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Product Spotlight: Iris Moisture Cream
3/8/2010 12:42:09 PM

This week on Twitter and Facebook we’re talking about our Iris Facial Care and how it’s ideal for combination skin. So in keeping with this topic, I decided to focus on the Iris Moisture Cream for this month’s Product Spotlight. Iris Moisture Cream is wonderful all year round, but it’s especially great this time of year, when the weather starts to change and the days become sunnier and warmer. That often leads, for many of us, to a not-so-welcome increase in our skin's oil production.

Weleda Iris Moisture Cream made with Biodynamic plant ingredients to regulate skin's moisture levelsStill, even if your skin is oily, a lightweight moisture cream will help prevent surface dryness and keep it healthy. Iris Moisture Cream provides light yet long-lasting hydration that is ideal for balmy spring days. It contains an extract from the rhizome, or stem, of the iris plant, which we grow biodynamically in our gardens in Germany. This extract helps calm overactive oil glands without irritating your skin or harshly stripping its protective layer. That only aggravates the skin, causing the oil glands to work overtime and making the problem worse.

Iris Moisture Cream also contains organic jojoba seed oil to soften your skin and improve elasticity, as well as Biodynamic® calendula flower extract, which soothes and provides a protective antiseptic barrier. Pair it with our Iris Cleansing Lotion and Iris Facial Toner, and you’ll be putting your best face forward this spring!

Tell us: Do you use the Iris Facial Care line? If so, what is your favorite product in the bunch? We'd love to hear from you!

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By: Ruthann Neunuebel
Posted: 1/28/20115:41:34 PM
I am looking for Iris face oil I used years ago. I miss it!
By: Ruthann Neunuebel
Posted: 1/28/20115:28:38 PM
I am looking for Iris face oil I used years ago. I miss it!
By: Diana
Posted: 5/6/201012:29:18 PM
Yes, I use the Iris Day Cream and Iris Night Cream. In this order I decided to buy the Cleanser and Toner as well as the Moisturise Cream. I discovered Weleda when I lived in London in 1973. For many years I could not find it in America. Ever since it has been for sale here I have been using it. I keep trying other products, but this is the product I love the most and use the most. A number of years ago I was walking with my step mother and she asked me what I use on my face because she saw how moist my face was, so I told her about Weleda. One of the reasons I have always loved Weleda is that it is relatively less expensive than many other products and truly it is the best. I love the smell of the Iris Creams, and Iris is one of my favorite flowers! I tried the Rose Creams, but this is my favorite by far. It has now become harder to find in the health food stores, and my favorite web site, so I now order it directly from you.
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