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Teeth Brushing for Tots
8/3/2009 12:23:13 PM

BecketWe get a lot of questions about our Children’s Tooth Gel. When to use it? Is it safe? We think you should start as soon as the teeth show up, but it’s a good idea to get infants used to the idea of teeth brushing before you begin. You can do this by first wrapping a piece of wet gauze around your finger and using it on their gums. Then you can move on to a little finger brush with a dot of Children’s Tooth Gel.

The parents who call are always happy to hear that our Children’s Tooth Gel is safe to swallow. And kids love the taste. Becket, pictured, the son of our sales manager Gannon, is 14-months-old and, as his mom puts it, “a tooth gel addict!” In the morning, he waddles up to the sink, and when she gives him his toothbrush with a dot of gel, he whirls it around and sucks the gel off of the brush—then asks for more! He has even taken a toothbrush along with him to day care. Now that’s getting a good start on hygiene!

I still remember Ben’s little toothless grin, but he brushes his own teeth now. I try to be very upbeat when it’s time for him to visit the dentist; children sense when you have fears and sometimes react to what you aren’t saying. I want him to have positive associations with taking care of his teeth and visiting the dentist. Fortunately, his dentist gave him a good report!

We also get a lot of questions about adult dental care, from people wondering if our toothpastes really work. I always say that they do work when used in conjunction with proper dental hygiene. I haven’t always taken good care of my teeth, but I now floss daily and am quite proud of that. They say you add five years to your life when you floss regularly. I use the Salt Toothpaste with Baking Soda. The salt draws moisture out of the tissues, which tightens the gums. I hope to be one of those elderly ladies with all her teeth, chomping on a carrot!

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