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Inspiration Fresh From The Farm
9/15/2009 10:26:45 AM

Kids in the GardenIt’s all about fresh food this time of year. I get these cravings for slices of tomatoes on crusty bread with olive oil, salt and pepper. We made dinner the other night and many colors were represented, from green to yellow to purple. We had striped candy beets, French green beans and locally grown corn. It was definitely a sign of nature’s bounty. Ben and I had been to the Farmer's Market that day, and we were inspired.

Ben, however, is not yet so inclined to eat many vegetables. He likes, as he calls them, "mixed-up vegetables"—corn, peas and carrots, and not much else. He does eat cannellini beans, a mild white bean that he likes right now. We’re glad because they are a good source of fiber, which helps keep everything running smoothly, if you get my meaning. Potty training was not the most fun aspect of Ben’s development!

Pulling Weeds

The more he sees us eat fresh foods the more he is likely to try them. Even better: He has visited a local farm and has seen firsthand how vegetables are grown. His preschool, Peace Through Play, went on a fieldtrip to Camphill Farm in Pomona, NY. It’s a local organic farm run by John McDowell and Alex Spadea. John and Alex have also spearheaded the Rockland Farm Alliance. Its main goal is to bring local farming back to Rockland County and educate Rockland residents about farming and organic foods. The farm is a part of a movement to create more farms near urban centers.

Alex showed Ben and the other children around the farm, past the beehives, and they even helped weed the garden. They grow calendula, which is what we use in our Weleda Baby Care. She likes to have the children cup the colorful flowers in their hands and breathe in the scent of the flower. After working on the weeds, they ate homemade baked bread with butter. Ben planted a pot of lettuces, which now sits beside our basil plant in the window. They had a walk in the woods after lunch and played Duck, Duck Goose in honor of the farm duck, Rachel. It was a sweet time with a nice message about fresh, local foods. Hopefully it’s something Ben will always remember.

Walk in the Woods

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