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The Beauty of Family Traditions
12/21/2009 9:58:24 AM

The deeper meaning of the holiday season is shining through this year. People are making gifts for each other and enjoying time spent together. Last year, we started a tradition for Ben’s Hanukkah presents. A friend told us of a rhyme: Something you want, something you need, something to wear and something to read. Dan and I come from separate religious backgrounds, so creating our own traditions really makes us feel like a family.

We also started a family walk on Sunday mornings. We walk on a wooded path near our home. We run, skip and walk together, Dan, Ben and me. Then we have a delicious brunch. I usually workout alone but this is a great way to get Ben to see that exercise is  fun and an important part of a healthy life. Sometimes I see him mimic my speed walking, and it makes me smile. He now has gym in kindergarten, and when there is bad weather and they stay inside, he shows me the moves they do in school. It’s like the kindergarten version of boot camp!  

Since I have added exercise into my life, I find that I want to move as fast as I can. It really helps me manage my stress during this busy season—that and using our Arnica Massage Oil on my sore muscles.  Lately I have been reading about how exercise helps the mind and body in so many ways. It keeps your immune system working, keeps us upbeat and ageless. It’s a natural medicine!


I hope you and yours have a fun-filled holiday and a joyous new year!  



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