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Introducing Citrus Hydration - Giveaway!
7/3/2012 1:52:28 PM

We are so excited to introduce to you our new Body Lotions! As a teaser they are only available online as we ramp up to send these great bottles to the shelves of your local store. We know waiting is no fun, so we’re doing a giveaway a week! Check our blog as we highlight a different lotion each week and offer a giveaway that includes all four new lotions.

Sensual by nature, Weleda's new Body Lotions


This week we take a peek into the new Citrus Hydrating Lotion:

Our Citrus Hydrating Lotion begins on warm hillsides, where Weleda’s lemons bask in long hours of sunshine. This colorful fruit lends our new lotion its scent, invigorating and bright, to revive and lift your spirits.

Packed with sesame seed oil, coconut oil, and aloe, this lotion is perfectly created to hydrate your skin naturally; leaving your skin supple and beautiful. With indulgent hydration and a bright sent, the early mornings or summer’s warm temperatures are ideal times to apply. Slather some on after sun bathing too, and take advantage of this lotion’s cooling, refreshing, and hydrating effects.

The packaging for these new bottles is also something of note, as Weleda has partnered with Mega Airless to create a fully recyclable bottle with an airtight plastic bag inside. That airtight bag means our pure and natural ingredients stay that way; without the need or use of chemical preservatives. The end result is beautiful ingredients for healthy and beautiful skin-naturally.

To win this week’s giveaway of all four new Body Lotions, submit the answer to this question in the comment section below:

“These bright lemons are handpicked by the Salamita Cooperative on what Italian island?”

If you need a little help think of this hint: We “trade fair” with our global partners.

All answers must be submitted by 11:59pm PST on Friday 7/6. The winner will be randomly selected from the correct answers we receive. Good luck!

