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Summer Skin Essentials Kit Giveaway! - Rose
6/18/2012 3:05:00 PM

Beauty is more than the perfect shade of lipstick or a purposefully made messy up-do; beauty blooms from the inside, but the hardest aspect to any beauty is cultivating the confidence to let it shine through. Leaving are the days that let us hide in our winter coats and sweaters. As we bare more skin, so too do our worries and concerns come out with them. Worries over imperfections, cellulite, wrinkles, and weight can stop us from feeling beautiful in the body we have. Understanding this, we’ve put together a few items to help you feel, look, and smell beautiful all summer long-naturally. We call it our Summer Essentials Skin Kit and we’re giving one away!

Summer Skin Essentials Kit Group


Plus, we’ve added our Rose Facial Care Line to the basket too! 

The rose is a symbol of beauty, purity, truth and harmony. Its enchanting smell and delicate bloom are a rose trademark. Weleda harvests this extraordinary flower for its oil  extract that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, E, and unsaturated fatty acids. Ingredients that help skin hold onto elasticity and vitality longer, while improving skin’s overall health.  

Wild Rose Facial Care Line Group


Wondering how to WIN this AWESOME GIFT?

To enter for your chance to win our Summer Skin Essentials Kit plus our Rose Facial Line, post your answer to the question below in the comment section: 

“How many pounds of rose petals does it take to make 3fl oz of rose oil?”

You have until Friday 6/22 at 11:59pm PT to submit your answer. The winner will be randomly selected from the correct entries we receive and announced the following week. Even though we know Weleda fans are super smart, we thought it would be nice to add a helpful HINT: You’ll have to “watch” this answer.

Happy Sleuthing and Good Luck!

