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Ingredient Spotlight: Organic Sweet Almond Oil
10/14/2010 1:37:07 PM

The taste of sweet almond stirs up all kinds of memories; it makes me think of fall, of long walks in the park, colored leaves, a cup of tea, of a cozy fireplace and the taste of homemade cookies. Definitely, the almond is fall’s child.

Weleda’s organic sweet almond is grown in the hills of a Valencian community close to Alicante, Spain. In this warm climate, the almond trees are pampered by sunshine all year long. In spring, the sweet almond trees blossom, in shades of white and pink, and by fall, when it’s starting to get colder outside, the sweet almond nuts are shaken from the trees and left on the ground to dry. Before winter comes, the nutritious nuts are collected and pressed into fine organic almond oil, a key ingredient in our Almond Cleansing Lotion, Almond Moisture Cream, Almond Intensive Facial Cream and Almond Facial Oil.

The magic is all in the nut: Almonds are highly nutritious and provide us with calcium, protein and vitamins B and E. The energy contained in the nut is a boost for your body—and your skin. The vitamin- and essential-fatty-acid rich oil we use is extracted from the kernel of the almond nut. The oil is mild and gentle and can be easily absorbed by your skin, making our Almond Facial Care perfect for the sensitive skin in particular—and an ideal companion during the change of seasons, when our skin is easily stressed.

Think of a time when you’ve had a bad day and a friend comes along, gives you a rub on the back and says, “Don’t worry—it’s going to be okay.” That pretty much describes what our Almond Facial Care does to your skin. It soothes and comforts when you and your skin need it the most.

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