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Enter our Harvesting Happiness Contest
11/17/2010 12:23:16 PM

The holiday season is upon us! It's that wonderful time of year when we come together to give thanks, be with family and friends and spread joy to those around us.

At Weleda, we try to harvest happiness every day by taking good care of our employees
and partners, and by offering our wonderful products to you and your family. Now we want to hear what you’re doing to harvest happiness this holiday season!

Five lucky winners will receive our Pomegranate Regenerating Body Care line, plus our new Pomegranate Firming Serum and Firming Day Cream—which don’t officially launch until January—for yourself and five friends!

HOW TO ENTER: Just click below to post your comment, telling us how you're harvesting happiness this holiday. Be sure to login or register when prompted and leave your e-mail address. That way we'll be able to contact you if you’re a winner. Warmest wishes, and good luck!

Comments await moderation and may not appear automatically. Only one entry per person. For contest terms and conditions, click here.

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By: jrkiel
Posted: 1/7/20114:54:46 PM
Harvesting Happiness - Though my 86 year old Gramma lives 2 hours away, she is mostly confined to her independent living biulding. Bringing her joy by visiting with my young children, letting her teach me to do handwork, and listening to her stories of her life, are all a way that connects her with the future and gives her a sense of contribution. Happiness, is the smile on her soft, wrinkled face at the end of the day.
By: ravollmer
Posted: 1/7/201111:12:41 AM
I am harvesting happiness by enjoying the blessings I have in my life, my family, my garden, my health and friends. Giving to others - even just a smile - because we are all going through it in some way or another. i am thankful for this harvest.
By: gracedida
Posted: 1/7/201111:07:53 AM
Harvested happiness by cleaning out all of the 'junk' in my cosmetic cabinets. Now I am as green as can be and will be healthier because of it. No more 'dirty' products!!!!
By: bja
Posted: 12/23/201011:57:44 PM
Usually when we give a gift, it is with the understanding that we should get one in return. I harvest happiness during the holidays by choosing a special meaningful gift for someone who seems to need a little extra love in their life. In all cases I choose a person that I don't personally know but have learned of their need thru others. I always send the gift along via someone else and anxiously await to hear how they received it. It fills me up with so much joy to hear how they were touched by the surprise gift. I don't get a wrapped gift in return, but harvesting this happiness is the best gift of all !!!
By: lovelysparrow
Posted: 12/19/20109:53:03 PM
In the last 3 years , I have endured and am getting help for High-End PTSD , fled a domestic violent marriage(21 years) , lived out of my car , raised to beautiful children , 21 and 19 , and started a new life , even though I am afraid every day. It will be some time before I am not afraid of my own shadow. None the less , though my grief is a terrible thing , my passion continues to be to "spread" JOY wherever I go. Harvesting Happiness for me will mean , smiling in the face of despair , holding my children and taking delight in their existence. I will thank GOD for all the blessings I have , instead of focusing on what I have lost.
By: nschneid
Posted: 12/15/20109:33:14 PM
by acknowledging all the teachers in our families lives for all that they give of theirselves to us.
By: joeysmommy
Posted: 12/15/20108:06:11 PM
Back two years ago, I thought we'd have our own place. Now we still live in some family's house. However my heart is full of joy this year. I'm harvesting happiness this holiday season, by saving and giving, and thanking for simple things. First, my journey of saving,started after having our first son in April. I realize I MUST save money,but I have fun at the same time,planning 7-days meals at home rather than eating out,making lunches for husband every morning at 5a.m.,drinking sink water not bottled waters..etc. Since I've been saving, I could think of others too..By saving on my won,I found joy of giving. I could hunt some great deals on gifts for our families,church friends. I'm having fun wrapping all that gifts,thinking of their smiles on their faces. The last, speaking of giving thanks...This year,God gave us a precious gift from Heaven,our little Joey 8 month old now. I'm not a perfect woman,yet He gave us such incredible gift..I find His grace every day in our son's innocent eyes..We can harvest our happiness when we thank for who we are,where we are at now,rather than of what we hope/wish to have......Merry Christmas everyone! :-)
By: DianeBa53
Posted: 12/15/20105:32:39 PM
I'm attempting to harvest happiness this year by giving back to my community by being active in volunteer work. I try to help in many ways collecting items for animal shelters, for a shelter for abused and neglected children, seeing that my students have a place for the holidays... Diane Baum
By: Julieqi
Posted: 12/15/20104:14:25 PM
We are avoiding the consumer tendencies this year for a simple holiday celebration and giving with our hearts of our time and energy... I'm giving my sweetie a "certificate" for a massage, with Weleda oils of course! Talk about harvesting happiness!
By: skyxsky27
Posted: 12/15/20102:13:24 PM
Enjoying the peace and joy of the Christmas season harvests me much much happiness, just knowing I have the Blessed Saviour and Celebrating Him!
By: reike
Posted: 12/15/201012:24:13 PM
By: kellyer
Posted: 12/15/201012:11:46 PM
I am harvesting happiness by spending quality time with my newborn before I have to return back to work.
By: pamelacp
Posted: 12/15/201011:55:02 AM
My harvest of happiness! Ah ! How exquisitely simple,yet abundant and profound, when my heart and inner self are open! There is the joy of seeing a rare moonbow, glittering crystal white in the deep blue night, with my six year old granddaughter, or a tiny iridescent fruit fly, perfect in its beauty and purpose, with my three year old granddaughter. I love laughter shared with a friend thousands of miles away and deeply appreciate the media that allows this to happen. My gratitude swells to happiness when I think of my daughter, son-in-law, their Fjords,and all who tend the land,water and air,for it is through their toil that the plants and animals upon which we feed and sustain our lives are themselves nurtured. My harvest of happiness flourishes in the small, oft unnoticed miracles within every sun-kissed droplet of dew, each star-embossed flower or fruit, the smile of a child, or warmth in the glance of a passerby. A quiet joy flows through my consciousness as I perform the humble daily personal and home care routines, for the substances I use not only nourish our bodies, but our souls and the earth as well.Through all these I sustain and expand my wellsprings of happiness, for myself and to share with others.
By: clallen
Posted: 12/15/201010:49:52 AM
I am harvesting happiness this holiday season by giving to others. I have relized that the saying "it's better to give than to receive" is so true. I have 2 children, ages 10 and 6, and I am trying to teach this to them now as well. We have donated to a local food bank and we have given to toys for tots this year. It was nice when I saw my son run and gather the items for the food drive. He had such joy in taking those food item and donating them. My daughter also understood when I told her that we were giving new, unwrapped, gifts to children who didn't have any. I think my kids are getting the "giving back" thing this year also. I am happy when others are happy.
By: happishopr
Posted: 12/15/20109:54:52 AM
We harvest happiness by being kind to others.