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By: heidimarie
Posted: 11/12/20125:45:22 AM
Over 8,000 pounds without pesticide residue
By: elizabethmerz
Posted: 7/12/20123:25:32 PM
over 8,000 pounds -- that's four tons!
By: lynnstone
Posted: 7/10/20127:46:53 PM
Over 8,000lbs!
By: tstaas
Posted: 7/9/20129:49:20 AM
over 8,000 pounds. One of the most beautiful smells on the planet.
By: Lbgrin
Posted: 7/6/20127:13:46 PM
Over 8,000 pounds of rose petals
By: Dogskin
Posted: 6/29/201210:53:48 PM
Over 8,000 pounds.
By: Elaine67
Posted: 6/29/20129:44:04 AM
Over 8,000lbs!
By: amhcdb
Posted: 6/27/20125:02:42 PM
over 8,000 lbs.
By: molitora
Posted: 6/25/20124:09:17 PM
It takes over 8,000 pounds! Wow!
By: val crissman
Posted: 6/25/20123:25:56 PM
Over 8000 pounds!! :)
By: Andymeg
Posted: 6/25/20123:04:16 PM
8000 plus pounds. Wow. That is a lot of reose petals and the rose Weleda line is so, so good.
By: rajee
Posted: 6/23/201212:28:00 PM
8,000 lb
By: katemonday
Posted: 6/22/20129:42:42 PM
It takes over 8,000 pounds of rose petals to make 3 fl oz of rose oil. Rose power!
By: Kanna
Posted: 6/22/20122:16:39 PM
Over 8,000 lbs
By: karenlindsey71
Posted: 6/22/20122:12:52 PM
over 8,000lbs
By: panshelbaby
Posted: 6/22/20121:29:11 PM
8,000 LBs of rose pedals to make just one 3fl oz of rose oil! That's incredible, such high quality product!
By: fce431
Posted: 6/22/201212:13:27 PM
over 8,000 lbs
By: terbear8015
Posted: 6/22/201212:04:32 PM
8,000 lbs! (although I love the person that did some other research and gave you a different # and ratio. that's not cheating!)
By: seraphim12
Posted: 6/22/201211:37:27 AM
Holy moly , , , over 8,000 pounds! Makes me appreciate the pricing a lot more :)
By: koshields28
Posted: 6/22/201211:12:11 AM
Over 8,000 lbs.
By: Noahsmommy52
Posted: 6/22/201210:27:17 AM
Over 8,000 lbs!
By: Zenimue
Posted: 6/22/20129:22:48 AM
Over 8,000 pounds of organically grown rose petals to are required make 3fl of rose oil. I would love to take a nap on that warehouse floor surround by all those Damascus roses =)
By: momandsons
Posted: 6/22/20129:12:52 AM
Over 8,000 pounds....
By: massagegal
Posted: 6/22/20129:12:18 AM
Over 8,000lbs. Wow, that's a lot of rose petals!!
By: edoxon
Posted: 6/22/20129:11:59 AM
Over 8000 lbs
By: Ladymayin
Posted: 6/22/20129:07:44 AM
Over 8,000 lbs. Amazing there are that many rose petals available. Thanks for this great product.
By: luckyme
Posted: 6/22/20128:33:33 AM
Over 8,000 lbs.
By: krisi479
Posted: 6/22/20128:19:52 AM
Over 8000 lbs. That is a whole lot of rose petals
By: sunny32548
Posted: 6/22/20128:09:14 AM
It takes over 8,000 pounds.... :)
By: 12sri
Posted: 6/22/20128:02:52 AM
8000 lbs for 3 ozs
By: lish081406
Posted: 6/22/20127:58:57 AM
Over 8,000 lbs!!! That's alot!!!!
By: wizardewu
Posted: 6/22/20127:58:56 AM
Over 8,000 lbs.
By: gogreen
Posted: 6/21/20127:10:32 PM
over 8000 pounds. wow will appreciate it more now :)
By: misseliza123
Posted: 6/21/20127:42:22 AM
8,000 lbs! Wow! I can only imagine how amazing those rose plantations smell...!
By: SJunie
Posted: 6/21/201212:30:29 AM
Over 8000 lbs of beautiful, luxurious rose petals!
By: asmithonline
Posted: 6/20/201210:43:46 PM
over 8,000 lbs
By: shnazzy
Posted: 6/20/20123:52:56 PM
woah, 8,000+ lbs.
By: clpatton
Posted: 6/20/20123:17:54 PM
It takes over 8,000 pounds of rose petals. Wow!
By: miriama59
Posted: 6/20/20122:35:18 PM
Over 8,000 pounds.
By: rlptg2ccis
Posted: 6/20/20121:45:46 PM
Over 8,000 lbs!
By: dsarah3
Posted: 6/20/201212:35:49 PM
