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A Day in Weleda's Biodynamic Gardens
7/20/2010 3:26:16 PM

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Weleda’s Biodynamic® gardens in Germany and take a tour of all 135 acres of them. The gardens are located in the tiny village of Wetzgau, near the slightly larger town of Schwabisch Gmund. As I walked up the road to Weleda Naturals, where the visitor’s center and a production facility are located, I recognized the unique ranch-style building I had seen only in pictures.

Sabine, who is the event coordinator at Weleda Naturals, told me that I needed to arrive early the next morning to see the calendula. If I slept in, even a little, I would miss them.  The the harvest begins right away, once the blossoms have opened to the sun. The Weleda gardeners must quickly harvest the vast number of flowers before the hot midday sun hits, because the plants have the best quality and optimal vitality in the morning.

The next morning , despite the jet lag, I made it to the gardens early, just as the sun came up. The calendula fields glowed a radiant orange and the bees buzzed about, happy as could be.  I watched (and helped) as 10 or so farmers carefully picked three different fields of calendula before lunchtime.Within a half-hour of being harvested, the blossoms were loaded in boxes onto a truck, weighed and taken to the plant processing facility. Because the production site neighbors the Biodynamic® plant gardens, the therapeutic qualities of the calendula are preserved as much as possible for our healing Baby Calendula Care products.

Here’s a video I took of Eva-Maria Walle, manager of our Biodynamic® gardens, on the morning of the harvest. Watch and leave a comment below telling us what you think! We’d love to hear from you!

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