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A Visit to Tuscany, Italy + Giveaway!
10/15/2012 12:00:00 PM

San Mario Farm in Tuscany, Italy


The Maremma area of southern Tuscany boasts Mediterranean blue skies and clear sunshine. Here, hedged by holm oak trees, you can see rows of olive grey bushes, their branches heavy with bright little sea buckthorn berries. A balance of rich soil, ideal temperatures, and the power of the sun create this vibrant supercharged fruit.  Rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins A, C and E, the sea buckthorn berries possess wonderful health and skin-protection benefits. Edible and highly sought after, 3.5 ounces of this juice can contain about 600 milligrams of Vitamin C; this is almost ten times the amount of vitamin C found in the same volume of raw orange juice.


Sea Buckthorn Collage


Hailing originally from Central Asia, sea buckthorn would eventually migrate to grow wild in the mountains of Italy and Switzerland. Unfortunately industrialization and overutilization threatened this beautiful plant.

Sea Buckthorn Collage Growth


Enter Kurt Künzi, a sea buckthorn-harvesting pioneer, to save the day. Mr. Künzi analyzed 120 different species of sea buckthorn and selected the varieties that grew best in the ecological conditions of his 350-acre San Mario farm in Tuscany. Today, thanks to Mr. Künzi and his strict Biodynamic© cultivation methods, the plant is flourishing. As the first farmer to cultivate sea buckthorn biodynamically we like to call him the “Sea Buckthorn King”.

Kurt Kunzi Collage


For more than 11 years now, Weleda has partnered with Mr. Künzi and the San Mario farm as one of our Fair Trade partners. He provides Weleda with a variety of sea buckthorn called Gala 7, which is best suited for use in skin care.  Weleda uses this beautiful plant in our Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Body Lotion, Body Oil, Hand Cream and Creamy Body Wash.

Sea Buckthorn Collage Harvest


To see how Mr. Künzi and his team harvest these bright berries and learn even more about Mr. Künzi’s farm check out the video below:

We hoped you’ve enjoyed this short trip to Italy with us. Feel free to comeback and visit as often as you like.


Love the nutrients packed into these bright little berries? Share your favorite Weleda sea buckthorn product with us in the comment section below and you will be entered to win a sea buckthorn inspired gift basket! Entries will be accepted until Friday 11/19 at 11:59pm. Winner will be randomly selected from the entries we receive, emailed directly and (once confirmed) posted on our Facebook page. Helpful hint: ‘share’ your favorite on Facebook & Twitter too using @Weleda; they will count for additional entries. Good luck! 