By: LadySav
Posted: 12/15/20108:04:47 AM
I'm harvesting happiness this year by making a huge effort to tak better care of my health. I have several health problems and have had some many pass away this holiday season some young some old and it had made me think about my own efforts in increasing my health. I've gone though a rough divorce ad want to make sure I'm around to continue enjoying my family and friends. I'm thankful for what I have especially my 5 children and 15 grandkids!
By: adendyut
Posted: 12/15/20107:43:27 AM
Im harvesting happiness this year by giving of my time and energy. I have no money or a job to buy gifts but I am making baked goods and photo books with my friends and family. Its about making an effort to be there in the moment and really connecting with loved ones. I am enjoying each moment to the fullest and savoring it and sharing my joys with others. I am telling people I care about what they mean to me and my life..
By: biophilia
Posted: 12/15/20106:37:52 AM
I'm harvesting happiness this year by doing more of the little things that matter the most. Smiling at a stranger, hand-making all of my christmas cards, bake christmas treats myself, take my boyfriend out for dinner and a movie, and getting involved with my community to give the homeless and less fortunate a christmas dinner and christmas gifts. I promise myself that I will worry less about the stresses of life, and take the time to cherish what I have around me and give back to others. Making others happy is how I truly "harvest happiness" for myself.
By: retro mommy
Posted: 12/15/20106:31:44 AM
I (we) are harvesting happiness by giving back more than usual. We donate a lot of items to charities, we recycle within our home, recycle in our town, try to use less and use what we buy. we may not be rich, but we still try to help those who are less fortunate because we still know we are a lot better off than a lot of people. we have turned to living a simpler life and find that it has many simple rewards.
By: julie1351
Posted: 12/15/20106:24:01 AM
I am harvesting happiness this year buy planning lots of fun things to do with my little ones while they are on Christmas break. We have tons of crafts to do and plan on taking lots of pictures. I am going to enjoy them while they are young!
By: lisaelaineh
Posted: 12/15/20106:22:03 AM
I'm harvesting happiness by focusing on not letting the business of the season stress me out. Every day, I take a moment to take in the smell of my Christmas tree, take a deep breath, and appreciate the joy of the holidays rather than getting lost in the shuffle. I also harvest happiness by giving to a few charities that are important to me this time of year, and by spending as much time as possible with loved ones.
By: pavanco
Posted: 12/15/20106:05:18 AM
I'm harvesting my happiness this holiday by making sure to say please and thank you more, simply remembering -the way you say things has a huge impact.
By: intime
Posted: 12/15/20103:20:44 AM
I am harvesting happiness by relaxing with friends and family
By: darcybel
Posted: 12/14/20109:28:02 PM
I am harvesting happiness this holiday season by sharing organic and natural products with my friends and family.
By: honeypie411
Posted: 12/14/20108:44:34 PM
I'm harvesting happiness this holiday by taking time to really enjoy the spirit of xmas and being with my family, rather than the commercial gift giving!
By: amwhiteh
Posted: 12/14/20106:46:26 PM
I'm harvesting happiness by spending quality time with my family and close friends. We're keeping gift-giving to a minimum and giving more to charities instead this year.
By: sewmuchstuff
Posted: 12/14/20106:34:38 PM
I'm harvesting my happiness this season by enjoying each day and enjoying my first pregnancy! Yay!! Happy Holidays and thank you for the lovely giveaway. sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com
By: ikodidit
Posted: 12/14/20104:03:18 PM
I'm harvesting happiness this year by looking outside my good fortune and giving a new meaning to holidays. For Thanksgiving, I worked with a homeless shelter, and instead of exchanging gifts this year with family and friends, I've asked them to donate to dog rescues and the same shelter. We are gaining happiness by giving happiness to others. I love Weleda skincare, and love that you're asking people to share their happiness anecdotes. We need more of this good energy in the world :) Thank you
By: hbbs55
Posted: 12/14/20103:29:09 PM
i'm harvesting my happiness this holiday by helping and donating to my local foodbank and shelters!
By: mouster
Posted: 12/14/20102:24:27 PM
i'm harvesting my happiness this holiday by doing more craft projects and baking with my children. We are slowing down so we can enjoy the holidays and each other.
By: mogrill
Posted: 12/14/201010:34:13 AM
I am harvesting happiness by watching my child grow and enjoying her everyday in everyway possible. Thanks for the chance.
By: julis55
Posted: 12/14/20109:29:19 AM
I'm harvesting my happiness this holiday by slowing down
By: Lili386530
Posted: 12/14/20108:20:46 AM
With money tight this year, we are harvesting happiness by "wildcrafting." We have found free or very low cost events in our community and we go and celebrate with our family making sure to invite all members of our family thereby gathering family as we go. Togetherness is what counts the most, not fancy (and expensive) gifts. Family is what matters. Just this weekend, we had four generations together to ride around a Christmas light display in our park. That will be a memory etched on our lives forever.
Posted: 12/14/20105:58:35 AM
By: mcferret
Posted: 12/14/20105:56:44 AM
happiness - find it where you can! I am trying to slow down and focus on the important things in life and cherishing the moment.
By: sarasandy
Posted: 12/14/20103:27:57 AM
I am harvesting happiness by giving of my time to others by helping with a dinner on Christmas for people who are alone. It is difficult and stressful to be away from your family at Christmas so our church has a dinner for our community.
By: girlforgotten81
Posted: 12/14/20101:39:49 AM
We're harvesting happiness this holiday season by preparing to welcome our son into the world. He is scheduled to be born on January 14th. My daughter's 1st birthday also happens during the holiday season, as she was born last New Year's Eve!
By: Cameo27
Posted: 12/13/201011:33:50 PM
Things can get a little hectic this time of year and so I've offered my extra time to my married daughters to watch the Grandkids. This gives them rare time to spend time for themselves and that makes me happy.
By: dchrisg3
Posted: 12/13/201011:31:45 PM
I am harvesting happiness by calling a different out of state friend each weekend night and enjoying hours of chat with them.
By: showponye
Posted: 12/13/201010:18:33 PM
I'm harvesting my happiness this holiday by carrying on the tradition of family feast ...this year I'm the chef at our home! Big step for me and a great way to share my childhood traditions with my 4 year old daughter...little nervous though ;)
By: xgirl311
Posted: 12/13/20108:53:13 PM
I harvest happiness by making the time to enjoy my family and my friends. Memories of times shared together are more valuable than any gift that I could get!
By: ivel1977
Posted: 12/13/20108:23:46 PM
We're harvesting happiness for the holidays by introducing the the best gift in world to our visiting family and friends...the new life in our home, our beautiful 6 month old daughter.
By: tiffie555
Posted: 12/13/20107:50:31 PM
just by being with my family -- fighting cancer, just had treatment and isolation the past few weeks so going to harvest all the happiness I can from family to fight this cancer beast! tvollowitz at aol dot com
By: Trios23
Posted: 12/13/20107:45:45 PM
I am harvesting my happiness by donating food and toys to various charities in my area. My motto is we can all give a little. It makes me feel so good to help when I can.
