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Calendula Baby Care 101
3/11/2010 1:41:51 PM

We get a lot of questions in customer service about our Calendula Baby Care: Which products should I use on my new baby? When can I start using the Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash? It reminds me of when Ben was a newborn—I was supercareful and scared to even bathe him. But. as you can see from this photo, he's a big boy now.

Although keeping an infant’s skin clean is important, bathing a baby every two or three days is sufficient. I always tell customers to bathe newborns with the Calendula Cream Bath. It’s added to the bath water, sponged on and leaves a soothing, protective layer of moisture on your baby’s skin. I still use it when I bathe Ben. His skin is dry, so I also use the Calendula Oil afterward to seal in moisture. It’s wonderful to give your baby an infant massage with this oil. I wish I had done more massage with Ben. We now offer baby massage and how-to classes at our spa in Palisades, New York, so I’ve learned more about all its wonderful benefits.

For everyday care of the diaper area, use our Calendula Baby Cream. I used it on Ben when he was wearing diapers, and I can honestly say that he hardly ever had a diaper rash. But if your baby does, the Calendula Diaper Care, which contains healing zinc oxide, will help. (I even use it on pimples!) Calendula Face Cream is less fragrant and lighter than the Calendula Baby Cream. It will protect your little one’s sensitive facial skin from the wind and weather. Calendula Lotion is an all-purpose lotion for in between baths. It’s more economical than using Calendula Baby Cream on your baby’s whole body.

Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash, which we recommend for babies who are six months and older, became a new favorite of ours as Ben got older. This is the only shampoo I have used on his curls. Another thing I always tell customers is that our Calendula Baby Care is not just for babies—it’s also a great line for adults with sensitive skin. And everybody can use a little babying every now and then!  

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