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By: tarawoods
Posted: 10/7/20136:41:47 PM
The Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash is a delight...I use it sparingly for special days and nights out...okay...I use it almost everyday!
By: sammycrc
Posted: 11/24/20125:30:19 PM
Iam so looking forward to trying all these products, i'm now using the birch cellulite oil. It's only been a couple of day's and i can see and feel the awsume results. Wow finally found products that i can see and feel the difference. The smell of them are a huge bonus, great job, can't wait to try them all. GOD is amazingly extrodinary and so are all who helped create these beautiful products. Many blessings to you all,keep up the fantastic creations. and may GOD BLESS you many times over!!!
By: Kewpie
Posted: 11/12/20122:45:08 PM
The sea buckthorn hand cream is my favorite!
By: Joasia7
Posted: 11/11/201211:38:25 PM
Love the sea buckthorn hand cream :))
By: Joasia7
Posted: 11/11/201211:37:59 PM
Love the sea buckthorn hand cream :))
By: SunshineSolace
Posted: 11/7/201210:26:23 AM
I love my Sea Buckthorn Hand Lotion. Divine. A bottle of sunshine, especially on a fall and winter day. Gratitude.
By: kirstenmlindquist
Posted: 10/27/20126:11:35 PM
I have just discovered the sea buckthorn body lotion and just love it. Living in southern california the air is so dry and this lotion is the best I have found to keep my skin supple and gently nourished! I'm a huge all around Weleda fan (deodorant, toothpaste, skin food hand lotion) love you all so much! Thanks for providing such amazing products!
By: laura g1206
Posted: 10/26/20128:26:01 PM
sea buckthorn body lotion - love it!
By: McBee
Posted: 10/24/20126:09:33 PM
I love the Sea Buckhorn Body Oil. I use it after the bath and it leaves an uplifting scent the rest of the day.
By: empressk
Posted: 10/19/20121:49:47 PM
Hands down - sea buckthorn hand cream is the best!
By: rjh121
Posted: 10/19/201210:15:13 AM
Sea Buckhorn hand cream is my go-to hand cream. Smells heavenly and softens the dry skin on my hands. It's a winter essential product!
By: angelaleilani
Posted: 10/19/20129:46:29 AM
I love the Wild Rose Smoothing Day cream!
By: ericajill
Posted: 10/19/20128:35:42 AM
I love them all but, if I had to choose, I would say thE body oil. I put it on right after I bathe and it keeps my normally dry skin feeling silky smooth for days!
By: sugarpaws
Posted: 10/19/20128:34:09 AM
The Weleda Sea Buckthorn Replenishing Lotion is something that I could really use! I love these colorful and unusual citrusy berries! Debbie Chioffe
By: polkaostrich
Posted: 10/19/20128:33:58 AM
I love the sea buckthorn hand cream!
By: frogger24
Posted: 10/18/20128:27:42 PM
Would love to try the sea buckthorn body lotion. I use the pomegranate firming day cream and love it.
By: akto
Posted: 10/18/20127:15:20 PM
My favorite Weleda sea buckthorn product is your Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream...luxurious! tweeted & posted. Thanks
By: atrinka
Posted: 10/18/201212:37:48 PM
My daughter has very dry skin and your lotion is perfect for her (she loves it !!). A few days ago I discovered in Barcelona, Spain your Sea Buckthorn creamy body wash and my husband and I are in love with it! We live in Florida, so Barcelona was a little bit cold and the body wash was exactly what our skin needed after a day in the cold weather. The only problem is I cannot find it the stores here.....
By: kvieweg07
Posted: 10/18/20128:24:10 AM
Thank goodness for those machines! My favorite product is the Sea Buckthorn Body Oil...great for winter time!
By: pcharline
Posted: 10/16/201211:32:55 PM
I love the creamy body wash
By: ladyboarder9669
Posted: 10/16/20129:11:48 AM
I love the sea bukhorn replenishing lotion!!!!
By: aprilfordyce
Posted: 10/16/20128:17:42 AM
I love the Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream & would so love to try the new Body Lotion too! I can't get enough moisture for hands, body, hair......everything!
By: Dogskin
Posted: 10/15/20128:53:38 PM
The Seabuckthorn Creamy Body Wash!
By: ecobeaut
Posted: 10/15/20127:28:54 PM
I love the Seabuckthorn Creamy Body Wash. It's affordable and has an amazing citrus scent! :)
By: wendy kroy
Posted: 10/15/20126:44:13 PM
I love the Sea Buckhorn body lotion!
By: ecobeaut
Posted: 10/15/20126:39:44 PM
I love the Seabuckthorn Creamy Body Wash. It's affordable and has an amazing citrus scent! :)
By: brownrice
Posted: 10/15/20126:27:26 PM
my favourite summer lotion is the sea buckthorn lotion. it smells delicious and i can smell the sun.
By: soulfliesfree
Posted: 10/15/20124:20:25 PM
The Sea Buckthorn Creamy Body Wash seems perfect for me. I love the creamy washes , and all the Weleda products smell divine so this Mandarin and Grapefruit traces should be awesome.
By: service1010
Posted: 10/15/20123:57:00 PM
Yikes, I meant buckthorn. darn keyboard!
By: service1010
Posted: 10/15/20123:54:09 PM
With winter coming, the Sea Buckhorn body replenishing lotion would be great to have! Thanks
By: cgillis
Posted: 10/15/20123:18:33 PM
The berries are such a lovely color! I love the sea buckthorn hand cream. My hands are so dry!
By: LadyoftheManor
Posted: 10/15/20123:10:58 PM
Would love to try the Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream as featured in 4 Steps to Soft, Healthy Hands by Carrie Ruehlman, Nov. 2011. Very big fan of the Skin Food as Julia Roberts, but any hand cream line Weleda makes would be amazing. My hands take too much abuse as I forget to wear nice gloves while doing dishes, many times a day, this Sea Buckthorn Hand Cream sounds like it gets the job done as well. The video link would not play for me ;( But love the pics of this beautiful farm too.
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