By: ohstac
Posted: 12/13/20105:16:45 PM
I'm harvesting happiness by baking! My family has an annual cookie baking day and then we deliver the treats to our friends & family. nrdunningATgmailDOTcom
Posted: 12/13/20104:39:47 PM
We adopted 2 kids and a senior from the angel tree. We wanted to provide happiness for them.
By: grammypennyann
Posted: 12/13/20104:36:51 PM
We're harvesting our happiness this holiday by going away to a cabin in the hills of Ohio for 4 days, 3 nites & enjoying some quality time together over Christmas. We've had a really tough time this year with family illness, death, and other issues. We need this time together to reconnect & find our joy again!
By: roblyn66
Posted: 12/13/20104:01:52 PM
I'm harvesting happiness by baking some choco chip cookie bars and giving them to my neighbors and coworkers. roblyn66 at yahoo dot com
By: erineot
Posted: 12/13/201010:15:34 AM
I'm harvesting happiness by feeding friends and family healthy meals with pomegranate seeds thrown into our salads and veggie dishes.
By: Creativesoul
Posted: 12/13/20109:58:28 AM
Taking my mind off of myself and thinking about others...I'm harvesting happiness this holiday by really taking the time to focus on others and truly listen. I'm asking people questions about themselves and being in the moment instead of rushing off to my next activity. I'm finding people are opening up and smiling and feeling better by someone having taken the time to really "listen". The holidays are not about me, but about what I can do for others.
By: treetrout1
Posted: 12/13/20108:58:47 AM
Yesterday, a few families got together at Church and we backed cookies for the shut -ins. THe kids had so much fun decorating them. We will deliver them next SUnday when we go Christmas Caroling.
By: magsey
Posted: 12/13/20108:33:53 AM
I'm harvesting happiness by being so thankful that this year both my husband and I are cancer free, and by donating toys to tots. I am so sad for all those that are struggling this year.
By: skylarain
Posted: 12/13/20106:13:00 AM
This Christmas, unlike all the previous filled with consuming and buying gifts that do not come from the heart, this year for my family, I am finally embracing the Waldorf lifestyle. Instead of buying pointless gifts with no meaning from the heart, I have become a Waldorf artisan, making all my creations from pure and natural products. Christmas is about not how much we can buy, but celebrating what we have received naturally from the earth, such as Weleda products. With those who love to receive Weleda products at Christmas, should remember that thanks is given to the earth who grew these beautiful products to make ourselves more radiant.
By: melissa mc
Posted: 12/12/20106:18:08 PM
the way I'm harvesting happiness is by spending time with family members who I haven't seen in a very long time and making the most of my abilities to provide them with a visit that is both enjoyable and full of memories (c:}
By: daniellem1973
Posted: 12/12/201010:46:09 AM
I'm harvesting happiness this holiday season by re-examining my relationships and making sure that I am being truly forgiving. Happiness and peace can never be achieved if we go to bed at night with any resentment or ill feelings. As a mother, I am reminding myself that I must be a good example to my children in all situations and am trying to improve in this regard.
By: misselj
Posted: 12/12/20109:52:38 AM
I am harvesting my holiday this year by spending much needed quality time with friends and family, helping those in need with anything i can do. Everything counts, even the smallest gesture. This year i think we could all use a little extra help, even if it's just with putting a smile on our face in these hard times.
By: hypersweeper
Posted: 12/11/201010:25:56 PM
Our family is harvesting our happiness for the sole purpose of releasing all that we've harvested on others. Blessing others with a smile or laugh or even more. its the most rewarding gift I can think of. Also, to always pray for others and help others in need. Nothing can make someone more happy as when they give or help someone else.
By: jess.youn
Posted: 12/11/20108:53:11 PM
I'm harvesting happiness this holiday season by spending quality time with my daughter who is 13months, my husband, and my family. I recently got out of the Navy and have not been able to have a Christmas or be able to spend it with the ones that I love. My family has been fighting many medical issues throughout the few years it is nice to celebrate that we are all finally together for the holiday season. That is what I'm most thankful for, time spent with my family. My job in the military did not allow me to be with my family as much as I would have liked so this is a wonderful time for me to show my daughter all of our family traditions for the holidays with my siblings and parents.
By: Kelly
Posted: 12/11/20108:36:56 PM
I plan on getting a hot cup of coffee and just relaxing with the love of my girls(dogs) and watching old TV christmas shows as we cuddle in bed will the the stress wash away. Thank You for caring, MerryChristmas to you and Yours
By: babygoodbuys
Posted: 12/11/201012:50:34 PM
I'm harvesting my happiness by taking time to improve my relationships with family and friends.
Posted: 12/11/201012:41:55 PM
I don't have a lot of money to spend on gifts this year, so I'm harvesting happiness by giving homemade treats. It's simple but thoughtful, and thus far no one has complained! As an added bonus, I enjoy cooking and baking, so it brings me happiness, as well!
Posted: 12/11/20106:39:50 AM
I spend time, and more time, with my spouse - we two are very happy together.
By: crazyvagrant
Posted: 12/10/20108:09:24 PM
I'm harvesting happiness for others this year. My girlfriend showed up in my life after I was in a motorcycle accident, and helped me find an all natural diet and routine that assisted in keeping my pain to a minimum and my recovery in full-swing. She introduced me to Weleda, among other products, and I wish I could afford to give her what she deserved for this holiday season, but as a result of my accident I am still unable to work. My girlfriend deserves to be pampered more than most, and you have always helped people do just that.
By: calmama08
Posted: 12/10/20106:31:14 PM
This year I am harvesting happiness by making my son's Christmas special. I hope to make Christmas a feeling and not just a season. I want it to be as magical for him as it was for me as a child!
By: LauraC
Posted: 12/10/20104:24:06 PM
I am harvesting happiness this holiday season by teaching my son it is better to give vs. to receive. I have been teaching him this concept since he was a little one, but now that he is ten, he really understands what I mean by it. This is the first year in which I am involving him with a local charity that I belong to. He is going to help us pack-up holiday gifts and food for local families that are in need due to present state of our economy. When I had explained to him what we were doing this weekend, he did not complain once. He is very happy to be a part of this event so he can help make the holidays special for others. I hope this is a tradition that he enjoys and will pass on to his children too.
By: CBaby429utah
Posted: 12/10/20104:12:37 PM
I harvest happiness during the holidays with my my family , appreciating the small things in life !
