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Best of Social Media: April
4/30/2010 2:01:48 PM

This month we had a contest on Facebook where we asked you—our fans and community—to tell us how you planned to nurture the earth in celebration of Earth Day. Here are some of our favorite posts!

Julie Kenny  For birthdays, I`m going to give my family and friends the gift of saving the earth...a donation to their favorite environmental group, foundation, or organization.

Jennifer McBride  From now on when I walk the neighborhood with my son, we are going to pick up trash along the way. I am also going to try my best to not use non-biodegradable disposable items and make an effort to use more reusable items.

Nicky Russell  I’m going to A) Recycle as much as possible. B) Make me own compost. C) Grow my own vegetables and fruit. D) Visit secondhand and charity shops. That’s a promise :)

Michelle Martinez  For the past two years, I have been running the Freecycle group in my city which has over 8,000 members. I buy fruits and veggies locally at Farmer's Markets, and I bring my reusable shopping bags with me everywhere so I can say "neither" when asked if I want paper or plastic!

Brannon Conza  Our family has been discussing starting to actually do the compost bin we've been meaning to for so long. It's just the perfect way to both give and get from the earth, and keep nature's cycle going. We're excited!

Heather Flournoy  This Saturday I will run a Garden Tool Swap at my local farmer's market and encourage people to grow their own food. That evening I've organized a Slow Food USA potluck to build community, start people thinking about the planet in real terms. I love your ethic, Weleda!

Jennifer Mo  For Earth Day (and every day!) I am being more conscious about what I consume and its full impact on the Earth, other humans and animals, and my own body. This way, I shop a lot less and make much more responsible choices when I do.

Emma Locker  I've been out digging my own compost into our veg plot, watering my seedlings so we don't have to buy veggies from miles away, feeding my hens, hanging nappies on the line and baking my own cakes. :) Oh, and after all that, using a good slathering of Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream.

Jamie Love (the lucky winner!)  We've moved out of the city and into the country to teach our children to grow organic food, compost, use rain barrels, line dry our clothes, pee outside (my son's favorite!), conserve water by taking shorter showers, and buy our meats and cheeses from the local neighboring farmers.

Thanks to everyone who wrote to us about what you’re doing to nurture the earth! You are all an inspiration!  Make sure to join us on Facebook for more fun giveaways and discounts!

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