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Product Spotlight: Rosemary Hair Oil
10/26/2010 11:47:24 AM

In all the years I’ve been using Weleda products, the small, green bottle containing Rosemary Hair Oil never found its way into my shopping bag—until recently. Once I discovered it, I fell in love with yet another Weleda product!

Here’s how it happened: when I came to New York two months ago, I felt that my hair wasn’t looking its best—it had lost its luster, and didn’t make me happy at all. A colleague at Weleda suggested I try Rosemary Hair Oil. Only days after first using the oil (I applied a couple of drops to my hair and scalp before bed and washed it out the next morning), my hair felt softer and looked smoother and shinier.

This product is truly magic! The revitalizing and nourishing oil contains burdock root extract, which has traditionally been used to alleviate dry scalp. Plus, it smells amazing. One sniff and you’ll literally find your mind traveling to a forest on the Mediterranean, like the one where our rosemary is grown.

The oil is especially great for fall, when your hair, dried out from the summer sun, sand, salt and chlorine, needs some extra pampering. Give it some nourishing downtime with a deep-conditioning Rosemary Hair Oil treatment!

Have you used our Rosemary Hair Oil before? Is it on your Weleda top-ten list? If not, what is? We’d love to hear from you!

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By: Sungwinyela
Posted: 11/24/201011:09:46 AM
Weleda Rosemary Oil is my NUMBER 1 I cannot live without it, I LOVE IT! I get tons of complements on my lush healthy split end free hair and I thank WELEDA for it!
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