By: lgblackmon
Posted: 12/10/20104:09:18 PM
I'm harvesting happiness with pomegranates, inside and out -- Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream to soothe mine and my niece's almost-winter-chapped hands, and pomegranate seeds in martinis and champagne to soothe everything else! On a more lasting level, I'm trying to instill in her and her brother the value in sharing with others who are less fortunate. We are giving gifts to kids whose names we drew off the Angel Tree at our local library and talking about donating upcoming birthday gifts to the local children's hospital.
By: purplelover04
Posted: 12/10/20103:41:51 PM
I'm harvesting my happiness by just enjoy this christmas this to the fullest and just being happy with what u have in life.
By: peggiesue77
Posted: 12/10/20103:30:39 PM
I'm harvesting peace and happiness this Christmas holiday. Vowing to spend more time with family and friends, just relaxing and having a fun time. No stress allowed!
By: Seasons
Posted: 12/10/20103:26:29 PM
We harvest happiness during the holidays with candles and seasonal songs every night of December until Christmas. we also walk the local winter spiral and send our love and good wishes , and gratitude out to all on the solstice.
By: KismetUnleashed
Posted: 12/10/20103:23:21 PM
We are harvesting happiness by living in the moment... giving back to nature by planting and composting... we don't have a lot and live simply, but we like to help out in the community when we can - my boys and I just spent 8 hours at the community center feeding 380 hungry people... everyday to each other and all that accept it - loving, smiling, hugging... reveling in bliss and gratitude!
By: rthomasrd
Posted: 12/10/20101:08:52 PM
Uhmm. good question, HOW do you harvest happiness??? In order to harvest, you have to make an effort to "grow it". I have been doing little things this season ( opening doors for people, offering change when I see someone scrounging for change on check out line, letting drivers in on turn lanes etc...) hopefully planting the seed in people to do the same inturn. I figured not only will my child learn by my actions and hopefully spread the kindness as he gets older, but maybe I touched someone in my actions that will inturn be kind to another.
By: lilstella
Posted: 12/10/201010:17:41 AM
I'm harvestng happiness by enjoying every minute. I have had a rough year with MS, which I have had for 25 years, My husband has been in the hospital, but is out now and doing well.
By: ja4day
Posted: 12/10/20108:00:23 AM
I'm harvesting happiness this year by giving the gift of experiences instead of things. Spa days together, sewing lessons, etc. The holidays are about being together!
By: piscesranch
Posted: 12/10/20106:58:04 AM
Our family is looking forward to giving to others this season...we will forego our usual receiving by giving to Heifer International and World Vision as well as buying scrip via our school as the school receives 5 - 10 percent of our purchases and giving the scrip to our friends and family this season! Even our 12 year old is foregoing gifts! It feels so very good!!! A true sense of what this season is all about! Happy Holidaze to All!!!
By: Phoenix
Posted: 12/10/20103:42:53 AM
Spending time with my family & friends, taking time to enjoy the changes in nature & eating the fruits of the season.
By: RoseRed
Posted: 12/9/20106:52:59 PM
To harvest and gather happiness, in a time of great challenge, is something I am remembering during caregiving for my sweet mother, who has at 62 been diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's and Primary Progressive Aphasia, a language processing decay. I have had to leave my job to care-give and find & readjust to a new way to be in my 30's to help her in this vulnerability. Taking happiness and comfort in real and simple things- the crisp air, the first snowflakes, cups of tea, wonderful seasonal food at the local farmer's market one block away, a warm oven, the smell of evergreen and citrus, going for walks in a jewel of a park, doing art & music programs with my mom, helping her to feel pretty & guiding her to still find her strengths and self esteem in the midst of a very cruel & challenging situation for me & my family. I am trying to remember to do things for myself, and be good to myself, even if small. Some days shampooing my hair seems decadent! Happiness comes from being open to the beauty in the moments that don't on the surface seem so beautiful and seeing the light in the dark. May the world find comfort and joy in this season of giving. Cheers!
By: lulu22
Posted: 12/9/20105:48:34 PM
I love pomegranates so much I am trying to grow my own, truly "harvesting" happiness. I am sending goodies to the deployed servicemen I know and donating platelets 6 times this holiday season as well so others may benefit.
By: indira
Posted: 12/9/20103:23:21 PM
Oh my gosh....happiness!! Did you know studies show that happiness grows? Yes! Happy people make others happier! I post happy messages on my website. I refrain from complaining to others; I trust a power higher than my mind to guide my life. Just the scent and feel of Weleda Pomegranet Handcream and Rose Body Oil make me happier. I am happy I discovered Weleda the first time on one of my work tours in Germany. I stock up every time I am there and bring back presents! I am happy whenever I can awaken someone to pure natural Weleda, because happy organic food and products are so important to my life. It makes me happy not to be adding chemicals to my body or the world, as well as not using animal products. And I love the philosophy behind Weleda. It is so great to have products that help happiness grow.
By: Greensullivan
Posted: 12/9/20103:00:21 PM
I'm harvesting Happiness by listening to my children better, and more, this season. The day to day craziness of life sometimes takes away those precious moments only they can give. My goal is to laugh with them, long and often. Play longer and harder with them. Read more stories together and most of all hug them tighter!
By: turtle710
Posted: 12/9/20102:23:22 PM
I will share joy with others with gifts and actions.
By: janitalatifa
Posted: 12/9/20101:57:53 PM
I am harvesting my happiness by enjoying each moment. In the midst of the bustle, i am taking time to enjoy what ever it is that is happening!! I am also making time for my yoga classes no matter what!
By: michmurph
Posted: 12/9/20101:13:24 PM
I'm staying positive and taking lots of photos. This is our first Christmas where we aren't together as a family since my husband is deployed to Afghanistan. So I'm trying my best to keep our traditions going, not to stress, and to take a bunch of photos to keep him included in the celebrations.
By: lmccallum
Posted: 12/8/20101:04:36 PM
I'm harvesting my happiness by following a quote from Mary Jean Iron "Normal day, let me be aware of the treasure you are... Let me not pass you by in quest of some rare and perfect tomorrow"
By: schami10
Posted: 12/8/20108:51:27 AM
I'm harvesting my happiness this holiday season by giving. This is a special time of year to think and reflect on what truly makes us happy. I love nature and all of its beauty and splender, so I give of myself to my family, friends, and community; thru education, and action, in deeds that will help our environment, which in turns gives back to us, if we take of it.
By: EllieBean
Posted: 12/6/20109:50:28 PM
My husband and I took a mindfulness based meditation course this fall together. We are harvesting happiness by living each day as mindfully as we can. This has allowed us to see our lives, loved ones and each other with new eyes. We are grateful for this new perspective and look forward to teaching our 2 month old daughter the importance of being fully present in her life and living each day mindfully.
