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Prepare Your Skin for Fall - Facial Care
9/5/2012 11:00:00 AM

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With Labor Day weekend now behind us, Pinterest boards and crafty types alike are looking forward to the coming of fall. As the temperature starts to drop, though, heaters turn on and so begins the season of dry skin. Never fret: we’ve put together a few tips to help keep your beautiful skin happy, hydrated, and nourished all season long.

  • Ensure that your face wash isn’t stripping or drying.

That squeaky clean effect may feel great, especially in summer, but it can also strip skin of its natural balance- leaving your skin tight and dry. Try a gentle cleanser that includes moisturizing ingredients like Weleda’s Gentle Cleansing Milk.

  • Gently removing dead and dry skin cells will help keep your skin looking smooth, while ensuring that the moisturizers you use are more effective.

Using a soft, organic washcloth is an easy way to gently exfoliate without destroying the skin’s natural, protective barrier. Be careful not to over exfoliate. Listen to your skin: watch for redness or sensitivity and cut back if your skin seems irritated.

  • After exfoliation, using the right moisturizer is paramount.

Fall is the perfect time to use a richer moisturizer, made with nourishing plant, nut and seed oils. Try Weleda’s Moisturizing Creams like Iris, Rose, or Almond for sensitive skin. Use the complementary night cream with the day cream; the two work together to ensure your skin is always protected and moisturized. Then, finally, for those rougher days, when the wind just won’t quit, use a thicker, more protective balm. Our Cold Cream, for example, uses almond oil to naturally hydrate and beeswax for extra protection.

  • If you plan to be outside for prolonged periods of time, even on a cloudy day, a little mineral based sunscreen may be a good idea.

Since UVA and UVB rays pass right through clouds, a little protection for outdoor activities can be a smart move. Just remember to use mineral based protection like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide which are applied after your moisturizer; they sit on top of the skin as a physical blocker. Chemical sunscreens have to soak into the skin first and can block moisturizers or treatments from being absorbed after.

  • Sleep.

Your body does most of its repair work at night when you are resting. Give your natural systems a chance to recharge. Plus, enough sleep means a reduction in the dreaded raccoon eyes.

  • Finally, Water.

Water will naturally wash toxins out of your body and impart moisture to your skin—just another way to keep dry skin at bay. Need motivation? Make sipping convenient by keeping a water bottle always full and always near; add a slice of lemon to zest it up; or eat a third of your daily water intake by munching on vegetables like broccoli or fruit like watermelon. Need more? Try these 12 tips from Spark People.

Now with the perfect fall routine in place you are ready to take on the changing season and possibly even that DIY leaf wreath.

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