding instead of finger paints and let them create what they like on a high chair tray or clean placemat. Then you know they are safe if they ingest some of the fun.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/24/20131:44:05 PM
Put the poison control number in your speed dial or on the refrigerator at home. We were shopping and my son picked up a silica gel packet from inside a shoe box in the basket with him. We weren't sure if he ingested it, so we had to search for the poison control number on our phones. Turns out silica gel is harmless, but it was a tense time until we could speak with a professional about it.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/23/201312:59:05 PM
Have an arsenal of ways to soothe your baby. Just because something works one time, it may not work the next time.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/22/201312:19:27 PM
When you go to buy a stroller, check out how it folds in the store before you buy to make sure it's easy enough for you to handle on your own. And if you drive a smaller vehicle, see if the store will let you check to see if it fits in your trunk.
By: skyalive
Posted: 6/21/201311:53:17 PM
My advice is to accept help in caring for your baby when it is offered to you, especially when you have a newborn. Some extra sleep, some exercise, a relaxing bath can be so helpful in those first few months.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/21/20137:46:49 AM
Babies grow so fast that sometimes they outgrow great clothes before you get a chance to have them wear it. If you want to remember special outfits, dress them in it while it fits and snap a picture. Then, if it doesn't fit when the next special occasion arises, you'll still be able to preserve the memory.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/20/20139:38:45 AM
Keep a record of "firsts". I keep a draft email to myself with the dates/weeks of age for when my kids did things like smile, roll over, sit up, crawl. My son, who is now 6, has really enjoyed knowing these things about himself when he was a baby. It was very helpful in creating a first year photo book for him, too.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/19/20138:23:48 AM
When I had my son, I knew that baby boy's could tinkle on you at diaper change time. I was somewhat unprepared, but soon bought one of those little pee pee covers - then never used it. Instead I would put keep a birdseye cloth diaper handy and cover him with that until the new diaper was on. My second born is a girl. I thought we were free from the pee pee hazard, but I was wrong. Baby girls can projectile tinkle on you just like baby boys can. Keep something handy to shield yourself no matter the gender of your little one.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/18/20139:07:21 AM
Keep hand sanitizer in your diaper bag. You don't always have the ability to fully wash your hands after a diaper change on the go. I recommend a natural sanitizer rather than an alcohol based one
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/17/201312:51:43 PM
Have a couple of changing pad covers or waterproof pads to use on top of them. If you are changing baby and there's a leak, you need to have something to put on the pad. If you use waterproof pads on top of the cover, you can toss that in the wash, grab a clean one, and not have a bare changing pad for the next time you need to change baby.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/16/20138:34:51 AM
To keep up with small baby laundry items - like socks - put them in a lingerie bag when you wash them.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/15/201310:57:05 AM
If you are pumping breast milk and working full time with no access to a good kitchen for washing things up, buy multiple sets of the connectors, bottles, tubing, etc. You can rinse them at work then wash them well at home each day.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/14/201310:52:38 AM
If baby has a leak on your mattress, use cornstarch to absorb the the wetness and odor then vaccuum it up.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/13/20139:44:54 AM
Try to find a machine washable crib bedding set. You don't often use the quilt or comforter that comes with a bedding set when your baby is small, but when you do and those accidents occur (spit up, leaky diapers, or worse), it's good to be able to launder the bedding at home.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/12/20137:24:54 AM
Keep a stash of diapers and wipes in the places you change baby most often. For us, it's always been our bedroom and the baby's room.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/11/201311:01:05 AM
Sometimes a nice bath is just what your baby needs. It can have a calming effect for a fussy little one.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/10/201311:51:31 AM
Do NOT get a used car seat. You don't know if the car seat was installed in a vehicle involved in a collision.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/9/20138:00:56 AM
Make sure you have a thermometer on hand and understand what temperatures mean based on the type of thermometer you are using. You can practice when you don't need it to make sure you are getting accurate temperatures.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/8/20138:31:29 PM
Breastfeed your baby if you can
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/7/20138:54:03 AM
Learn a couple of baby massage techniques. There fun and easy to do after bath time and the bonus is that baby loves it!