By: angelaheffner
Posted: 12/6/20101:55:31 PM
This year I am harvesting happiness by spending more time than money on my children and family. I lost my father to pancreatic cancer 2 years ago 5 November. Thinking of him and the times we shared together really makes me realize how fleeting life is and how precious family is. Time is the greatest gift of all. It can't be wrapped and placed under that tree, but it is a gift that can be given all year round! It is the most precious gift of all! Thanks for this opportunity! ~Angela angela_heffner at yahoo dot com
By: Hanabi
Posted: 12/6/201010:45:48 AM
i am going to get some happiness after finishing my last semester of college next week and finally getting to relax and spend time with my family (until grad school begins in January, anyway)
By: jennabestard
Posted: 12/6/20108:14:05 AM
Well I have a 9 month old and 21 month old so there excitement and happiness is easy to absorb and share. I bring them out and about and usually everyone that see's them smiles. It's nice to watch the innocense on a childs face around the holidays.
By: cmiyake
Posted: 12/5/20109:49:28 PM
This year I am harvesting holiday joy from my daughter. She is not quite two so everything Christmas is new to her and she is so excited. She lights up every time she sees a Christmas tree and bounces around in her car seat when we drive by a house that has Christmas lights up. She brings holiday cheer to people around her that she doesn't even know. Just the other day we were at a local clothing store and they had a white tree with red decorations on it. She saw it, got excited and exclaimed "Christmas Tree, I love it". There was a lady near by that just started smiling and laughing. This year my daughter is fueling my Christmas fire and she has enough joy give everyone she meets a little happiness.
By: adendyut
Posted: 12/4/20103:26:09 PM
I am making a concerted effort to tell one person a day that I value in my life of friends and family how important they are and how they bring meaning to my life. I told my sister the other afternoon and it was an amazing moment. My life may be a struggle job wise, economic wise, and the loss of my car and home but I am still thankful for the people I care about.
By: velvet
Posted: 12/4/201012:40:57 PM
I'm harvesting happiness by faithfully following along with my Maya Fiennes Chakra yoga dvds, which were my birthday present to myself. This is a frantically busy time of year for many people, triple frantic for me personally so I'm really devoting a small portion of my mornings to trying to slow down my sense of time whipping by & leaving me behinder & behinder by taking this time in the morning to feel & breathe, & be! It really really has an outsized positive impact, even just 20-30 minutes changes my mind frame. Other than that my happiness harvest seems to have a lot to do with setting up my slow cooker to turn out fabulous healthy soups to share!
By: neff
Posted: 12/4/20109:43:55 AM
I plan to harvest happiness by being present and accepting. At the end, what we accumulate in this life is memories, so let them be good ones. I have two kids, one of them a baby and I've learn to enjoy every face of it,as time goes so fast. I am planting seeds of love with them. May you enjoy your moments with your families this holiday season.
By: eatcandy44
Posted: 12/3/20105:31:25 PM
I plan on harvesting happiness by spending tons of time with family this season. Especially one-on-one time with them (which they tend not to get that often). I'm the listener of the family and as that person, I plan on doing what they love, listen fully to them, of whatever stresses or hopes they have. Sharing thoughts with me makes them feel special (because not a lot of attentive listening goes on- just uh-huhs).
By: jgjoyner
Posted: 12/3/20105:29:07 PM
I am harvesting my happiness this holiday by celebrating the birth of my first granddaughter! It's been 15 years since we have had a new baby and beyond thrilled! I have been unemployed all year and hoping to rejoin the workforce, but for now Thankful for my family!
By: misseliza123
Posted: 12/3/20102:07:15 PM
I'm harvesting happiness by being more deliberate about keeping up with the relationships that are important to me!
By: heartluce
Posted: 12/3/201012:38:23 PM
I'm harvesting happiness by starting with myself. If I am happy within myself, I can then share this love with everyone around me. I am helping out my mom who had a bad fall this year and I'm enjoying spending time with her. I'm enjoying having my family and friends around and picking out just the right gift to make them smile. But, ultimately, I think harvesting happiness is all in how you treat people. Even a small gesture like a smile on the elevator can help brighten someone's day.
By: kelsafels
Posted: 12/3/201012:21:46 PM
I'm harvesting happiness by taking time to appreciate what I do have, and trying not to worry about what I do not have control over. I rush around so much (like many people I know) I don't always remember to stop and take stock. I recently was reminded of the fragility of life, and how important it is to enjoy what is important to you now. Not in a morbid way, but in a way that makes everyday that much more special. I can not wait for the holidays! =)
By: brownatural
Posted: 12/3/201011:36:32 AM
I am harvesting happiness by donating toys to our toys for tots drop sites and being with my kids and family. I will also pledge to cut 50% off of my social media addiction to spend more time with my family. ;) lol I will also pledge to use all natural products in our household as well in the 2011 new yr!
By: saraminda
Posted: 12/3/201010:43:20 AM
I'm harvesting my happiness this holiday by taking a deep breath, taking one hour a day to just relax. There is so much going on and so much to do. You have to take care of yourself first. I do things also that make me happy, like getting the house decorated and making treats for the kids. It's all good and fun ;)
By: mj2ray
Posted: 12/3/201010:39:24 AM
Time with my family - especially my sister - is the best way for me to harvest happiness. We are both crazy busy all the time, so when we take the whole weekend together to bake holiday cookies for the entire extended family it is not only productive but gives me great joy as well...
By: summergrl016
Posted: 12/3/201010:28:52 AM
I am surrounded by happiness this Holiday season. I have an amazing little doggie, who was deaf a month ago and can now hear. I have fabulous parents, family and friends. My job has been a great and rewarding opportunity and the people I work with are wonderful. Also, starting out the new year, I will be heading out to grad school. I am grateful for everything God has given me and will give me in the future.
By: cdmtx65
Posted: 12/2/201010:58:50 PM
I'm harvesting my happiness this holiday by sharing smiles & hugs in our local nursing home :)
By: MyMomLuv
Posted: 12/2/201010:05:54 PM
I am harvesting happiness by getting out in the community. I just moved here a year ago, then had surgery so just now am able to get out and around. In the process, I am now working at a small store- one which ALL the town's people go to. I make sure these people leave with a smile! It's simple, doesn't cost a thing and the best thing is on the days I don't particularly feel that great, they always have a smile for me now. I even have people that will only come in when I am working just so they have leave with that "warm, fuzzy" feeling. Yes, I am harvesting happiness in this small town, and it started with one smile.
By: bctripletmom
Posted: 12/1/201011:13:56 PM
I'm harvesting my happiness this holiday by having more playtime with the kids and getting rid of things that stress me.
By: harmonygreen
Posted: 12/1/20105:01:48 PM
I'm doing it by being true to my heart.
By: polkaostrich
Posted: 12/1/201011:43:50 AM
I try to be nice to everyone...even if I'm crabby. And I make my dog very happy, so she is in a good mood and makes other people happy by not being difficult.
By: goldiegirl12
Posted: 12/1/201011:31:45 AM
I am harvesting my happiness by eating all organic fruits this season. I think they might be better for the body.
