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7/20/2010 3:26:16 PM
A Day in Weleda's Biodynamic Gardens
Last week I had the incredible opportunity to travel to Weleda’s Biodynamic® gardens in Germany and take a tour of all 135 acres of them. The gardens are located in the tiny village of Wetzgau, near the slightly larger town of Schwabisch Gmund. As I walked up the road to Weleda Naturals, where the visitor’s center and a production facility are located, I recognized the unique ranch-style building I had seen only in pictures. Sabine, who is the event coordinator at Weleda Naturals, told me that I needed to arrive early the next morning to see the calendula. If I slept in, even a little, I would miss them.  The the...
7/9/2010 1:12:49 PM
Best of Social Media: June
@NanukSD605 I am going to be 40 in 18 days!!!!! Thanks to Weleda you would never know it!!!!!! @velveteena16 My new skincare regimen for my body: Calendula Shampoo & Body Washand Skin Food!!! My skin is super soft and glowing! Thx Weleda! @mamaash77 Skin Food has helped the psoriasis on my elbows…Amazing! Marina Skye Secor-Gonzalez My son had bumps all over his cheeks. For weeks we tried everything and finally a natural pharmacist recommend we try the Calendula Face Cream. We have been using it every day for about 2 weeks and they are almost all gone! Thank you so much!! Lara Winsor I just use the regular Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash...
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7/6/2010 12:20:40 PM
Getting to the Bottom of Cellulite
Summertime is officially here! Time for barbecues, beaches and … bathing suits. Instead of celebrating, many of us bemoan the return of bathing suit season because we worry about every little flaw, like those last few pounds or about the appearance of our cellulite. In fact, more than 90 percent of all women, encompassing all skin types, are reported to have cellulite. The good news is that it's not a medical concern but rather a question of aesthetics. It’s a prevalent skin condition that arises naturally, but we can also lessen its appearance naturally through a whole-body approach. By living a balanced lifestyle and following a comprehensive skin...
7/1/2010 12:20:08 PM
Ingredient Spotlight: Biodynamic Sea Buckthorn
Sea buckthorn needs one thing more than anything else: sunlight! This plant soaks up the sun’s rays to create radiant, golden-red berries. One look at them and you just know they must to be good for you—and they are! Sea buckthorn is proven to contain a rich cocktail of antioxidants and health benefits. It's rich in unsaturated fatty acids, pro-vitamin A and vitamin E, which help protect our skin from UV radiation and free-radical damage associated with signs of aging. What’s more, it possesses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and the easily absorbed oils support the buildup of the skin’s...
6/25/2010 9:59:40 AM
The Value of Weeds
In the spring and summer, when the plants in our Biodynamic® gardens are flourishing, so are the weeds! Weeding is very important for us this time of year. Left unchecked, the weeds will compete with our cultivated plants for water, nutrition and light. They can also introduce and spread plant diseases. But even though they do battle with our plants, we don’t like to call them “weeds,” because that is such a negative word. In fact, while we may not harvest them, many of the weeds that pop up in our fields also have positive characteristics and effects, including well-known medicinal capabilities. The chemical herbicides that are so often used in...
6/21/2010 12:10:30 PM
Arnica to the Rescue
It seems to be the same every year: Spring arrives, the days get longer, and I just can’t wait to get outside. For me, spring means the start of bicycling and rollerblading season. Even though hot yoga keeps me in shape during the winter months, the first bike ride of the season invariably brings with it some sore muscles. Fortunately, I have a well-stocked medicine cabinet (more on that in a future blog), so relief is not far away. For muscle pain, my preferred treatment is the Weleda homeopathic Arnica Ointment . It’s also very useful for sprains and bruises. Of course, I always make a resolution to stretch more, but I’ve definitely got room for...