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11/10/2010 7:44:06 AM
Product Spotlight: Pomegranate Body Oil
In my last blog, I wrote about the benefits of Rosemary Hair Oil and how it pampers your hair. But nourishing natural oils aren’t just good for your hair—they’re also beneficial for your skin! Especially now, with the November air growing colder, our skin needs extra nourishment to make it through the winter healthy and beautiful, despite heated office buildings and harsh winter winds. Weleda’s Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil nurtures and smoothes our skin, while protecting it from skin-damaging free radicals. Its mix of organic jojoba, sesame and sunflower oils, combined with powerful organic pomegranate seed oil, makes it...
10/26/2010 11:47:24 AM
Product Spotlight: Rosemary Hair Oil
In all the years I’ve been using Weleda products, the small, green bottle containing Rosemary Hair Oil never found its way into my shopping bag—until recently. Once I discovered it, I fell in love with yet another Weleda product! Here’s how it happened: when I came to New York two months ago, I felt that my hair wasn’t looking its best—it had lost its luster, and didn’t make me happy at all. A colleague at Weleda suggested I try Rosemary Hair Oil. Only days after first using the oil (I applied a couple of drops to my hair and scalp before bed and washed it out the next morning), my hair felt softer and looked...
10/14/2010 1:37:07 PM
Ingredient Spotlight: Organic Sweet Almond Oil
The taste of sweet almond stirs up all kinds of memories; it makes me think of fall, of long walks in the park, colored leaves, a cup of tea, of a cozy fireplace and the taste of homemade cookies. Definitely, the almond is fall’s child. Weleda’s organic sweet almond is grown in the hills of a Valencian community close to Alicante, Spain. In this warm climate, the almond trees are pampered by sunshine all year long. In spring, the sweet almond trees blossom, in shades of white and pink, and by fall, when it’s starting to get colder outside, the sweet almond nuts are shaken from the trees and left on the ground to dry. Before winter...
9/30/2010 9:00:00 AM
When Facial Time Becomes Family Time
I recently gave my husband, Dan, a mini Weleda facial for his 40th birthday, using the skin tips that I’ve learned at Weleda.  It turned into a fun family affair when our 6-year-old, Ben, decided he wanted to help. Before we started, Dan shaved with our Men’s Shaving Cream, and I washed his face with the Almond Cleansing Lotion—it’s perfect for sensitive skin like his. Next I gently massaged on our soothing Almond Moisture Cream, and then he laid down for a few minutes with a hot towel on his face, listening to music. While he was relaxing, Ben and I prepared a facial mask.  We mixed clay earth with a few drops of...
9/3/2010 8:30:15 AM
Best of Social Media - August
August was an exciting month for us! We launched our new Baby Forum website, where parents can share their best baby care tips for a chance to win a year's suppy of Calendula Baby Care. We also passed 6,000 "Likes" on Facebook! Join us on Facebook and Twitter if you haven't yet for discounts and deals, contests, Weleda info and news, skin care tips and more! Here's some of our favorite tweets and Facebook posts from August. Enjoy your September, everyone!   @greenest_friend Weleda has the best beauty products to buy in USA for their ever low impact on the earth and your pocket—and they're simply...
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8/25/2010 6:53:07 PM
Video: Beauty Do's and Don'ts
Our best-selling Skin Food moisturizer was recently featured in a segment on ABC's Good Morning America Health, called "Beauty Do's and Don'ts: Simple Tips Everyone Should Incorporate into their Beauty Regimen." Dr. Susan Evans, a dermatologist in Beverly Hills, tells you which ingredients to look out for and which to avoid when you're shopping for skin care products. Natural oils, she says, are better for your skin and your health than ingredients that are derived from petroleum, and they moisturize just as well. Skin Food is such a wonderful, do-it-all moisturizer, you can even use it on your lips, and you won't have to worry about ingesting...
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