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Introducing Regenerating Pomegranate - Giveaway!
7/30/2012 2:12:10 PM

We’re excited to announce that there are a few new additions to the Weleda family! Introducing our four new 100% natural Body Lotions, made to indulge your skin and stimulate your senses.

 Sensual by nature, Weleda's new Body Lotions


They are currently only available online, but will be available at your local Weleda retailer by September. We know waiting is no fun, so we’re giving away all four new lotions to a lucky winner! Details on that below!

First, we’re highlighting the Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion.

Organic pomegranates from the heart of Turkey makes this lotion second to none. The pomegranate symbolizes beauty, vitality, and richness; features which  define this regenerating, nourishing lotion. Pomegranate seed oil, apricot kernel oil and shea butter come together to help stimulate cell renewal and protect your skin from everyday damaging environmental influences. The lush exotic fragrance is both spicy and romantic.

In line with our sustainable roots, we put this sensual lotion into a completely recyclable bottle that uses a dispensing method called a bag-in-bottle. This ensures you experience every benefit and every drop.

To win all four new body lotions, including the Regenerating Pomegranate Body Lotion, fill in the blank to this sentence in the comment section below:

“We have very clear standards for our products: No _______ preservatives, fragrances or chemicals period.”

Here’s a helpful hint to get you started:

All answers must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. PST on Friday 7/27. The winner will be randomly selected from the correct answers we receive. Good luck!

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By: MarianaW
Posted: 9/21/20123:54:32 PM
By: lcwfan
Posted: 9/4/20127:17:53 PM
By: tiffanysusanne
Posted: 8/14/20129:19:37 AM
Synethetic..I just tried a sample from a friend and I am in love!!
By: soapnana
Posted: 8/6/20129:32:25 AM
By: Vivian Q.
Posted: 8/5/20127:58:47 PM
By: Ladymayin
Posted: 8/2/20127:25:10 AM
Synthetic, of course.
By: h_s_yuen
Posted: 8/1/201211:12:10 PM
By: Kanna
Posted: 8/1/20128:09:08 PM
synthetic !
By: KarenKolesnik
Posted: 8/1/201212:47:23 PM
synthetic !! which = awesome stuff :)
By: snow269
Posted: 8/1/201212:13:26 PM
By: snow269
Posted: 8/1/201212:12:36 PM
By: iggymama
Posted: 8/1/201210:44:04 AM
By: charmedsleep
Posted: 8/1/201210:14:37 AM
synthetic! Love your products!
By: lisamcf
Posted: 8/1/20129:33:07 AM
By: koshields28
Posted: 8/1/20129:21:37 AM
By: astokes
Posted: 8/1/20129:16:12 AM
Synthetic! <3
By: cooger
Posted: 8/1/20129:07:58 AM
By: cgillis
Posted: 8/1/20128:58:13 AM
By: Jeannie3wishes4u
Posted: 8/1/20128:53:16 AM
By: SensitiveK
Posted: 8/1/20128:52:46 AM
By: tmifirefli
Posted: 8/1/20128:50:30 AM
synthetic, would love to win this
By: tmifirefli
Posted: 8/1/20128:49:47 AM
synthetic, would love to win this
By: dmarone
Posted: 8/1/20128:48:13 AM
No synthetic anything!! That is why I love your products!!
By: Teachercynzg
Posted: 8/1/20128:45:38 AM
synthetic Yuck! Who wants "synthetic" on your skin.
By: tlcfromtn
Posted: 8/1/20128:33:50 AM
By: dbattle
Posted: 8/1/20128:33:25 AM
By: rlptg2ccis
Posted: 8/1/20128:31:22 AM
By: genieo
Posted: 8/1/20128:29:54 AM
By: MeganG
Posted: 8/1/20128:28:58 AM
By: MeganG
Posted: 8/1/20128:28:21 AM
By: idar
Posted: 8/1/20128:26:55 AM
By: AnjiMc
Posted: 8/1/20128:26:52 AM
By: Thesto
Posted: 8/1/20128:26:41 AM
By: diaswar1
Posted: 8/1/20128:25:50 AM
By: pintsizedmarina
Posted: 8/1/20128:24:22 AM
Synthetic!!! SO thankful!!!
By: jewlesnfla
Posted: 8/1/20128:24:12 AM
Synthetic !
By: ShawnaMichelle2
Posted: 7/31/20124:30:56 PM
By: asmithonline
Posted: 7/31/201212:17:47 PM
No synthetic preservatives, fragrances or chemicals
By: funnylilgal
Posted: 7/31/20129:10:37 AM
Synthetic. Or as I say, garbage!
By: melg2nyc
Posted: 7/30/20126:22:05 PM
By: youenjoymichelle
Posted: 7/30/20123:58:13 PM
"Synthetic" Weleda I love you, your children's line and the almost 40 line!! xoxo
By: jenniferjoyhall
Posted: 7/30/20123:17:15 PM
synthetic Thank you!
By: No1treesmkr
Posted: 7/30/20123:07:56 PM
By: EveT
Posted: 7/30/20122:53:48 PM
The word is no "Synthetic"
By: MamaBee
Posted: 7/30/20122:50:30 PM
By: kvieweg07
Posted: 7/30/20122:44:52 PM
No synthetic preservatives, fragrances or chemicals period!! =)
By: jannd23238
Posted: 7/30/20122:37:34 PM
** ~ synthetic ~ **
By: bkennedy02
Posted: 7/30/20122:34:19 PM
No synthetic preservatives, fragrances or chemicals period!
By: margitmae
Posted: 7/30/20122:31:21 PM
By: misswoman
Posted: 7/30/20122:31:09 PM
"No synthetic preservatives, fragrances or chemicals period.” [and thank you for that!
By: angelaleilani
Posted: 7/30/20122:29:45 PM
Synthetic- I love that, No synthetic anything!!
By: wutzername
Posted: 7/30/20122:27:27 PM
By: cherlyw
Posted: 7/30/20122:27:16 PM
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