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Ingredient Spotlight: Chamomile
6/27/2011 10:00:00 AM

Summer is finally here and our chamomile flowers are in full bloom! Chamomile flowers are little, but they are special in a big way. You might know this flower best for its ability to be dried and made into delicious, calming tea, but here at Weleda it is known more as one of the amazing ingredients in our skin care and medicines.Chamomile_Inside

Also known as German Chamomile or Wild Chamomile, this annual herb blooms small white flowers. I think they look just like daisies. The best time to spot them is between May and August. They grow prolific throughout Europe and northern Asia. Chamomile is very fine and must be harvested by hand, then cleaned of soil and debris. From each plant our farmers harvest different parts, such as the flower or the root, depending on their specific relation to the human body and its use.

You can find our chamomile in many of our products: Men’s After Shave Balm, Calendula Baby Cream, Calendula Diaper Care, Calendula Oil, Iris Hydrating Night Cream , Plant Gel Toothpaste, Skin Food, Calendula Soap and also in our over-the-counter dietary supplement called Echinadoron, which promotes well-being and helps your immune system fight off pesky colds.

Since chamomile has gentle healing and anti-inflammatory properties, we love that it is spread throughout our products. Being as pretty as it is, I also love it in a vase for decoration. So if you see some at your local farmer’s market or flower shop, grab it! The summer is the best time to find it. 

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By: Kristinka
Posted: 9/13/20114:29:47 PM
I love to use chamomile extract for my skin. Dari Natural's skin care products are created from organic chamomile and calendula extracts. These snatural herbs are amazing!!!!
By: justdd
Posted: 7/30/201111:10:35 AM
I do the same for all seasons. But, in the summer I wear a hat and use a natural sunscreen when outside.
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