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What's Happening at Weleda
9/9/2009 12:58:43 AM

What are we currently doing at Weleda’s North American headquarters? I’m sure at least some of you would like to know what’s going on behind the white walls of our beautiful office in Palisades, New York.

Everybody is working really hard on getting our newest products on store shelves before October 5th. On that Monday, we will launch three brand new products, which I’m sure will really excite our friends and customers! We’ll spread the news soon…

In the meantime we are caught in the annual planning ritual: since Weleda North America is a 100% subsidiary of the Weleda Group in Switzerland, we have to make sure that our ideas, needs and plans are well aligned with the bigger picture. Imagine us selling twice as much Calendula Baby Care products next year, without our gardeners in Germany knowing that they need to start growing more calendula plants. Imagine our customers buying more and more and the farmers in Turkey not being prepared to boost their harvest of rose beads. The beauty of natural, organic and biodynamic lies in the quality of the product and the impact it has on our planet. But the difficulty is that we cannot simply increase volumes: our ingredients actually grow and have to be harvested.

So, an annual plan is vital for us. Next week, our sales managers, marketing and communications teams, trainer and customer service manager will meet at our headquarters to go over our dreams, ideals and ideas for next year. We hover around the question, “What is the next step?” It’s great to be part of a company that has such a rich heritage and has so many stories to tell, and it’s exciting to talk about how we can continue to grow from these roots. I am really excited to work on these questions with our team members from all over the continent.

Weleda Palisades 

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By: goorganic
Posted: 9/23/20094:23:00 PM
Such a cute place!!
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