over 8000 lbs - wow! no wonder it's so concentrated and lovely:)
By: dsarah3
Posted: 6/20/201212:34:26 PM
wow - over 8000 lbs - no wonder its so concentrated and lovely:) beautiful video!
By: dsarah3
Posted: 6/20/201212:12:01 PM
1875 lbs for three fluid ounces
By: rjennings67
Posted: 6/20/201211:25:28 AM
Over 8,000 pounds!! I was amazed, simply awesome!!
By: mmkay11
Posted: 6/20/201211:18:58 AM
Over 8,000 LBS, wow that is a lot of petals!!
By: yaykerin
Posted: 6/20/201210:36:47 AM
It takes over 8,000 pounds!! Great video!
By: rachelandreana
Posted: 6/20/201210:34:22 AM
This is my favorite Weleda line! And, it takes over 8,000 lbs of organic rose petals!
By: longcatkaty
Posted: 6/20/20129:59:42 AM
Wow, over 8,000 lbs! Amazing
By: Nicole C
Posted: 6/20/20129:21:59 AM
Over 8,000 pounds of organic rose petals!!!!
By: snowgoose
Posted: 6/20/20129:21:32 AM
over 8000 pounds of rose pedals
Posted: 6/20/20129:19:40 AM
There are over 8,000 pounds of organic rose petals grown in Turkey to make 3 fluid ounces of Weleda Rose Oil.
By: mint64
Posted: 6/20/20129:13:54 AM
Over 8,000 lbs! Whoa!! That's amazing!
By: Happy Chinadoll
Posted: 6/20/20129:12:38 AM
over 8,000 pounds
By: ReeseKai
Posted: 6/20/20129:09:53 AM
Over 8,000 lbs - hubby will love this for his skin.
By: ReeseKai
Posted: 6/20/20129:09:38 AM
Over 8,000 lbs - hubby will love this for his skin.
By: vickeigh
Posted: 6/20/20129:06:27 AM
Wow over 8,000 lbs!
By: laroyal
Posted: 6/20/20129:04:29 AM
Over 8,000 lbs!
By: Sabrina C. Stein
Posted: 6/20/20129:03:40 AM
It takes over 8,000 pounds of organic Rosa Damascena to create 3 fl. oz. of rose oil for Weleda.
By: tanyab02
Posted: 6/20/20129:02:58 AM
Anywhere over 8,000 lbs is required to make a 3 oz bottle of rose oil. I have a sample of your Wild Rose smoothing facial lotion and I love it!!
By: Sabrina C. Stein
Posted: 6/20/20129:02:23 AM
It takes over 8,000 pounds of organic Rosa Damascena to create 3 fl. oz. of rose oil for Weleda.
By: mzlenee
Posted: 6/20/20129:02:14 AM
Over 8,000 lbs.
By: donnanever
Posted: 6/20/20129:01:05 AM
Over 8,000 Pounds ~!
By: necianessa
Posted: 6/20/20128:58:22 AM
Over 8,000 pounds
By: ev cruz
Posted: 6/20/20128:56:38 AM
over 8000 lbs of dried rose petals to make 3 oz of rose oil
By: h_s_yuen
Posted: 6/20/20128:53:43 AM
over 8000 pounds of organic rose petals are required to produce 3 fluid oz of rose oil - I LOVE WELEDA ROSE OIL!!
By: misswoman
Posted: 6/20/20128:51:33 AM
informative video, thanx for that! over 8,000 pds of organic rose petals are required. that's really something!
By: saacnmama
Posted: 6/20/20128:51:31 AM
8000 pounds--guess we won't be making any from the roses in our garden!
By: wilma
Posted: 6/20/20128:47:42 AM
It takes over 8,000 pounds. Wow that is a lot of rose petals!
By: outasite
Posted: 6/20/20128:47:35 AM
Over 8,000 pounds of organic rose petals are required to produce 3 fluid oz. of rose oil
By: calliope123
Posted: 6/20/20128:46:51 AM
8,000 lbs - amazing!
By: variley2001
Posted: 6/20/20128:46:47 AM
over 8000 pounds
By: findsteph
Posted: 6/20/20128:45:47 AM
Over 8,000 pounds is a lot of lovely roses!
By: candydarr
Posted: 6/20/20128:45:36 AM
Over 8,000 pounds ~ Wow !!!
By: acc1256
Posted: 6/20/20128:43:44 AM
Over 8,000 pounds!! wow
By: doriajm
Posted: 6/20/20128:43:32 AM
Over 8,000 lbs!!!
By: Trios23
Posted: 6/20/20128:43:09 AM
over 8,000 pounds!! Amazing!
By: renak
Posted: 6/19/20126:53:02 PM
8000 pounds!!
By: ShawnaMichelle2
Posted: 6/19/20124:58:08 PM
Over 8,000 lbs - Wow!!
By: ychao
Posted: 6/19/201212:42:16 PM
