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Jim in Germany: Committing to Sustainability
4/7/2010 7:37:03 AM

Since I started working at Weleda, I’ve known that the company holds to strict environmental principles. Now that I have been working in the office in Germany, I’ve learned about a few initiatives that the company is undertaking here to further our commitment to sustainability.

Jim takes advantage of Weleda AG's company bike policy.One such initiative is the company bike policy. Weleda Germany (Weleda AG) has bicycles that employees can check out and use to ride into town for lunch or to the second office location (about 1.5 miles away) or just to get some fresh air during the day.  I look forward to riding and visiting my colleagues down the road this spring.

A new initiative that is starting to take shape deals with CO2 emissions. Weleda AG is enforcing a CO2 emissions policy on its company cars, with the goal of bringing the overall company emissions on cars below 120 by 2014. With the steps put in place currently, Weleda AG looks to be on the right path to meeting its goal. This is just a first step in CO2 reduction, and I would expect to see many more as time goes on.

Weleda AG also offers a very nice and delicious dining experience. The company “café” serves up an all organic lunch experience for employees. There is always a meat entree and vegetarian entree, along with a salad bar. You can eat as much as you want, while knowing it’s good for you.  And while organic food can be quite expensive, Weleda AG makes this lunch affordable for its employees. The cost for a three-course meal is only 4.50 (about $6.00).

As I spend more time at the Weleda headquarters in Germany, I learn more and more about why people love this company. Weleda refuses to compromise its high environmental standards, not only when it comes to ingredients and products, but also to its values.   

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