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Farmers at Heart
3/31/2010 8:47:12 AM

Happy Earth Month! At Weleda, we’re celebrating with beautiful products from beautiful earth. Take Skin Food, for instance. Five of the core plants in this intensely nourishing cream—sunflower, chamomile, pansyrosemary and calendula (pictured)—are grown organically. Why? Because we think that amazing products begin with amazing soil. Because life nurtures life.  Because it’s the right thing to do. Because we care about you, and about the planet, too. 

Our organic calendula is harvested at the time of day when the plant's nutrient content is its highest.Weleda continually invests time, money and knowledge into building long-term, sustainable projects with our farmers and partners. Our responsible sourcing of resources and careful cultivation of plants means that we’re not just taking from the earth to make our products—we’re also giving back. Whenever possible, we work with the farmers who supply us with raw materials to help convert their farms from conventional to organic or Biodynamic®. We use water and energy as sparingly as possible.  Where we collect plants from the wild, we have established a concept of “protection through use”—we work with scientists to develop measures that ensure the collection of plants does not threaten a species, but rather protects and strengthens its natural location.

Our founder, Dr. Rudolf Steiner, pioneered the concept of Biodynamic® farming about 90 years ago. It’s based on the idea that “life supports life.”  It’s one of the key reasons why our products are so unique and powerful. Biodynamic® agriculture goes beyond organic by integrating the purest of all elements in our natural world—from the sun and the moon to the soil and the animals—into one self-sustaining organism. The process continually replenishes the ground with nutrients rather than stripping them away, and it prevents pesticides and toxic chemicals from draining into our waterways. It’s a method of farming that not only protects natural resources but also ensures the growth of nutrient-rich plants that give us the most potent and effective products.

So celebrate Earth Month with us! Join us on Facebook and Twitter for many chances to win Skin Food and to learn more about what we are doing for the planet.  We’re also offering you the chance to sample Skin Food at Weleda retailers across the U.S. and Canada through in-store demos. Check your local retailer to see if they are participating!

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