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Arnica to the Rescue
6/29/2011 7:21:49 AM

Summer is finally here after a spring with a lot of rain and rather cool temperatures. When it finally turned warm a few weeks ago, everybody was out and about. The number of bicyclists that all of a sudden turned up on Route 9W, the popular biking route near Weleda’s headquarters, was quite staggering, and for me it was time to saddle up as well! It’s a rather scenic ride along the Hudson River, and I like to do my part for the environment by bicycling to the office. I am admittedly a fair-weather rider, so there is no need to look for me on the trails unless it is nice outside.

The first ride of the season is always such a joy, at least until the following morning, when unaccustomed aches and pains set in. Not that I have been complacent all winter—I try to stay in shape with Forrest Yoga, a form of hot yoga. But I am always reminded that different activities require different muscles. To help with the soreness, I massage Weleda Arnica Massage Oil into joints before exercising in order to increase blood flow. But once muscle pain sets in, I find Weleda’s Arnica Ointment indispensable—plus, it’s also indicated for sprains and bruises. In my view, it belongs in everyone’s home remedy kit.

I am a great believer in arnica, and have been since early childhood.  It is one of my favorite healing plants. The Arnica in our remedies comes from one of our fair trade projects in Romania, which you can read about here. As a company, we are very proud of these projects. They embody how we feel business should be done, and I encourage you to read more about them on our website!

In the meantime, we'd love to hear about your favorite healing plant! Is it arnica, too? Happy trails, everyone! Ride safely!

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By: wizsun
Posted: 7/22/201112:02:24 PM
Summer Skin Care: 1. 2-3 times bath is extremely important 2. 4-5 ltrs of water intake is a must 3. Wearing a sunscreen 20-30 minutes before going out in the Sun should be followed as a ritual Now a few special tips: 1. Before taking bath, apply some cocoanut oil all over body as it's a great Sun screen itself 2. Apply some hommade body pack cum scrub (after the oil application) made of Almond, Gram, Orange skin and 2-3 spoonful of rice powder. Leave it for 10 minutes. 3. Rub it off and take a bath with cold water. This special bath will keep you refreshed for a long day. 4. Apply bay leaves' skin toner (Prepared by boiling 20 bay leaves in 2 ltr of water for 20 minutes in seam) after the bath. 5. Apply sun screen before going out. Make a mixture of talcom powder and conch shell powder (pure) and apply over the sun screen already worn. It gives another good layer of shield against the sun. 6. After returning home, apply a paste of Green mango and lemon skin over exposed areas to remove tan. Take a bath after 20 minutes with cold water. 7. Apply some ice cubes to reduce sun burn 8. Use a cocoanut oil + Olive oil + Vitamin E oil mixture for hair at night - massage well with lukewarm oil. This will improve hair texture damaged by teh Sun. 9. Before washing off next day, apply a pack of plain yoghurt, medical glycerin, highly ripe banana and leave for 1-2 hours - the wash off with a mild shampoo
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