By: margemagpie
Posted: 11/30/201011:01:14 PM
With struggle and loss comes appreciation for simple gifts like health and loved ones. I want clean, sustainable products for my family and my world. I am harvesting happiness by sharing my passion for health inside and out with natural products gifted to those I love. Happy Holidays!
By: jenra2310
Posted: 11/30/20107:04:12 PM
I am harvesting happiness this holiday season by spending quality time with family, not getting stressed out and enjoying myself--spending time in prayer each day and be thankful for all the blessings in my life. Wishing all a blessed season!
By: sahall46
Posted: 11/30/20106:28:51 PM
This season instead of gifts, my family is harvesting happiness by adopting a family. We are serving Christmas to a family in need. For celebrating at home, instead of stockings were giving re-usable bags with earth friendly products!!
By: mirandababy
Posted: 11/30/20104:00:15 PM
This past year has been a tough one for my family and I and due to events we had to move on November 1st. From that day on there was a series of unfortunate events but none like what happened the first weekend of November. My grandmother, who had a big hand in raising me, suffered a stroke. Her second in 5 years. Subsequently, on Novemeber 19th after 3 more additional strokes she passed away as she predicted many years ago, in her sleep. On December 3rd 2010 we will bury her ashes. Despite this great sadness in my family and a huge loss we are all celebrating the holidays in her home as per usual. We will CELEBRATE her life,memories and of course the years we got to have her in our lives. As a family we are so blessed to have great ones who hold us all together for the holidays, This holiday season we harvest the happiness through the gift of life we have all been given. We have all chosen to spread happiness rather than sadness, to emulate the woman who had such a big part in our lives. To celebrate all moments, to take nothing for granted and to remember how blessed we all are. I wake up thankful for my children, my husband and everyone else I am privileged to call family. If that is not true happiness and bliss I don't know what is.
By: CanadianMom
Posted: 11/30/20108:01:07 AM
My family is harvesting happiness by sponsoring a family in need. We are providing a hamper with their Christmas dinner and toys & clothes for the children. My 10 year old is at the 'gimme' stage and she is learning to appreciate the importance of helping others.
By: llongo
Posted: 11/30/20107:54:36 AM
My plan for harvesting happiness, spending the time doing random acts of kindness for my family, friends and perfect strangers. I often see several homeless people when I drive home from work in Philly and I thought it would be nice to try to find some warm coats and pants, blankets and bring them down along with a bag of groceries. For friends and family, I am planning my annual xmas eve dinner, the traditional italian seven fishes, for a family we met by volunteering when they had triplets. My daughter and I have gone at least once a week since the babies were born. I make dinner and we help get the babies ready for bed. They are now part of our family and provide us with much happiness.
By: ljohnston
Posted: 11/30/20107:46:16 AM
I am harvesting my happiness this holiday season bydecorating the house and cooking sweet treats for my family. My husband and I plan to have a quiet Christmas as our son and daughter in law go visit her parents for Christmas with their new 1yr old
By: henglish
Posted: 11/30/20107:37:32 AM
I'm harvesting my happiness this holiday by cherish the time spent with family and friends.
By: itinerantlabor
Posted: 11/30/20107:36:47 AM
I'm harvesting happiness by focusing on people and experiences and not things this year.
By: dchrisg3
Posted: 11/29/201010:05:14 PM
I am harvesting happiness this year by baking cookies... LOTS of cookies, because when you have home baked cookies, everyone is your friend and everyone is happy!
By: rah267
Posted: 11/29/20106:16:56 PM
I am harvesting happiness by baking cookies, cakes and pies for my family and friends
By: yummyfaerie
Posted: 11/29/20106:00:43 PM
I'm harvesting happiness by being grateful for all my blessings, no matter how small they may seem & also by being a better person, a more compassionate, patient, loving & giving person on a daily basis.
By: myprayerpillows
Posted: 11/29/201010:17:18 AM
I harvest happiness by helping others this season. My email address is
By: beckslayer
Posted: 11/29/20109:38:01 AM
I've spent a large part of this year in hospital, so i will be taking time out to regain some happiness by spending time with my family, general relaxing and not letting the stress of the festive season get to me. I'm still suffering with the illness so its important to take things easy. I will have some quality time out having a pamper a good relaxing lie in the bath and a stimulating read.
By: arobimom
Posted: 11/29/20109:35:22 AM
I'm harvesting happiness by reminding myself everyday to be thankful for all I have good friends, family, health, and comfort. Really, what more can you ask for?
By: ivessevi
Posted: 11/28/201012:22:20 PM
Harvesting happiness, to me, is about reaping what I have sown, and using those memories to provide myself with comfort at times I experience sadness. Not only during the holidays, but every day, I make an effort to be thankful for all the little things, to appreciate how lucky I am. There is nothing that feels better than to show compassion to random strangers. Simple things like giving a simple smile to the mother struggling with a tired toddler, or engaging in conversation the old man at the pharmacy who appears to be lonely, or even driving past the best parking space on a bitter cold day so that the driver behind me feels lucky. I try to take a mental picture of the happiness to remind myself that little acts of goodness can make up for sadness. When I touch my son's neck, and feel the scar tissue from a burn I caused him when he was only 10 months old, when I can't bare the memories from that accident, I try to recall all the simple things that make me a good person.
By: tamra
Posted: 11/28/201012:13:13 PM
My family will be harvesting happiness this holiday by donating and volunteering at a center that houses victims of domestic violence. My teens are already wonderful people, this season will be more about giving; and appreciating. Thank you Waleda for encouraging us all to share our holiday plans, I love reading what everyone will be doing!
By: hjleight
Posted: 11/27/20107:42:50 PM
My happiness and joy are at their fullest when I am with my family. This Christmas I will get to spend extra time with them. Yippy! I plan on cooking, baking and laughing my way through the holidays...good for the soul:)
By: suzanc
Posted: 11/27/20106:41:13 PM
I plan on harvesting happiness by teaching and giving my family and friends organic and natural products that they can use. I want them and everyone to learn and understand the benefits of non-toxic products for people and for the planet.
By: bikeohio
Posted: 11/26/20103:20:36 AM
Spread your faith, hope, and love to all and the harvest will be abundant.
By: taswen
Posted: 11/25/20109:22:36 PM
This year I'm giving all my sisters Weleda Skin Food, because like me, they are busy moms - one is in the Army - and they all neglect their hands.. There are many miraculous things about Christmas for me; the fact that I finally got to spend Christmas with all 4 of us together last year; but I nearly wept at the conditon of my older sister's hands, so dry red and cracked. I know from experience that Skin Food would work miracles for her.
