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Product Spotlight: Pomegranate Body Oil
11/10/2010 7:44:06 AM

In my last blog, I wrote about the benefits of Rosemary Hair Oil and how it pampers your hair. But nourishing natural oils aren’t just good for your hair—they’re also beneficial for your skin! Especially now, with the November air growing colder, our skin needs extra nourishment to make it through the winter healthy and beautiful, despite heated office buildings and harsh winter winds.

Weleda’s Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil nurtures and smoothes our skin, while protecting it from skin-damaging free radicals. Its mix of organic jojoba, sesame and sunflower oils, combined with powerful organic pomegranate seed oil, makes it superrich in essential fatty acids and potent antioxidants to nurture the skin, deeply hydrate and help improve its firmness and elasticity. Perfect for the cold season!

To give your skin a luxurious, moisturizing treatment after a bath or shower, gently massage Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil into your skin while it’s still damp, and enjoy the scent of sandalwood and fresh pomegranates, derived from essential oils. Tote a bottle to your next yoga or pilates class and pamper your body after the workout—relaxation and full-body radiance guaranteed!

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