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The Itch is Back
6/4/2009 2:29:20 PM

Baby BenWhen Ben was a toddler he had eczema on the inside of his elbows and thighs. It was a struggle to ease the itching and keep the skin hydrated enough not to crack and bleed when he scratched all the time. My fears were that we would have to use hydrocortisone which is not good for the skin when used long term.

I am lucky to work at Weleda because I could experiment with different natural products to see which worked best. The best results were from using Weleda Calendula Oil after an oatmeal bath. I would then slather Skin Food on the extra dry spots. We’d have to put Skin Food on again if he started itching. We did this at every diaper change as a preventative. Yes, a lot of work but after twenty one days anything becomes a habit. It is amazing how many tasks a parent can add to her day.

It is a silly thing to be so obsessed with getting rid of it, but I was! We were very happy to keep him from getting worse and miraculously, it disappeared when he was close to three years old. From Weleda I learned that the skin thickens as children get older. We really do have to grow a thick skin to deal with our environment.

Well, he is 4 & ½ now and back to itching. This time it is the tops of his thighs which have scaly red patches. We think it is the dry air of winter and the changing of seasons. It is great to have the plan from the past. We are back to oatmeal baths, not over bathing and using Calendula Oil on damp skin. For cleansing we use the Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash. Ben likes to apply the oil himself. He is getting to be such a big kid! Now it’s time for spring allergy season, so we’re moving on to the next plan as I hear “Mom, I need a tissue five billion times.” Sound familiar?

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By: nikicsettle
Posted: 8/11/20092:41:04 PM
My son Nicholas suffers the same. We thought we conquered it, but now that he is over 3, and like you said, the itch is back. I have been using (Allerease Jr. by Blue Poppy herbs - I am an acupuncturist/herbalist) and that helps a lot, along with the calendula creams and oils. Thanks Weleda!
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