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1/18/2010 9:37:56 AM
My Favorite Hand Cream That's not a Hand Cream
It is cold here in New York. Very cold. And sometimes windy, just to make it a little bit worse. When I take my son, Josef, to catch his school bus in the morning, I am freezing, despite being bundled up in wool and down from head to toe. Josef doesn’t seem to care as much, probably because he is in jumping mode pretty much from the time he gets up in the morning to when he goes to bed at night. No idea where he gets his energy. When I pick him up from school, I see the whole class bouncing, so I guess we all were like that at age five. For me, this cold weather usually means VERY dry hands, especially after I wear wool gloves for a while. I get dry,...
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1/12/2010 12:45:40 PM
Product Spotlight: Euphrasia 3x Eyedrops
During the winter, the cold, dry air takes a toll on my skin and hair, but also on my eyes. They tend to become uncomfortable, dry and irritated this time of year. Indoor heat, which draws all the moisture from the air, is a major culprit; outside, the swirling, biting wind only makes matters worse. Combined with my dust allergies and 10 hours a day in front of a computer, it’s enough to drive me to tears—literally! I’ve found that the best treatment for my red, itchy eyes is a natural, preservative-free moistener that uses homeopathic herbs. Fortunately for me, Weleda has the most amazing one: Euphrasia 3x Homeopathic Eyedrops, made from organic,...
1/11/2010 12:08:48 PM
The Winter Blues
Right now, the U.S., Europe and China are in the grip of severely cold weather. Winter, and its accompanying cold and flu season, is clearly upon us. Inclement conditions, along with short days, tend to keep most of us indoors, and in close proximity to each other. As a pharmacist, I come in frequent contact with customers who are suffering  from colds or the flu, and you may wonder how I protect myself.* To put things into perspective, we all constantly come into contact with disease-causing bacteria and viruses, but mostly, we do not get sick. Our bodies largely have the ability to protect us, and I think it’s important to remember...
1/7/2010 10:09:10 AM
A Vineyard in Balance
Over my New Year’s vacation, I took a trip to Napa Valley, where I toured a certified Biodynamic vineyard called Grgich Hills Estate. It’s tucked away in the middle of the valley. The day I visited the sun was bright, the air was crisp, and the mustard flowers were in full bloom, covering the hills in bright yellow. It was the perfect day for tasting…and touring! Given my background at Weleda, I was excited to learn firsthand how Grgich uses Biodynamic agriculture to grow its grapes. I know the quality of Weleda’s products is unsurpassed because we grow our plant ingredients in our own Biodynamic gardens. So you can bet I had high expectations for...
1/5/2010 9:52:51 AM
Natural Ingredient Spotlight: Calendula
In the middle of January in New York, when it’s freezing cold and the days are short, it makes me warm and happy to imagine fields of bright orange calendula growing in our Biodynamic gardens in Germany, in summer. For centuries, calendula has been known for its healing properties. It’s also been called Marigold, Holigold and Mary Bud—vivid names that attest to the positive experiences people have had with this incredible plant. Scientific studies have shown that calendula—especially the blossoms—contain active ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, helping to heal irritated and even wounded skin. Every year we sow our calendula on a different...
12/21/2009 9:58:24 AM
The Beauty of Family Traditions
The deeper meaning of the holiday season is shining through this year. People are making gifts for each other and enjoying time spent together. Last year, we started a tradition for Ben’s Hanukkah presents. A friend told us of a rhyme: Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. Dan and I come from separate religious backgrounds, so creating our own traditions really makes us feel like a family. We also started a family walk on Sunday mornings. We walk on a wooded path near our home. We run, skip and walk together, Dan, Ben and me. Then we have a delicious brunch. I usually workout alone but this is a great way to...
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