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Product Spotlight: Our New Cleansing Line
2/15/2011 8:55:51 AM

Honestly speaking, cleansing and toning have never played a big role in my daily facial care. For a long time, I thought a good facial cream (and my beloved Almond Soothing Facial Oil to remove eye makeup) were enough to keep my face looking its best. But my view has changed since my internship with Weleda started. After being with the company through the launch of the new Cleansing Line and sitting in on a few Weleda trainings, I’ve come to realize that cleansing and toning are essential steps in an effective facial care routine. They truly provide the basis for healthy, beautiful skin.

Ever since I stocked up on the new Gentle Cleansing Milk, made of nourishing jojoba seed oil and antioxidant-rich sesame seed oil, and the Refining Toner, which contains mildly astringent organic wild rose leaf extract, I have used them every day. Why? Because I love the smell of the creamy cleansing milk and the feel of the refreshing toner and how they smooth, cleanse and soften my skin.

I’ve also come to look forward to my morning and evening cleansing ritual. After removing my eye makeup with Almond Soothing Facial Oil, I apply a few drops of the Gentle Cleansing Milk on a damp cotton pad and gently rub it over my face with circular movements to remove the day’s debris. Next I apply the Refining Toner, which further purifies the skin after cleansing. Just a few drops on a damp cotton pad are enough to get rid of leftover makeup and dead skin cells. Finally, I apply my Iris Hydrating Night or Day Cream, and I can literally feel my skin say “thank you!”

What about you? Do you have a nightly skin care routine that you look forward to?

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By: musicislife0746
Posted: 3/26/20111:01:52 PM
I actually just bought the Weleda Cleansing Milk last week at Target ( wish they carried all Weleda products) and have been using it every day since. My skin has been red, dry and irritated lately from the weather and my previous cleanser and I wanted a new face wash that moisturized and healed my skin. I am so happy with this product! It almost melts into your skin and even after rinsing it leaves behind a moisturizing and protective barrier for your skin. My skin feels soft, supple, ultra hydrated and healthy! I use a make up wipe for eye makeup removal, then use toner to remove face powder, and after that I use the Weleda cleanser, rinse, and voila! Sometimes I dont even feel the need to reach for my moisturizer. I have been using the Weleda Skin Food for YEARS, and have both of the hand creams in my bathroom. ( The Pomegranite/Sea Buckthorn one). After seeing your new skin care regimens and loving all of the products that I have tried so far I am seriously considering completely converting to only Weleda products! The toner and Sensitive Regime is next on my list!
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