By: ourplatz
Posted: 6/6/20138:41:25 AM
Enjoy each stage and age, it goes so quickly. Take lots of DVD - each decade that passes it becomes priceless.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/5/20139:06:36 AM
Create some family traditions that your little family can have year after year - like maybe you always make a certain special breakfast for birthdays or take photos in front of the same place for the first day of school.
By: Dgaeta442
Posted: 6/4/20139:13:49 PM
My tip isn't really a baby tip rather a way to use a baby product more than one way. My family has very sensitive skin so when we have a cold or allergy season hits we get red irritation around the nose very easy. My tip is to re-purpose Weleda diaper cream and use it on the red sections around the nose. It helps relieve the irritation and makes blowing your nose so much more comfortable.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/4/20138:28:07 AM
Take time for yourself. Plan a spa day or go to a coffee house and read. Just do something to get away by yourself from time to time.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/3/201312:14:23 PM
Make sure you get regular date nights with your partner
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/2/20134:16:11 PM
Even if you think you know how to do it, take a parenting class or read a book that aligns with the parenting style you hope to achieve.
By: alehnick
Posted: 6/1/20139:15:32 AM
Create consistent routines for your kids. They like routine and will thrive if you give them one.
By: anna91
Posted: 5/31/20133:43:35 PM
Baby tip for hiccups: Most babies hiccup when they are cold, so hover over and blow warm air on the soft spot on their head. :)
By: anna91
Posted: 5/31/20133:41:09 PM
Best tip: Massage to an infant's abdomen will help with colic, constipation, hiccups, and general discomfort. Go in a circular motion with your fingers from left to right putting little pressure while doing so. Also, pulling their legs into their belly will help relieve some gas and/or constipation. GL!
By: anna91
Posted: 5/31/20133:18:15 PM
My best baby tip is to not stress to much over the many advertising baby products, whether it is commercially convenient to organic "natural" products. Because in the end it is the way you raise your children that will really matter.
By: alehnick
Posted: 5/31/20131:49:16 PM
Give your baby time to air out their bottom if they get a rash.
By: alehnick
Posted: 5/30/20131:02:03 PM
Give cloth diapers and wipes a try. They are easier than you think, cost less than disposables, and are good for the environment.
By: alehnick
Posted: 5/29/201312:17:05 PM
It takes several times of tasting before your baby/child decides they don't like a food. Keep offering them foods you think they don't like. They may surprise you and give it a try one day.
By: alehnick
Posted: 5/28/20138:53:37 PM
Hug and kiss your kids as much as you can. I see my 6 year old and know that some day soon, he'll start to push me away when I try to be demonstrative with my affection for him. My heart will break, but I know he'll get over it when he gets older. But there's nothing like those baby kisses!
By: meu
Posted: 5/27/20138:32:59 PM
Don't feel guilty about snuggling, holding or just admiring your baby too much, they grow up way to fast! Enjoy them.
By: alehnick
Posted: 5/27/201312:50:09 PM
Don't be a snob about hand me downs. They outgrow clothes so quickly that they hardly get worn. When it's your first baby, you feel like you want everything to be brand new, but at some point, you realize they all end up covered with spit up and worse, so you might as well have some second hand clothes.
By: alehnick
Posted: 5/26/201312:05:39 PM
Take all the help you can get when you come home with your newborn. You think you are supposed to be able to do it all, but it's hard and sleeplessness doesn't help you or your baby. Let someone wash your dishes or do your laundry if they come to see the baby and offer to help.
By: exotic1
Posted: 5/26/20136:27:26 AM
Have a bed time routine. If you have a bedtime routine from day one then bedtime will always be enjoyable with no fussing. At 8pm every night I lug my baby to the bedroom, turn down the light and rock him to sleep while feeding and singing lullaby's. When they get older it's natural to them and they know what to expect and they enjoy their bedtime routine.
