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Prepare Yourself for Fall - Hand & Feet Care
9/20/2012 3:33:27 PM

Prepare Yourself for Fall leaf visual

As we shuffle into sweaters, scarves and snow boots this fall and winter, don’t forget to care for the skin you’re covering up, especially on your hands and feet. Both have a tendency to get dry and rough as the air turns cooler. To help, we’ve put together a few tips for pampering, nourishing, and preparing your extremities for the oncoming chill.

Let’s Start at the Bottom

Your feet carry you everywhere you ask them to go. So treat your feet and yourself to an easy pedicure:

To cool down tired feet grab a large bowl, add Epson salt and warm water with a few drops of Lavender Relaxing Body Oil. Place marbles at the bottom for an added relaxing foot massage, and soak your feet for 15 minutes. After, apply a dollop of Weleda Foot Balm, which contains myrrh and calendula to rejuvenate and decrease swelling; plus, the scent is an added a pick-me-up.  For a more relaxing option, apply a small amount of the Lavender Relaxing Body Oil and slowly massage into each foot until oil is absorbed.

For a day to day spa-cation that will help reduce any rough patches, apply Skin Food to your feet at night and massage in until fully absorbed. Cover with cotton socks, and come morning, you won’t even recognize your two new super soft feet!

Now For The Hands

The best way to keep your hands soft and healthy this fall? Keep a small version of your favorite lotion on hand. Easy access means you can take a moment out of your day to give yourself a mini massage. We like Bella Sugar’s Hand Massage How-To combined with a dollop of Skin Food.

A helpful tip: If Skin Food is too thick, try our Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream or Pomegranate Regenerative Hand Cream, which are lighter in texture, while still leaving your hands soft and supple.

For more nourishing tips, check out these 4 Steps to Soft, Healthy Hands

May you enjoy the changing season with happy feet, pampered hands, and beautiful health!

Prepare Yourself for Fall leaf visual

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