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When Facial Time Becomes Family Time
9/30/2010 9:00:00 AM

I recently gave my husband, Dan, a mini Weleda facial for his 40th birthday, using the skin tips that I’ve learned at Weleda.  It turned into a fun family affair when our 6-year-old, Ben, decided he wanted to help. Before we started, Dan shaved with our Men’s Shaving Cream, and I washed his face with the Almond Cleansing Lotion—it’s perfect for sensitive skin like his. Next I gently massaged on our soothing Almond Moisture Cream, and then he laid down for a few minutes with a hot towel on his face, listening to music.

While he was relaxing, Ben and I prepared a facial mask.  We mixed clay earth with a few drops of water to form a paste.  I applied another layer of Almond Moisture Cream, and then Ben painted on the clay mask with a brush, giggling the whole time. Dan laid down again for five minutes while the Almond Moisture Cream worked its soothing magic and the clay mask helped draw out impurities. After I thought he’d had as much horizontal time as he could take, I washed the mask off with a warm washcloth.  I applied our nourishing Almond Facial Oil and then did a quick facial massage. (I have to thank Patricia, who is the esthetician at our Weleda Spa in Palisades, NY, for showing me the technique!)

Dan’s skin was glowing and healthy afterward—in fact, later that day at the health food store, a woman commented on how nice his skin looked.  It was a sweet moment for both me and Dan.  We are usually so focused on caring for Ben that we forget to care for each other. And men do need pampering, too!

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