By: alehnick
Posted: 5/25/201311:50:41 AM
Pick them up when they want to be carried when they are small. They don't want you too (or they're just too big) in only a few years.
By: alehnick
Posted: 5/24/20137:23:05 AM
Read to them often. It's great snuggle time and it will really boost their learning.
By: alehnick
Posted: 5/23/20138:03:23 AM
Don't compare your baby to others. They all develop at different rates.
By: Marleny
Posted: 5/22/20139:54:18 PM
My favorite tip: as your child is weaned and begins to drink cow's milk, the best way to transition is to cut up some papaya pieces, juice it, strain it, and then use the liquid to dilute the milk. The beneficial enzymes in the papaya will make it easy for your baby to digest the milk, skipping much gas and colic: a happy baby! You can start with a 50-50 mix, then slowly reduce the amount of papaya juice, until you achieve a 100% milk drink, without any negative reactions. Be well!
By: chad3520
Posted: 5/22/201310:20:13 AM
Enjoy the out doors-going to the park, enjoying the pool or walking on the beach. Memories they will always remember and enjoy.
By: alehnick
Posted: 5/22/20138:04:54 AM
Sleep when the baby sleeps (if you can).
By: julielaura
Posted: 5/22/20134:07:37 AM
In my experience babies sleep much better when they are in the fresh air, make sure they are not too hot or cold and use a cat/bug net!
By: hlprice
Posted: 5/21/20132:17:47 PM
Chewing raw ginger for nausea in pregnancy.
By: goddessinsecta
Posted: 5/21/20131:50:59 PM
Play music for your baby every day--all kinds. And sing to him/her each day, whether YOU think you can sing or not! Your baby wants to hear your voice the most, even if you miss a few notes. The more you sing and talk to your baby, the faster they will talk. They are like big sponges taking it all in, and the first year they learn the most.
By: goddessinsecta
Posted: 5/21/20131:46:07 PM
Take pictures every day or two; they don't look like that for long! Carry your cellphone or small camera in your pocket so you don't miss a million-dollar moment!
By: goddessinsecta
Posted: 5/21/20131:43:56 PM
Constantly talk to your baby--they take it all in and will talk faster, the more they are talked to.
By: khogankh
Posted: 5/21/201311:19:18 AM
You will get lots of advice, most of it contradictory. Do what works best for you and your family.
By: Happy Chinadoll
Posted: 5/21/201310:30:25 AM
Enjoy your kids - they grow up so fast. Take lots of naps as a new mom I give them lots of hugs and kisses because when they are grown up, I wont be able to do it as often when they are young
By: RebeccaConnorsMom
Posted: 5/21/201310:18:43 AM
Just love your kids. If everything you do is done with love, you're doing your best. Trust your intuition, and, yes, take lots of pictures!
By: brandy4587
Posted: 5/21/201310:10:08 AM
For toddlers, my best tip is to always give a choice so they feel empowered, for example, instead of saying "It's bath time" I say do you want to brush your teeth or take a bath - it gives her a choice instead of an option to say no!
By: alehnick
Posted: 5/21/20137:58:43 AM
Take lots of pictures. They grow up so fast.
By: nanners13
Posted: 5/21/20136:57:06 AM
I was introduced to Weleda baby products 18 years ago as a nanny. Whenever I had an overtired, irritable infant or toddler in great need of a sleep that would not come, I used a dab of calendula oil on each temple and gently massaged. Guaranteed eyes roll back and sleep within a minute or two. Patience and soft, consistent touch needed for extremely overtired. That can take up to 5 minutes.
By: debirag
Posted: 5/20/20138:18:37 PM
Love your baby for him/herself alone and don't sweat the small stuff!
