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The GreenShows: Fashion with a Conscience
2/19/2010 9:34:50 AM

The GreenShows just wrapped up in New York City, but the buzz they generated is alive and well. From Joann Berman’s rollicking frocks to Samantha Pleet’s youthful jumpers, all 10 fashion labels proved that sustainable fashion is wearable, beautiful and more than a passing fad. The passion these artists show for their work and for the earth is commendable and inspiring. As much as possible, each designer uses organic materials and eco-friendly dyes, eschews leather and suede, produces locally and pays fair wages. Being a part of The GreenShows was a natural fit for Weleda. The conscious use of resources and the responsibility toward our partners, people and environment are as much a part of our company as the products seen on the shelves, or even on a dress!

Speaking of, a highlight for us was the dress that London-based designer Gary Harvey created out of 350 boxes of Skin Food. Gary, who was the creative director at Levi’s for 10 years, flattened, laminated  and sewed the boxes together to create a two-piece silhouette that is va-va-voom green, in every sense of the word! Amazingly, it moved just like real fabric and fit seamlessly into his collection.

Admittedly, you probably wouldn’t wear this dress to your next big event. I mean, what if it rained? But like the other gowns in the collection, all made from recycled materials, including baseball jackets, newspapers, English University scarves and trench coats, it’s meant to challenge your perception of second-hand clothing and remind us to reuse, reduce, recycle. “Too many garments end up in landfill sites,” Gary said. “They are deemed aesthetically redundant and get discarded at the end of the season, when there are often years of wear left.” 

So, the next time you’re about to toss out last year’s coat, scarf or even a used coffee cup, just think: What would Gary Harvey do?

 Congratulations to all the eco-conscious designers on a job well-done: Gary Harvey; Vaute Couture; Thieves by Sonja den Elzen; Joann Berman; Willian; Popomomo; Samantha Pleet; deux fm; EkovaruhusetC.Marchuska.

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