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All Aglow for Spring
4/20/2010 7:40:37 PM
Spring brings brighter days, but alas, it doesn’t always brighten your complexion, at least not right away. Sometimes your skin needs a little help to get its glow back, and a facial can do the trick. I recently chatted with Patricia, one of our estheticians at the Weleda Spa in Palisades, NY, to find out more about why this time of year is a great time for a facial. She started by telling me why facials are beneficial in general, regardless of whether it’s January or June. “Facials deeply moisturize, cleanse, balance, exfoliate and revitalize,” she said. “The results you get with a facial are very hard to achieve at home. They keep your skin healthy, balanced and beautiful in all seasons.” In fact, she recommends getting one every six to eight weeks to maintain results.

But if you haven’t had a facial in a while, then the transition from winter to spring is a good time, Patricia says. It will wake your skin up from its winter slumber, so to speak, and nourish and support your complexion, which, if it’s anything like mine, has a tendency to look somewhat gray and ashy during the winter. “The massage techniques used during a facial increase circulation, which improves oxygen flow to your epidermis, the outer layer of the skin, and gives your complexion a healthy glow,” Patricia says. “A facial will also help prepare your skin for summer by clearing blocked pores, nourishing dry skin and bringing it back into balance.”

I decided that I had to put Patricia’s theory to the test. So last week, I signed up for a Weleda facial, which Patricia customized according to my skin care needs. An hour and fifteen minutes later, my skin was refreshed and revitalized, as was my mind and spirit. The facial was a true holistic experience. Patricia used a whole slew of products, including the Wild Rose Intensive Facial Masque, Calendula Face Cream and Everon Face Balm, making it a treat for my senses, as much as my skin. Afterward, gone were the blocked pores from around my jaw line, most likely a result of wearing a coat and scarf pulled up high around my chin all winter. And my complexion? Well, let’s just say it glowed.

Tell us, how often do you get a facial? Do you like the results? Have you ever had a Weleda facial? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you!
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By: jordan1219
Posted: 4/21/20108:38:51 AM
This post makes me even more excited for my first Weleda facial in a few weeks--thanks! It's time for some spring indulging!
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