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A Day to Remember at Weleda Naturals
5/14/2010 12:09:28 PM

It’s springtime now in Wetzgau, Germany, where our biodynamic gardens are located. This is a lovely time to visit the gardens and many different groups have stopped in for sightseeing tours. The tours take almost two hours because there are so many diverse plants to observe and learn about. When visitors first enter the gardens, they have to pass through the most unique gate. A colleague, Gabe Stahle, made it by hand two years ago using willow branches. She has a talent for making sculptures out of natural materials. On top of the gate is a sun. It’s a fitting and unique entrance to our garden since the sun is, after all, the most important element for plant growth and quality. 
A few days ago we had a group of 25 women come to tour the gardens and spend a day with us here at Weleda Naturals. After a welcome breakfast in the morning, we had a workshop on how to use our facial care products. One of our skin care experts explained the difference between the AlmondIris and Wild Rose lines and helped each woman decide on the best products for her skin. Then we served the ladies a very special dish for lunch: dinkelnoodels (spelt noodles) with homemade bärlauch pesto. Our chef at Weleda Naturals, Brita, makes the pesto herself with bärlauch that she grows in the garden. (Bärlauch is typical of this area, and it’s sort of like garlic but not as intense.) The program also included a foot bath, hand massage and eurythmy, which is a movement therapy much like Tai chi. It was created by Weleda founder Dr. Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s.

Eight hours after they arrived, it was time for our guests to leave, but I have a feeling that this was a day they won’t soon forget. So tell us, when do you plan to visit our biodynamic® gardens here at Weleda Naturals in Germany? We'd love to have you!


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