By: swellner
Posted: 5/20/20133:51:35 PM
My best tip is to enjoy every nap you can. Sleep when the baby sleeps is the best advice I ever recieved and it still holds true now that my little guy is almost 2.
By: DoNotFaint
Posted: 5/20/20132:40:15 PM
My best tip is to put breastmilk on baby acne or scratches from those tiny baby nails; it heals them fast and makes the red marks go away!
By: jentam
Posted: 5/20/20132:31:15 PM
My tip is to ask for help! It's so hard looking after a baby without lots of help but sometimes people don't know how to offer. I found that when I asked, so many people were more than happy to baby-sit or watch my son while I napped or had a bath.
By: lindawwww
Posted: 5/20/20131:38:04 PM
Use cornstarch in place of baby powder. It feels like silk, no perfumes, no chemicals
By: jeevon
Posted: 5/20/201312:57:36 PM
Best tip for baby's bedtime: change to clean and dry diaper, wipe body with warm cloth, change to sleepwear, dim the night light, lullaby song and kiss goodnight :)
By: goddessinsecta
Posted: 5/20/201312:39:47 PM
When giving a back massage to anyone in your family, infant to adult, upward gliding strokes help to energize, and downward strokes help to relax. Also, when your family member has a chest cold, massage three times or more daily with upward strokes to help mobilize fluids and phlegm in the lungs. I'm an RN with 35 years of experience, and this works! Love to all-----
By: chelesa
Posted: 5/20/201312:24:00 PM
When it comes to teaching your baby there are so many resources out there,many of them are free. If you have the Internet utube is one of them I have used. My daughter knew basic Spanish at age 3 ,abc before 1 and etc. she has a 1st grade level level at age 5.
By: lllemar
Posted: 5/20/201312:21:45 PM
My best tip is ..if you need to use a safety pin to tighten clothing on a baby or to pull something that's torn together until you get home to change your baby into something else, well get a bar of soap and stick the safety pin point in the soap and up to about half point after the point on the pin, and then, before you stick the pin into the cloth, place your fingers behind the clothing where you'll enter the pin (so it touches your finger before it touches baby, and then slowly enter the pin and guide it through slowly and then out and clasp it closed. The pin will slide easily through the clothing after it has been coated with the soap. It will be cleaner too!
By: suzanc
Posted: 5/20/201312:12:43 PM
My favorite baby tip is listen to your own instincts. You are your baby's mother/father after all and you should know what's best for your baby.
By: ann0254
Posted: 5/20/201311:57:06 AM
As soon as your baby can sit up unassisted,get a bath chair. Mine was sturdy plastic with suction cups where the legs would have been and a secure strap. Take your baby into the shower with you. Include a bunch of toys to swap out. You get a more leisurely shower. Your baby gets time with you,steam to clear the sinuses and a no messy bath. Also our favorite activity was covering the highchair tray or a cookiesheet with chocolate pudding to learn shapes and numbers!
By: LuckyTJG
Posted: 5/20/201311:29:33 AM
Try to stay calm and relax around the baby. Babies can feel your stress and tension and this makes them agitated and uneasy.
By: JenniferHolovac
Posted: 5/20/201311:18:17 AM
My best baby tip is for the colicky ones. My daughter screamed for four hours straight every night and the only thing that would calm her was white noise. Run the vaccuum, hairdryer, tv or radio on static...etc. It will save you a lot of frustration!
By: missmeigs
Posted: 5/20/201311:00:07 AM
Remember they are only babies once so enjoy the time with them while you have it.
By: michedjohnson88
Posted: 5/20/201310:45:22 AM
If your infant is crying inexplicably, check her soft spot by gently and carefully running your flat palm across her head. On a content baby The soft spot is flat, and you can barely tell it is there. If it is concave, she is experiencing one of three things - hunger, a burp that won't come out, or gas. You can then figure out the cause of her distress though the process of elimination with just these three things. This tip was passed on to me by my mother, and it has helped me tremendously.
