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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine
4/27/2010 2:03:12 PM

It’s the time of year to draw back your curtains, throw open the windows, let the fresh air in, and … get out the mop for the annual spring clean we all know so well. Although at Weleda, we don’t care so much about whether your baseboards are sparkling or your pillows are fluffed. What matters to us is whether your beauty cabinet is clean and healthy for youmeaning free of conventional personal care products that contain potentially toxic chemical ingredients. Mounting evidence shows that many of these substances, including triclosan, phthalates and parabens, can alter our bodies’ healthy functioning and seep into the environment.

Spring clean your beauty routine with natural products made from plant-based ingredients.It’s the potential long-term effects of repeated exposure to these chemicals that is so worrying. Every morning, tens of millions of women apply 12 to 20 products to their skin, according to the Personal Care Product Council. The average American adult is exposed to more than 100 distinct chemicals every day through these very products. Given this volume, we have to at least wonder where these chemicals are going and what they are doing to our environment and us. We prefer to follow the precautionary principle, erring on the side of safety.

Weleda has been making plant-based, natural products since the 1920s—before the proliferation of manmade chemicals and back when the wonders of the world came from nature. Our founders knew long ago that beauty and health come from pure, direct-from-nature ingredients.

So this spring, why not err on the side of safety and toss out all of those conventional products in your beauty cabinet? (Check to find a safe disposal facility.) Start clean with certified all-natural cosmetics, like those from Weleda. Browse our site for products to make your life a little cleaner this spring, and for all seasons.

Tell us what you're doing to spring clean your beauty routine. We'd love to hear from you.

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