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The King of the Night
5/25/2010 2:45:01 PM

In May, the King of the Night (Selenicereus grandiflorus), a plant in the cactus family, reaches its flowering high point. This is a plant that we use in some of our anthroposophical medicines. It helps to strengthen the rhythm of the heart. 

To me, the most fascinating aspect of this plant is that its long, ugly, spiny and inconspicuous branches become very beautiful when it blooms. But it only blooms in the night, and for one night only. When it does, it produces big round flowers that smell like a brilliant perfume. To see these flowers blooming all at once and smelling so fragrant in the middle of the night—it’s truly a noiseless spectacle.

Then, in the morning, all that remains of the show are wilted flowers and no sign of the beauty they once were, if only for a night. 

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