the average yield range from 1:1500 to 1:10000, which makes it between 4500-20000lbs depending on the quality of the rose petals and the oils yield. love your product, thank you for the question!
By: reddart
Posted: 6/18/20128:28:43 PM
Over 8000 lbs. Amazing.
By: lauriebarron57
Posted: 6/18/20128:05:12 PM
8000 pounds!!!
By: lindaci
Posted: 6/18/20127:15:08 PM
Over 8,000 lbs. I love your rose scented products.
By: ruthellensmith
Posted: 6/18/20126:39:34 PM
Over 8000 pounds! :)
By: marlice
Posted: 6/18/20126:26:53 PM
8000 lbs...
By: textiff
Posted: 6/18/20126:14:54 PM
8,000 pounds
By: kvieweg07
Posted: 6/18/20125:41:38 PM
Over 8,000 lbs!!!
By: CynthialovesWeleda
Posted: 6/18/20125:19:00 PM
Over 8,000 pounds of organic rose petals are required to produce 3 fluid oz. of rose oil...AMAZING!!!
By: coriforia
Posted: 6/18/20124:50:52 PM
Over 8,000 pounds - wow! I think it's great too the oil is tested to be sure it is free from pesticides!
By: karinmcevoy
Posted: 6/18/20124:49:32 PM
over 8 000 pounds of rose petals. I was thinking more like 3 until I watched the video.
By: sprinklesara
Posted: 6/18/20124:48:14 PM
Well, since 60,000 + roses are needed to distill a single ounce of oil which comes to be about 4,000 pounds per ounce of essential oil, that would mean for 3 oz. you would need 12,000 pounds. However depending on the quality of oil you are making anywhere from 8,000-15,000 would work
By: angelaleilani
Posted: 6/18/20124:47:50 PM
It takes over 8,000lbs of rose pedals to make 3fl oz of rose oil. I have tried the Wild Rose facial lotion and I love it! Thanks for the chance to win! Fingers crossed:)
By: gely1982
Posted: 6/18/20124:19:13 PM
8,000 lbs
By: SheltieGirl727
Posted: 6/18/20124:18:55 PM
Over 8,000 lbs... that's a lot of rose petals!
By: mnredbird
Posted: 6/18/20124:17:38 PM
8000 pounds of beautiful rose petals. It makes my heart happy and I so appreciate the gifts nature brings.
By: libby701
Posted: 6/18/20124:16:06 PM
8,000 pounds, wow!
By: norcalgal
Posted: 6/18/20124:15:05 PM
Over 8,000 pounds - really interesting video!
By: aamna
Posted: 6/18/20124:14:24 PM
Over 8,000 pounds.
By: pcharline
Posted: 6/18/20124:08:54 PM
8,000 lbs.
By: paulakap8
Posted: 6/18/20124:06:20 PM
8,000 lbs
By: highwayhoney
Posted: 6/18/20124:05:23 PM
600 lbs
By: yudifs
Posted: 6/18/20124:04:13 PM
About 4,000 kilograms!
By: lisamcnabney
Posted: 6/18/20123:57:54 PM
8,000 pounds! I would love try this!
By: Madeleine
Posted: 6/18/20123:57:48 PM
It takes over 8,000 lbs of rose petals to make 3fl oz of rose oil. :)
By: Anne-Marie
Posted: 6/18/20123:46:23 PM
Over 8,000 pounds!!!
By: ruby
Posted: 6/18/20123:45:28 PM
8,000 pounds.. so many pink roses :)
By: melissawhitman
Posted: 6/18/20123:42:52 PM
Over 8,000 lbs! I love seeing the warehouse full of roses- so pretty!
By: Saunya_S
Posted: 6/18/20123:42:18 PM
Over 8,000 lbs - by the way the Rose Facial care line is excellent for soothin my rosacia and making it seemingly disappear!
By: kamerajackson
Posted: 6/18/20123:38:19 PM
8,000 Pounds !. WOW, it surely takes alot. Thanks for the opportunity :] I love roses !
By: b27hall
Posted: 6/18/20123:35:54 PM
8,000 Pounds!!!
By: Thesto
Posted: 6/18/20123:33:44 PM
8,000 lbs. Wow that is impressive!
By: SavingCmnCents
Posted: 6/18/20123:32:52 PM
Over 8,000 lbs!
By: linnea wiedeman
Posted: 6/18/20123:29:51 PM
about 600 pounds
By: astokes
Posted: 6/18/20123:27:11 PM
Over 8,000 lbs.
By: creamoon
Posted: 6/18/20123:20:41 PM
50 lbs
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