By: lisamarie1957
Posted: 11/25/201010:57:44 AM
Harvesting happiness is taking me into the depths of my soul as I live with the challenge of caring for my dying father. My true, happy nature is being pushed to the limits as I face parts of myself that are impatient and angry. I know that this is a time of cultivating a deeper, more empathetic way of living and at the other side I will find a more kind and loving me. Every day is another opportunity for me to do what it takes in myself to make my father's transition one of peace and gentleness. How profound that this is happening during the holidays which reminds me of all I have to be gratefu for, this experience of being my father's midwife as he dies the most important thing I have ever done.
By: heaveninsideu
Posted: 11/24/20104:14:04 PM
I am harvesting happiness this year by teaching by example. Picking up the litter off the ground, taking care of my loved ones and just being more understanding toward other people. I also will buy Weleda products because they are better for our bodies and the environment. Thank you Weleda!!
By: katebarazzuol
Posted: 11/24/20103:28:22 PM
I am harvesting happiness this holiday season by giving gifts of myself rather than things for the sake of things. art I have created, facials for my friends, bodywork for my husband who has a tired back. hot stone massages.... experiences that the people i love can enjoy.
By: miriama59
Posted: 11/24/20103:12:12 PM
We are harvesting happiness by bringing my mom up from Oregon and making dinner at my daughter's house. She has a two week old baby and we are not letting her do anything. We also baked extra for another family, are taking some food to friends of my husbands and donating some items to a family in need. My daughter joined Key Club at her school and will be heading up a coat drive when she goes back. Happy holidays to everyone.
By: thinkingmama
Posted: 11/24/201011:55:31 AM
This year we are gathering with my sister's family and my parents. Up to the snowy mountains we will go to have a wonderful white christmas together. this year, we are spending our gift money on travel. our children agreed that it would be better to be together than to spend all of our money on gifts. we are making gifts instead. i just finished a felted finger puppet for my sister to tell stories to her children with. my boys are knitting hats.
By: missmichelle
Posted: 11/24/201011:13:01 AM
I'm harvesting happiness this year by being grateful and thankful that I have a full time job after being unemployeed at this time last year not knowing if I was able to have a Christmas for my daughter and family. This year I am able to pay it forward and help out a family in need and give them the Christmas that they otherwise may not have had.
By: Sungwinyela
Posted: 11/24/201011:12:26 AM
I am harvesting happiness by spending the days tending my lovely organic ranch and loveing my young children with a glass of raw chocolate milk in our hands. I am thankful for my many blessing :) Trista Olsen Much Love Weleda keep up the wonderful product line, it is one of the many things I am thankful for.
By: ciarapeter
Posted: 11/24/201010:53:05 AM
I'm harvesting happiness by saving a Turkey's life this Thanksgiving. Since I believe Thanksgiving is about celebrating life, not death, I'm letting my food choices represent my beliefs and going bird-free this holiday!
By: piscesranch
Posted: 11/24/201010:49:44 AM
Happiness Harvesting will begin this season among our family by GIVING instead of RECEIVING! Our 12 year old son decided to give to others via Heifer International and World he put these items on his "Santa List"! Yet, he does have one wish on his list as he has the past 7 Christmas'....that his Dad would be able to walk again (he's a C4-5 quadriplegic)! Our message to all...HOPEFULNESS! Peace & Blessings to you and yours!!! BE GRATEFUL!
By: kiku1978
Posted: 11/24/201010:42:17 AM
I am harvesting happiness by taking time to enjoy my family. I am not worried about chores or appearances. I am just letting my family know everyday that I love them and that I want to do everything in my power to make them feel happy and secure. They mean the world to me and I want them to know it.
By: katonahgreen
Posted: 11/23/201011:36:30 AM
We're harvesting happiness with family and friends this holiday season as we harvest the last of our garden, cultivate winter crops in the greenhouse, cook and eat meals together and with friends we invite over. Appreciation naturally abounds at harvest season, and the feeling of work well done, and together, brings us a deep sense of joy.
By: Shep8
Posted: 11/21/20104:07:43 PM
Since money is very tight this year I am going to give of myself this year. Donate as much time as I can to anyone who may need it. This is something I will not just do over the holiday but carry with me after the Christmas lights and trees are all put away. Human kindness and love is something this world needs more of far past the holiday season.
By: luv_mydachshund
Posted: 11/20/201010:26:38 PM
I'm harvesting happiness this season for myself and others by truly enjoying the season and not stress about things...I am not going all out this year to really enjoy time with family and friends. I think spending quality time with family and friends is what the season is about and not things so I'm not going to stress about buying presents and spending lots of money. I've been making things and going to be giving a lot of photo frames with special photos of our times together this holiday season.
By: Lanieekat
Posted: 11/20/20107:52:46 PM
I am harvesting happiness by taking the time to stop and smell the flowers if you will. By that I mean, I like to look back at pictures I've taken over the last year w/my family and talk about the fun we've had and what we've accomplished. It's a great way to remember what we are thankful for and what we wish to accomplish in the following year. thank you-
By: mmflygirl
Posted: 11/20/20106:40:01 PM
I am harvesting happiness by knitting organic hats and sweaters for those who are not as forturate as you and I. With peace and love. Melissa
By: lonely1
Posted: 11/19/20108:56:33 PM
I will harvest happiness if I make it through the next 2 surgeries by just celebrating another year, another week or even an extra day with my family and friends. Just to enjoy each other's company, listen to old stories around a fire and have a meal together is all I want in the world.
By: lizabet4
Posted: 11/19/20105:47:55 PM
I'm growing love and happiness by trying to set a good example for my extended family, who I see too little throughout the year. I want to foster good health and stewardship in our everyday lives, through shopping habits, energy use and community involvement. It's easy to use Thanksgiving as a way to demonstrate these values and wow, a little effort goes a long way! It doesn't take much to enjoy a richer, fuller life and I hope the happiness I feel will rub off on them!
By: Linzendrsn
Posted: 11/19/20101:47:52 PM
I’m harvesting happiness this holiday season by being in charge of my church sunday school's project. Santa's Cause. Where we gather donated items from church members like soap, shampoo, deodorant, combs, toothbrushes, etc to send to young children in Africa. It's such a blessing to know that these will go to a needy child. Make someone's day a little more brighter. linzendrsn at yahoo dot com
By: agianpetro
Posted: 11/19/20108:44:54 AM
I’m harvesting happiness this holiday season by consuming massive amounts of fresh pomegranates! It’s just as important to use natural and holistic products on your skin as it is to put nutritious products from the earth in your body. I make my own soap and currently use Burt’s Bees Pomegranate products (lotions, lip balms, etc) in an attempt to use quality products. I’m also focused on exercising by jump roping for an extra 20 minutes a day to combat extra treats that I allow myself during this time. It makes me feel great and it’s so easy to travel with a jump rope. And of course, I’m looking forward to spending joyous time with friends and family.
By: haomom
Posted: 11/18/20101:14:26 PM
Hi I am harvesting my happiness, by appreciating all that I have: a loving family, a house a job, food, and so many more blessings...