By: mandaroo05
Posted: 5/20/201310:27:27 AM
my best tip is to do what works for YOU and YOUR BABY! advice, suggestions, etc from others are always nice and can be taken into consideration, but what works for one person doesn't always work for the next.
By: petalsofchange
Posted: 5/20/201310:25:31 AM
My daughter had colic for the first 7 long months and only one thing is invaluable Patience Patience Patience.
By: petalsofchange
Posted: 5/20/201310:24:57 AM
My daughter had colic for the first 7 long months and only one thing is invaluable Patience Patience Patience.
By: Tameeky
Posted: 5/17/20138:48:42 AM
My Best Baby Tip is to Always Feed your Baby Closer to Bed time so he/she Sleeps Well on a full stomach.
By: Jaime Brown
Posted: 5/15/201310:59:10 PM
My best baby tip is to enjoy every moment even the sleepless ones, because they grow so quickly. I just blinked and my girls are now 15 and 18, thank you:)
By: mnredbird
Posted: 5/14/20134:12:48 PM
When your child decides they need to talk, listen. No matter were you are or what your doing.
By: lindawwww
Posted: 5/13/20135:05:04 PM
Sing and talk to your baby all the time.
By: jeng
Posted: 5/13/20132:30:51 PM
Being a parent is an adventure and journey. You just have to learn as you go. If one thing does not work be open to try something new. There is no perfect book to use as a guide. Love, patience, and humor are the key elements to raising a family. It is the best gift I have been given.
By: hogan09
Posted: 5/11/201310:43:40 PM
don't hide every argument from your kids. its good to teach them how to work things through and come to a compromise.
By: hogan09
Posted: 5/10/20139:54:48 PM
don't be afraid to let your kid get dirty. let them explore and learn about the world they live in!
By: hogan09
Posted: 5/9/20139:49:45 PM
if you have a hard time settling your baby down for bed make sure that the tv is off and the lights are low for about an hour before you start your bed time routine. we start with a bath then we make sure the lights are low, the TV is off and we are calm and quiet while reading and talking quietly to baby.
By: hogan09
Posted: 5/9/20139:45:31 PM
start your child's love of reading early. read books to them and make it fun. turn the tv off and enjoy reading and cuddling with your baby. it really helps develop their speech as well.
By: hogan09
Posted: 5/9/20139:42:47 PM
always tell your children that you love them. and make sure that you show it too.
By: hogan09
Posted: 5/7/20132:34:58 PM
my best baby tip is always smile and show how happy you are to see your baby every time you enter the room. I love getting the smiles back now and even when its been a rough night and you're so tired you don't think you can smile just seeing that smiling face beaming back at you just makes that grumpy feeling go away.
By: lindawwww
Posted: 5/6/201311:34:27 AM
Make sure you put sunscreen on your baby's exposed skin before going outside.
By: tomgirlbc
Posted: 5/6/20139:14:04 AM
somethings are not in a book don't look for the answers in raising a child there do it from the heart
By: jiidii
Posted: 5/4/20133:20:53 PM
Be patient as rearing children can be very trying but their love is well worth it
By: lindawwww
Posted: 5/3/201310:23:39 PM
Let your children help making meals as soon as they show an interest. Even very young children can tear up lettuce for a salad.
By: jentam
Posted: 5/3/201311:02:23 AM
My best tip is to realize that every baby is different and what worked for the first may not work at all with the second. Be flexible and listen to your baby's signals.
By: Donnas
Posted: 5/3/201310:48:03 AM
To help keep you newborn more content, swaddle them. The nurses at the hospital taught me how to wrap the baby in a blanket. It apparently resembles the comfy feeling they had in the womb.
By: Donnas
Posted: 5/3/201310:44:57 AM
I was always told to double up on the babies outfits to keep them warm (i.e. instead of one sleeper, layer on two).
By: ziggystarduzt
Posted: 5/3/201310:37:07 AM
Don't read too many baby books, or compare your baby to those of your friends. Each child develops at their own pace and in their own way, and there's usually no need to stress it.
