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5 Reasons to Read Our New Magazine!
9/28/2011 12:55:12 PM

weleda issue 9 coverIt is a very exciting time at Weleda right now, as issue 9 of our we lifestyle magazine has just been released.  This is a wonderful issue that touches on a wide variety of subjects ranging from how to handle stress to the origins of Weleda’s organic sesame oil.  Here are five reasons why you should read the new issue of we!

1.  You’ll Learn How to Alleviate Stress…The Natural Way!  We all seek balance in our lives.  However, balance comes harder for some of us than others.   The feature story in we called “Finding Balance in a Busy World” will give various methods of decreasing your stress naturally.  So grab your copy of we and prepare to be enlightened.

2.  Get Product Information AND Coupons. What Could be Better?  Interested in learning more about Weleda’s all-natural products? In addition to the helpfullifestyle articles in this issue, you’ll also discover information about our skin care products and homeopathic remedies and how your whole family can benefit from their use. There are also coupons for special offers on some of our best-selling products inside the pages of this issue!  Save on Pomegranate Firming Facial Care, all of our body oils and Calendula Baby Care products!   So if you’re interested in trying some of our products, grab a we and flip to the back cover. You can also view the issue online and to access coupon codes for use on our website.

3. Discover Tips for Keeping Your Baby’s Skin Healthy. In the article “Baby Love from Head to Toe,” we offer solutions for treating common skin ailments babies often experience soon after birth. From colic to cradle cap, we’ve got you covered.  But don’t worry, if you show your baby lots’ of love you shouldn’t have anything to worry about!

4.  Learn How to Embrace Your Natural Beauty! Wondering about the difference between body oils and body lotions? Concerned about the signs of aging? In the article “Ask the Esthetician,” our holistic skin-care expert Patricia Pol answers your beauty questions. Another feature article, “Embrace Your Natural Beauty,” provides tips on how to use pure natural ingredients that work with your skin to help it be its most healthy.

5. Get a New Grasp on Biodynamics! We give you an inside look at what separates Biodynamics® from organic farming and how it works.  We think you’ll find this Q & A with Kevin Morris of Grgich Hills Estate, a vineyard in Napa Valley, educational and enlightening.

You can pick up a FREE copy of the new issue of we at your local natural health food stores or click here to read it online. You can also call us or email us and we'll send you a copy! or 800.241.1030. Happy Reading!

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