By: melissacfarrell
Posted: 11/18/201012:49:20 PM
I'm harvesting my happiness this holiday season by counting my blessings and enjoying the things that really matter--my family.
By: prdulin1
Posted: 11/18/201012:05:50 PM
I'm harvesting happiness by simplifying everything in my life so I can concentrate on what truly matters.
By: glitter
Posted: 11/18/201011:34:34 AM
i am harvesting happiness this holiday by getting more involved in festivity's like baking goodies and decorating the house. spending time with loved ones is what makes the holidays really special. :)
By: starstrong
Posted: 11/18/201010:00:10 AM
I am harvesting happiness by immersing myself in a lot of good music. I surround myself with music that makes me happy, either by listening to it or playing it myself. And as a Christian, I harvest happiness through celebrating the birth of Jesus.
By: StrawberryGirl
Posted: 11/18/20109:47:53 AM
I'm harvesting happiness by spending time with friends and family baking all sorts of fun holiday treats together. I love this time of year!
By: Linda6506
Posted: 11/18/20109:45:38 AM
I harvest happiness by remembering the real reason for the season. My family depends on our Faith and love for each other. Everything else is secondary.
By: textiff
Posted: 11/18/20109:40:59 AM
I'm harvesting happiness by treasuring the time I spend with my family and friends! I'm trying to "live in the moment"!
By: ostmega
Posted: 11/18/20109:31:44 AM
I'm harvesting my happiness this holiday by slowing down. I usually get so stressed out about making sure everything is taken care of, but this year I've promised myself to let it go. I'll get done what I can and it will be okay. As a result, I'm already spending more "fun" time with my kids. We painted ornaments for the tree this morning :)
By: lolamichele
Posted: 11/18/20109:29:36 AM
I'm harvesting happiness by spreading it everywhere I go in every way I can. You can't harvest unless you plant a bit. boswife @ gmail . com
By: elizacbrown
Posted: 11/18/20109:04:15 AM
I am harvesting my happiness this holiday by being outdoors as much as possible, keeping gift buying to a minimum and making gifts instead. I also plan to embrace the the spirit of the holidays by reflecting on what I thankful for and acknowledging those things with my friends and family.
By: mnredbird
Posted: 11/18/20108:37:18 AM
I am staying super positive knowing as I sit in the doctors waiting to have my cancer removed that I will come out of this in perfect health. I will approach the holidays in great health and be happy to spend it with family and friends in joy and know I am loved by many and celebrate in knowing we all will be well and send out well wishes to those who may be struggling that they find there center of peace in this time of the holidays.
By: senchista
Posted: 11/18/20108:19:47 AM
This year, I am harvesting my happiness by appreciating what is around me. Last year on Thanksgiving, my son was only 3 days old and was still in the hospital due to some complications from delivery. This year, my son is now one year old and we can appreciate the fact that he is with us and that we are all healthy. I am so thankful for that little life that has changed my husband and I so much. Also, I am harvesting happiness by realizing the good around me and carrying that happy/thankful feeling to my loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
By: tjoseph4
Posted: 11/18/20108:12:58 AM
I'm harvesting my happiness the way I do every Christmas. My entire family gathers at my eldest sister's house. We cook, bake, eat, drink and play with my niece and nephews. Christmas is so much more fun when there are children running around. Everything is usually more fun with children around. It's a yearly tradition and the moment it ends, I can't wait for it to come around again.
By: julya08
Posted: 11/18/20107:28:35 AM
In the New Years holiday we will go to the husband's parents, who live in another city. Especially meetings with them waiting for our son, he really misses his grandparents.
By: aburt719
Posted: 11/18/20106:16:15 AM
We are "cultivating" joy this holiday season at our Organically raised Christmas tree farm, (We own that & a small natural Organic Skin & beauty care business)by Thanking our customers with a little Weleda Pomegranate Mini Moisture treatment when they come to get a tree or to shop in our gift store... To protect , nourish. It's our hope to Spread a little comfort & Joy!
By: teawithtori
Posted: 11/17/20107:44:02 PM
This will be the first Christmas with the new addition of our family, our son Finn. In order to regain the meaning of the holiday season and to create new traditions and memories, my family is making our own gifts and trying to buy our holiday meals via local farms and markets. I believe that people get too swept up in the stress, the unnecessary feeling of responsibility thrust upon us to consume, and the need to spend money in order to make ourselves and our families happy. While we're not religious, we do believe in simplicity and reclaiming the holidays for what they're really meant to celebrate- friends and family.
By: frogautumn
Posted: 11/17/20102:42:30 PM
I will be harvesting happiness this season by making it a "homemade holiday"--spending time in the kitchen baking goodies with my boys and by knitting them sweaters as Christmas gifts (or at least attempting to :) ).
By: nankani
Posted: 11/17/20102:24:23 PM
I'm harvesting happiness this holiday not with gifts and 'things' but getting together with family for talking, playing games and eating together. We invite people we know who are alone for the holidays and treat them like family too. It's a really nice time for us all.
By: jessa1130
Posted: 11/17/20101:53:30 PM
By celebrating xmas at my house this year, where I will do all the cooking and cleanup for all of my family and friends, so they can relax and enjoy themselves and not half to worry about anything this XMAS!! Jeccica Simpson
By: frogautumn
Posted: 11/17/20101:41:17 PM
I will be harvesting happiness this holiday season by making lots of homemade treats in the kitchen with my boys and by knitting them sweaters as Christmas gifts (or at least attempting to :) ).
By: mburger718
Posted: 11/17/20101:30:32 PM
I'm harvesting my happiness this holiday by being thankful each day for something new....even when I don't feel like being can change the whole day around when you think of something that you have! :-)
By: treetrout1
Posted: 11/17/20101:24:35 PM
What a great prize - I'd love to try the pomegranate body care line and to be one of the first to use the Firming serum and cream would be such a treat for my dry (and aging) skin. Ok- how do I harvest happiness? Well, for Thanksgiving my son and I go food shopping to give an entire Thanksgiving dinner to a needy person (through our Church). From appetizers to dessert and coffee. Soup to nuts as they say. Not only does it help others but it helps my son realize the value of outreach. For Christmas we adopt 2 families (again thru Church) and Eric is allowed to pick something that he himself would like to buy. One year I was in tears when I saw that their list consisted of rake, hammer, peanut butter, veggies, etc. We bought 2 huge bags of groceries alone. We also go Christmas Caroling but I'm not sure who enjoys it more - the people we go to see or us. LOL
By: LilyBiscuit7
Posted: 11/17/201012:44:15 PM
I love the concept of harvesting happiness! We're a close family. I have a son and a daughter. We bake cookies together, sing holiday songs, have wonderful family meals and enjoy each others company. Nothing feels better :)
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