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By: MarianaW
Posted: 9/21/20124:05:21 PM
By: memi
Posted: 7/13/20128:17:14 AM
By: janitalatifa
Posted: 7/11/20128:02:24 AM
sicicly :)
By: kweb4us
Posted: 7/11/20127:55:33 AM
Sicily :)
By: mnredbird
Posted: 7/11/20127:27:59 AM
Thank you for the wonderful giveaways. Sicily, Italy
By: lynnstone
Posted: 7/10/20127:45:40 PM
By: seaangel4444
Posted: 7/9/201210:24:01 AM
What a gorgeous Island; SICILY!!!
By: tstaas
Posted: 7/9/20129:46:45 AM
By: Poliana Miranda
Posted: 7/9/20129:33:55 AM
Sicily :)
By: psg1968
Posted: 7/8/20122:26:30 AM
Sicily :)
By: SunshineSolace
Posted: 7/7/201210:25:39 PM
Sicily!!! How beautiful!!! Thank you:)
By: thisisjulie
Posted: 7/7/201212:39:04 AM
Just wanted to let you know that your time stamp is one hour fast...
By: thisisjulie
Posted: 7/7/201212:34:56 AM
By: Lbgrin
Posted: 7/6/20127:12:28 PM
By: rajee
Posted: 7/6/20121:53:32 PM
Sicily Tweeted @momsfocus
By: wthornton
Posted: 7/6/20121:38:32 PM
By: soloko
Posted: 7/6/20121:08:15 PM
Sicily :)
By: soloko
Posted: 7/6/20121:07:38 PM
Sicily :)
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 7/6/201212:45:46 PM
Cultivated on the beautiful island of Sicily!
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 7/6/201212:45:24 PM
Cultivated on the beautiful island of Sicily!
By: kypainter
Posted: 7/6/201210:58:15 AM
By: gleasoke
Posted: 7/6/201210:49:31 AM
La bella Sicilia, Itaaaalia! Yay!
By: sarajean
Posted: 7/6/201210:45:02 AM
By: athyng
Posted: 7/6/201210:43:50 AM
By: ngardner8503
Posted: 7/6/201210:42:15 AM
Salamita, Sicily, Italy!
By: ToCo
Posted: 7/6/201210:32:06 AM
Sicily! :)
By: josefineappel
Posted: 7/6/201210:31:44 AM
By: josefineappel
Posted: 7/6/201210:31:41 AM
By: pierogimama
Posted: 7/6/201210:22:38 AM
By: ryanlouise
Posted: 7/6/201210:22:04 AM
A.) Salamita, located Barcellona is a small town along the northern coast of Sicily!
By: Debbie C
Posted: 7/6/201210:18:08 AM
Sicily thanks for the chance to try out your products I look forward to seeing them in my mailbox.
By: brandy117848
Posted: 7/6/201210:16:02 AM
"Salamita" Sicily, Italy
By: rjh121
Posted: 7/6/201210:15:20 AM
The lemons are picked on the beautiful Italian island of Sicily!
By: fce431
Posted: 7/6/201210:13:10 AM
By: findsteph
Posted: 7/6/201210:05:14 AM
Salamita, Sicily
By: heather228
Posted: 7/6/201210:04:40 AM
By: koshields28
Posted: 7/6/20129:58:37 AM
By: DewGirl
Posted: 7/6/20129:58:29 AM
By: Creative Spirit
Posted: 7/6/20129:57:06 AM
By: soph_e23
Posted: 7/6/20129:56:01 AM
By: karolkazet
Posted: 7/6/20129:55:44 AM
By: porcelina121
Posted: 7/6/20129:55:37 AM
Sicily-I dream of going there someday! Love weleda!
By: karolkazet
Posted: 7/6/20129:54:38 AM
By: KerenSam
Posted: 7/6/20129:53:48 AM
By: rebeccamarietta
Posted: 7/6/20129:53:10 AM
By: ravinity
Posted: 7/6/20129:52:17 AM
By: saelliot
Posted: 7/6/20129:26:26 AM
By: saelliot
Posted: 7/6/20129:26:11 AM
By: jpollaro3
Posted: 7/5/20127:19:01 PM
Sicily! =)
By: mulfi
Posted: 7/5/201210:55:10 AM
By: webbjulie
Posted: 7/4/20124:53:15 PM
By: asmithonline
Posted: 7/4/201210:45:24 AM
The Island of Sicily
By: SheriO
Posted: 7/4/20127:46:10 AM
By: domsabaly
Posted: 7/4/20127:21:02 AM
"Salamita," Sicily, Italy
By: annajouj
Posted: 7/4/20124:02:41 AM
sicily :-)
By: Dogskin
Posted: 7/3/201210:44:09 PM
Salamita, Sicily, Italy.
By: h_s_yuen
Posted: 7/3/20128:08:11 PM
By: aconrad
Posted: 7/3/20125:55:56 PM
By: dsarah3
Posted: 7/3/20125:39:47 PM
Sicily, Italy! Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest! I love Weleda!
By: snickerzmom
Posted: 7/3/20125:09:41 PM
Where we had our honeymoon - Sicily! We were lucky enough to spend an entire week there, being with the locals, enjoying the countryside, the food, the language and the people. We loved every minute of it! Specifically, the Salamita co-op that grows your lemons is located in Barcellona-Pozzo Di Gotto, Sicilia, Italy.
By: rejoicebychoice
Posted: 7/3/20124:52:28 PM
Salamita, Sicily, Italy
By: adkins107
Posted: 7/3/20123:41:09 PM
By: egoodeve
Posted: 7/3/20123:36:37 PM
"Salamita," Sicily!
By: weena
Posted: 7/3/20123:26:08 PM
Sicily! :) I love Italy & Weleda!
By: ajaume
Posted: 7/3/20123:22:33 PM
By: BoyChanel
Posted: 7/3/20122:58:46 PM
These biodynamic & organic lemons are handpicked in the gorgeous Italian island of Sicily. My grandmother was from Catania in Sicily & makes me quite proud to have half of my Italian blood come from this beautiful island. :) Love Weleda products!
By: candyd123
Posted: 7/3/20122:44:57 PM
Sicily, Italy
By: gingerpye
Posted: 7/3/20122:34:19 PM
"Salamita," Sicily, Italy
By: laroyal
Posted: 7/3/20122:33:42 PM
By: funluvinmum
Posted: 7/3/20122:32:07 PM
Sicily :-)
By: pcharline
Posted: 7/3/20122:29:03 PM
By: 226reo
Posted: 7/3/20122:27:23 PM
By: 226reo
Posted: 7/3/20122:27:00 PM
By: cgillis
Posted: 7/3/20122:24:07 PM
By: LMCraveiro
Posted: 7/3/20122:22:59 PM
By: Pewelimei
Posted: 7/3/20122:17:11 PM
Sicily, Italy
By: zialisa71
Posted: 7/3/20122:16:55 PM
Sicilia aka Sicily!
By: jeffiner59
Posted: 7/3/20122:16:11 PM
Cultivated in: "Salamita," Sicily, Italy
By: blondieinalabama
Posted: 7/3/20122:15:57 PM
By: mmkay11
Posted: 7/3/20122:15:55 PM
By: kommom
Posted: 7/3/20122:14:32 PM
The beautiful island of Sicily, Italy!!
By: Bili
Posted: 7/3/20122:14:06 PM
By: 29fanjoan
Posted: 7/3/20122:11:10 PM
Salamita on the Island of Sicily
By: linnea wiedeman
Posted: 7/3/20122:10:43 PM
By: summerlovin
Posted: 7/3/20122:10:31 PM
Sicily, Italy!
By: kvieweg07
Posted: 7/3/20122:08:14 PM
The Island of Sicily
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