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My Favorite Hand Cream That's not a Hand Cream
1/18/2010 9:37:56 AM

It is cold here in New York. Very cold. And sometimes windy, just to make it a little bit worse. When I take my son, Josef, to catch his school bus in the morning, I am freezing, despite being bundled up in wool and down from head to toe. Josef doesn’t seem to care as much, probably because he is in jumping mode pretty much from the time he gets up in the morning to when he goes to bed at night. No idea where he gets his energy. When I pick him up from school, I see the whole class bouncing, so I guess we all were like that at age five.

For me, this cold weather usually means VERY dry hands, especially after I wear wool gloves for a while. I get dry, rough spots, and if I don’t do anything about them, my skin starts cracking at the knuckles. I noticed that the dry spots on my hands disappear every time I change my daughter Laila’s diapers with our Calendula Baby Cream.  So now I use it regularly on my hands during the winter. Laila gets similar dry spots on her legs in winter, and after applying a little bit of the cream, they are all but gone.

For my hands, I could use any of our great hand creams, of course. But some of them have a fragrance that is not necessarily composed with male customers in mind. Skin Food also works great when things get really dry. It has a guy-friendly fragrance, but it stays on your skin a little longer than the Calendula Baby Cream. I asked a few of my colleagues here in the Weleda office, and it turns out that women also like to use the Calendula Baby Cream on their hands. It has a fresh but unobtrusive scent that is quite nice.

So there you go. My favorite Weleda hand cream turns out to be our Calendula Baby Cream. I hope I'm not undermining our hand cream sales with this post! 

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