By: jiidii
Posted: 5/3/201310:08:37 AM
Do whatever works for you and your baby that will keep you both happy and sane!
By: pansy
Posted: 5/3/20138:40:31 AM
Little ones should get lots of fresh air even as babies. Nice to take them for a nice walk. Relaxing for Mom (or Dad) too.
By: heavenlee
Posted: 5/3/20137:47:39 AM
Talk to your baby/child a lot. Open lines of communication are the best teacher and the best way to establish a good relationship for life.
By: tomgirlbc
Posted: 5/3/20137:38:09 AM
My mom always said do onto others and always be polite-but for babies just keep them covered from the elements is one of the main safety issues
By: amahe
Posted: 5/3/20137:22:12 AM
Learn to just relax, laugh and enjoy the time you have to spend with your family!
By: kdrodge
Posted: 5/3/20136:39:21 AM
it's ok if the baby makes noises, you dont have to stir, give them some time to settle down, if they persist then check on them.
By: carole312
Posted: 5/1/20139:55:07 PM
While I'm trying to give my daughter medicine or clean her ears, I try to distract her by telling her funny stories. She usually is so intrigued by my odd, spur of the moment stories that she doesn't even notice me cleaning her ears!! Haha.
By: lpappas
Posted: 5/1/20138:57:13 PM
Enjoy every minute with your child...even during those not so harmonious times too. Time has a way of slipping by so quickly...embrace it all!
By: mdescis799
Posted: 5/1/20138:19:50 PM
My best baby tip is to make everything fun and a learning experience. For example, count the Cheerios when feeding the baby. Or, let the baby help you do things and teach them words as you do things or you can sing.
By: rose22
Posted: 5/1/20137:50:57 PM
One of the best on the spot ideas came to me while i was trying not to panic as my then, 12 month old son endured an awful case of a cold and flu accompanied by a fever. I filled his baby bottle with homemade warm chicken broth and he drank it all, getting a few servings of this old health boost to relieve fevers, cold and flu. As he got older and endured colds and flu, I filled his sippy cup as needed with the healing broth.
By: SmartMommy
Posted: 5/1/20136:31:54 PM
The best advice I have is to relax and enjoy the time you have with your kids - it all goes by too fast!
By: SmartMommy
Posted: 5/1/20136:28:20 PM
The best advice I have is to relax and enjoy the time you have with your children - it all goes by too fast. When it comes to products and non-emergency medicine and other "goods," less is more - go for the cleanest and most natural solutions and products you can find. I switched to Weleda when my daughter was 4 days old - I used some conventional baby soap that made hear fragile skin break out everywhere, but Weleda's Baby products with calendula made it all better within days!
By: pinksuzanne
Posted: 5/1/20134:57:12 PM
The best advice gave to me was to enjoy every day with your children as the time goes by so quickly and they are adults and on their own in the blink of an eye.
By: roberta1959
Posted: 5/1/20133:33:56 PM
When I had my son I had a wonderful female pediatrician who had also just had a boy. My son had the worst colic, a male pediatrician wanted me to give him narcotics! Well, she told me how to brew fennel seed tea for him. I would let it cool, put it in a baby bottle and it did more for him than anything else I'd tried.
By: justnatalie
Posted: 5/1/20132:20:56 PM
My mom taught me not to overreact! Every sneeze,cough,bump... I would flip out and swear it was the worst imaginable condition lol, it took time but I've backed off a lot. Now, I keep my overreacting ideals to myself!
By: darcybel
Posted: 5/1/20132:16:17 PM
My Mom sat me down and told me about every accident and mishap that happened with all her 5 kids--and all that we all came out fine---so that I wouldn't over react about every bump and bruise.
Posted: 5/1/20131:54:50 PM
My mom taught me to relax. I allowed my babies to explore and get dirty without worries. I was told this is how they learn about their environment
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