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5/25/2010 2:45:01 PM
The King of the Night
In May, the King of the Night (Selenicereus grandiflorus), a plant in the cactus family, reaches its flowering high point. This is a plant that we use in some of our anthroposophical medicines. It helps to strengthen the rhythm of the heart.  To me, the most fascinating aspect of this plant is that its long, ugly, spiny and inconspicuous branches become very beautiful when it blooms. But it only blooms in the night, and for one night only. When it does, it produces big round flowers that smell like a brilliant perfume. To see these flowers blooming all at once and smelling so fragrant in the middle of the night—it’s truly a noiseless spectacle. Then,...
5/21/2010 12:48:37 PM
Product Spotlight: Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream
Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream was one of the first Weleda products I ever tried, long before I even started working here. It’s still one of my favorites. I have a tube sitting right by my desk, and every time I put it on (like 10 times a day), it makes me smile. My colleagues are probably always wondering what’s so funny. The Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream has a light, uplifting citrus-y scent, courtesy of sun-drenched essential oils of orange, mandarin and grapefruit. It smells like a big bowl of tropical fruit salad. Even better than the way it smells, though, is the good it’s doing for my (and your!) hands. Biodynamic® sea buckthorn oil is chock-full of...
5/19/2010 1:53:31 PM
My Weleda Kid
My son, Ben, is such a critic these days! Today he told me that I have too many Weleda products in the bathroom. It got me thinking about how Weleda is a friend throughout my day. I use our products morning and night, and whether Ben knows it or not, so does he! My favorite product, Salt Toothpaste, did take some getting used to, I admit. But I have been using it now for 18 years. I tell customers who call us that they may find it the taste strange at first, because it’s very different than most conventional toothpastes. But once you start using it regularly, you won’t be able to go back to the other stuff. And anyway, have...
5/14/2010 12:09:28 PM
A Day to Remember at Weleda Naturals
It’s springtime now in Wetzgau, Germany, where our biodynamic gardens are located. This is a lovely time to visit the gardens and many different groups have stopped in for sightseeing tours. The tours take almost two hours because there are so many diverse plants to observe and learn about. When visitors first enter the gardens, they have to pass through the most unique gate. A colleague, Gabe Stahle, made it by hand two years ago using willow branches. She has a talent for making sculptures out of natural materials. On top of the gate is a sun. It’s a fitting and unique entrance to our garden since the sun is, after all, the most important element...
5/13/2010 12:37:28 PM
Jim in Germany: Getting to Know Colleagues
I recently attended the annual Weleda International Controllers Meeting in Luzern, Switzerland. Besides the fact that the meeting took place in such a beautiful location, the opportunity was amazing for me.  Weleda Controllers like myself, and CFOs from all of the respective countries where our products are distributed, gather together each year for this meeting. Although we come from countries as diverse as the USA, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Argentina and Czech Republic—to name a few—we all have at least two things in common: a love of finance and Weleda. We take this opportunity to discuss better business practices, new reporting tools and common...
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5/12/2010 11:58:00 AM
Magical May in our Gardens
  The month of May in our gardens is beautiful. The leaves and grasses are bright green, the temperature is just perfect for working and many plants come to flower, including my favorite, the iris (iris germanica). Its root extract is the most important ingredient in our Iris Facial Care. The color and shape of this flower, pictured below, are fascinating to me. I paint it and take photographs of it so that I can enjoy it all year long. Did you know that the common peony (paeonie officinale) has been used since ancient times for medicinal purposes? We cultivate it on a large scale. It flowers in May and you can imagine how beautiful it is....