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The Value of Weeds
6/25/2010 9:59:40 AM

In the spring and summer, when the plants in our Biodynamic® gardens are flourishing, so are the weeds! Weeding is very important for us this time of year. Left unchecked, the weeds will compete with our cultivated plants for water, nutrition and light. They can also introduce and spread plant diseases.

But even though they do battle with our plants, we don’t like to call them “weeds,” because that is such a negative word. In fact, while we may not harvest them, many of the weeds that pop up in our fields also have positive characteristics and effects, including well-known medicinal capabilities. The chemical herbicides that are so often used in conventional gardens have threatened many plants in the past and reduced  biodiversity in Germany. Weeding is more labor intensive than spraying, but it’s healthier for the soil, the water, the planet and, and ultimately, for all of us.

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